Are you planning a trip to the Happiest Place On Earth with your kiddos? It’s likely that you’ll need to take a stroller along for the ride. This guide will help you decide whether to bring your own stroller, show you everything you need to know and help you choose the best stroller for your needs and make sure it passes muster at the park gates. Let’s get started!

Should I Take My Own Stroller to Disney World?

Travelling to Disney World with your kids can be made much easier and stress-free when you bring along a stroller. You have two options when it comes to choosing a stroller for your trip: you could either bring your own or rent one at the park.

Bringing your own stroller is recommended if you are familiar with the model and plan on using it throughout your visit in the park, as well as outside of Disney World. It also allows you to save money compared to renting one at the theme parks.

On the other hand, renting may be more convenient for shorter visits as there’s no need to worry about packing all of its parts together before heading out. Additionally, rental strollers are often quite comfortable and provide more storage space than regular ones do. Ultimately, it's up to you decide which option is best for your family!

Choose Your Stroller Wisely

If you decide to bring your own stroller, the most important thing to consider when selecting a stroller is size. You want something that’s easy to carry, but also spacious enough for your little one (or ones) to nap in comfortably. Many parents opt for umbrella strollers because they are lightweight and fold up quickly, making them ideal for traveling. But if you are headed straight into the parks, you may want something more substantial so your little one can rest while on the go.

The current Disney World size restrictions for their parks is 31" wide by 52" long. Strollers over this size will not be permitted to the park. This means if you need a double stroller, chances are you'll have to bring two.

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Another factor to consider is storage space. Look for a stroller with plenty of pockets or compartments where you can tuck away snacks and other essentials like sunscreen, diapers, and wipes. This will help keep all your necessities close at hand throughout the day — no more having to lug around an extra bag!

If you are going to the park on a day with a hot forecast you'll want to ensure the stroller has a large sun canopy to protect your child from UV rays. It;s better is this is constructed from breathable fabric so that the air beneath it doesn't get too hot.

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Strollers in the Parks 101

Once you have selected your perfect stroller, it’s time to hit the parks! The great news is that Disney World allows children of all ages (even babies!) into their parks and allows guests to bring their own strollers into each park as well.

However, please note that there are some restrictions on size and type of strollers allowed in certain rides and attractions — just ask any Cast Member if you have questions about where your stroller can go before heading off on an adventure.

Other Restrictions at Disney Parks

While Disney World is a magical place, there are certain items that are not permitted in the parks. To make sure your visit goes smoothly, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these restrictions before heading off on your adventure.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from being brought into any of the Disney Parks and must be purchased inside the park at designated locations. Any guests found attempting to bring alcohol into the parks will have their items confiscated and may also face disciplinary action.


Smoking tobacco or e-cigarettes is not allowed anywhere within Disney property except for designated smoking areas outside each park entrance or at specific resort hotel locations.

Weapons & Self Defense Items

All weapons of any kind, including toy replicas or other objects resembling firearms, are strictly prohibited in all parts of the theme parks and resorts – this includes self defense items such as pepper spray or mace. If you do need to carry something for protection while travelling, please leave it securely locked away in your vehicle throughout your entire stay at Disney World.


Animals (with exception of service animals) are not permitted inside any part of a Disney Park - this includes emotional support pets which cannot enter unless they meet the criteria for a service animal.

Ultimately, a little bit of planning and research can go a long way when it comes to ensuring that you and your family have the most magical experience possible at Disney World! We hope this guide has provided all the information you need to make sure you bring the best stroller with you on your adventure so you


Taking a stroller with you on your Disney World adventure doesn't have to be intimidating — just do some research beforehand, select one that meets your needs, and enjoy! With this guide in hand, you'll be ready for fun days filled with magic from morning until night — no matter how young (or old!) your travel companions may be. Happy adventuring!