As any parent knows, the arrival of a new baby to the family can be both exciting and overwhelming. If you love to travel then one of the most important pieces of equipment you need to consider buying is a travel cot.

It can be your baby’s best friend, providing them with a safe place to sleep during those all-important trips when you're changing locations or visiting with friends.

But what should you look for in a travel cot?

How do you set it up quickly and easily?

And how can you get your baby to sleep comfortably in their travel cot?

Let’s explore these questions and more!

Choosing The Right Travel Cot For You

When selecting a travel cot, make sure that it ticks all the safety boxes by meeting the necessary standards for fire resistance, durability, height requirements etc. Consider the size and weight of the cot when folded - if you plan on travelling with it often then opt for one that is lightweight and compact (4kg or less). Also think about how easy it will be to assemble and take down again - some models are designed for quick assembly with minimal fuss.

For help with picking out the best travel cot for your needs, head over to my blog:

Getting Set Up

Once you have chosen your perfect travel cot, setting it up should be a breeze. Most models come with an instruction manual which will guide you through each step – but there are also a wide range of videos on YouTube that will help guide you.

Most manufacturers have their own videos showing you exactly hwo to set up the model you have so you can try searching, but if not you can check out this video, most travel cots erect the same way:

If possible practice setting up at home before heading out on your travels so that when you arrive at your destination there won’t be any confusion or delays in getting baby settled into their new bed!

Sleep Tight Little Baby

For many parents getting their little one settled in their travel cot can be half the battle - so here are some tips for helping baby drift off into dreamland as quickly as possible:

Firstly use familiar items such as blankets from home or soft toys from around the house to create a comforting environment; secondly keep noise levels low – if possible play some gentle music or white noise; thirdly create consistent bedtime rituals – this could include telling stories before bed or having last feedings outside of the cot; finally avoid too much stimulation prior to sleep time – turn off screens and dim lights an hour before bedtime so that baby knows it's time for rest!

How To Store & Transport Your Travel Cot Safely

When not in use, always make sure that your travel cot is stored away from direct sunlight or moisture in order to protect its longevity. Put it away somewhere dry like an attic or garage until ready for use again. When transporting it make sure that any straps used are tight enough but not overly tight as this could cause damage over time.

Finally check regularly for any signs of wear and tear such as frayed fabric or loose screws - if these become apparent then replace them immediately!

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A good quality travel cot can provide babies with comfort while they nap on-the-go and help parents feel confident they have provided their child with a safe sleeping environment no matter where they are travelling. With careful consideration when choosing the right model, quick assembly upon arrival at each destination and helpful tips for settling babies into sleep mode, your family journey should run smoothly each step of the way! So don’t forget - pack your trusty travel companion wherever life takes you next!