Parents today are faced with an ever-growing selection of products when it comes to selecting the best cup holders for strollers. Cup holders have become a common accessory in recent years and, as such, there are now more options than ever on the market.

Parents need to consider several different factors when purchasing a cup holder, including cost, convenience, ease of installation and durability. To ensure that you make the right choice for your little one, this blog post will provide key information on where to buy the best cup holders for strollers and how to evaluate the features and benefits that each product offers.

We'll cover everything from materials and colors available on the market today to location-specific retailers that carry cup holders for all types of budget ranges.

Additionally, we'll discuss important safety considerations, as well as tips on how to easily accessorize your stroller with other useful items like snack trays and storage bins.

By arming yourself with this knowledge, you can make an educated decision about which cup holder is right for your family's needs.

Cup Holders for Strollers: A Comprehensive Guide

Parents, you know how it goes. You’re out and about with your stroller-bound cutie and all of a sudden, you’re dying for a cup of coffee. But what to do? You can’t just leave your kid alone in the stroller while you grab one! No worries—we have the solution.

Cup holders! That’s right, cup holders designed specifically for strollers are here to save the day.

Read on to learn more about types of cup holders available, where to buy them, how to choose the right one for your stroller, installation tips, and use & care instructions.

Types of Cup Holders for Strollers

There are two basic types of cup holders for strollers available on the market today: those that attach directly to your stroller and those that clip onto or slide onto an existing bar or handlebar.

The former will require some assembly (or installation) but are generally more secure than the latter option; however, they may not fit all types of strollers perfectly due to size or shape compatibility issues.

Clip-on or slide-on cup holders offer greater flexibility when it comes to fitting different models of strollers; however, these may need readjusting depending on where you place them.

It’s important to ensure any clip-on or slide-on cup holder is securely fastened before putting your child in their seat.

Where To Buy Cup Holders For Strollers

You can find cup holders designed specifically for strollers at most baby stores as well as online retailers like Amazon and Etsy (you can also find universal cup holders that will fit most models).

Before buying a specific model, double check that it fits your particular make and model of stroller—if in doubt ask someone at the store before making a purchase!

How To Choose The Right Cup Holder For Your Stroller

The best way is to look at reviews from other buyers who have purchased similar models—this will give you an idea of what size/shape is best suited for your particular brand/model of stroller. If you don't have time to read tonnes of reviews on Amazon, you can check out my guide here:

When selecting a cup holder for your stroller you should also take into consideration how often you plan on using it (do you need something larger if you plan on carrying multiple cups?) And how easily accessible it is (can you reach it easily while pushing?) as well as the type of drinks you'll be keeping in it, if an insulated cup holder is what you need, check out my blog:

Finally, consider safety first by making sure any clips or latches close securely and tightly so nothing falls out while in motion! For all the information you need on cup holder safety, I've got a blog for that too!

Cup Holder Installation Tips

Installing a new cup holder can be tricky—the last thing anyone wants is a loose attachment flapping around while they push their little one around town! Make sure any screws/bolts required are tightened properly before installing; additionally consider applying some super glue around the edges just in case as an extra measure against loosening over time.

If installing a clip-on or slide-on type be sure to select an appropriate spot that won't interfere with any other accessories or parts like brakes or locks; additionally make sure there's enough space between the handlebar and top edge so as not to obstruct visibility while pushing!

Cup Holder Use & Care Instructions

When using your new cup holder be sure not keep too many items inside as this could cause balance issues when maneuvering; similarly avoid placing hot drinks in there as this could burn little hands if they reach inside accidentally!

Once done with use remember always clean with mild soap and water after each outing; then store away safely until next time! Additionally be mindful that materials like leather may wear away faster when frequently exposed direct sunlight so try keeping yours out of direct light whenever possible.


Now that we’ve gone over types of cup holders available, where to buy them, how to choose the right one for your needs, installation tips, and use & care instructions — parents now have all the information needed make an informed decision about which type would work best for their particular situation.

So don't let thirst get between you and quality time with your favorite little person – get yourself a handy dandy cup holder today!

Happy parenting everyone!