As your baby moves out of the newborn stage and into baby-person stage (as I like to call it), they start needing more than just a warm place to sleep and a nipple to suckle on. They start needing 'stuff'.

Here to prepare you, is my handy guide to the essentials you'll require for a 6-12 Month Old.

First and foremost, safety should be your top priority. You must make sure that every item in your baby's nursery meets safety standards. Make sure to look for items that are certified by organizations such as Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This will help ensure that your baby is safe at all times.

Additionally, it's important to note that you'll need different items depending on the age of your child - the needs of a 6 month old will be different from those of a 12 month old. With that being said, here are some essential items every 6-12 month old baby needs:

Baby sleeping bag

A baby sleeping bag is an absolute must for any parent with a child aged 6-12 months. Not only do they keep your little one warm and cozy while they snooze but they can also save you time on laundry by eliminating the need to constantly change sheets. Plus, as your little one grows, you can easily adjust the length of many sleeping bags so they fit perfectly.


A stroller is a must-have item for any baby from 6-12 months old. Whether you’re taking your little one on a walk around the block or going shopping at the mall, a stroller is essential for keeping your baby comfortable while on the go. Be sure to choose one that provides plenty of support and cushioning, as well as adequate storage space for diapers, wipes, and other necessities.

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Baby Carrier

The first item on our list is a baby carrier. Not only does a baby carrier keep your hands free for other tasks, it also provides comfort and security for your little one as they grow.

Look for a lightweight carrier that supports both front and back carrying positions so your baby can easily be adjusted to the most comfortable position for them. Be sure the fabric is breathable and machine washable, too!

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High Chair

Another essential item every 6-12 month old needs is a high chair. High chairs provide an easy way to feed your little one while keeping them safely in place. Look for one with adjustable straps and height settings so you can customize it to fit your baby’s size and shape as they grow. It should also include removable trays that are dishwasher safe and easy to clean up after meals.

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Car Seat

A car seat is an absolute necessity when it comes to transporting your 6-12 month old baby safely in the car. Not only does it provide extra protection during accidents; it also helps protect their neck and spine from whiplash during sudden stops or sharp turns. Make sure you purchase one that fits snugly in your vehicle and meets all safety requirements for infants up to 12 months old.

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A crib is another essential item every 6-12 month old baby needs in order to sleep comfortably and safely at night. Cribs come in all shapes, sizes, and styles—from traditional wooden designs to modern convertible models—so be sure to pick one that suits your family’s lifestyle and budget. You should also make sure it meets all safety standards before bringing it home!

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Onesie or pajamas

Onesies are a classic staple in any baby wardrobe since they’re perfect for sleeping and lounging around the house; plus, onesies make changing diapers super easy! If you’re looking for something extra cozy, opt for footed pajamas instead—they’re just as easy to change but offer even more warmth and comfort.

Onsies can also be a great gift as you can get personalized ones in a range of different styles.

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Bibs may not be the most glamorous item on this list but trust us—you need them! Babies drool…a lot…and their spit-up is no joke either (yuck!). Investing in some good bibs will save you from having to change outfits multiple times throughout the day due to unexpected messes (we’ve all been there).

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Rattles or Other Toys

Stimulating your baby's senses is key in those first few months of life; rattles are perfect for this job since they encourage grasping skills while also providing auditory stimulation (not to mention lots of laughs!). You can also look into other toys like teethers and activity mats which will help develop fine motor skills while entertaining your little one at the same time.

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Teething is a normal part of growing up and it can be a painful experience for both babies and their parents! Luckily, there are lots of great teething toys out there that can help provide relief while stimulating your baby’s developing senses. Look for toys made from natural materials like wood or rubber that are safe for chewing—and make sure to check the age range before buying!

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Snack Bowls

As your little one starts eating solids, snack bowls become a must-have item in your kitchen. They're perfect for holding snacks that your little one can pick up and feed themselves like cheerios or fruit slices. Look for ones with lids and built-in compartments so that snacks stay fresh and separate and don’t end up all over the table!

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It’s always hard to tell when your baby is feeling under the weather. A baby thermometer will give you accurate readings when trying to determine if they may have a fever or other illness. It’s important to get an accurate reading, especially if your child is too young to communicate how they feel.

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Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are a great way to monitor your sleeping infant without having to check in on them constantly throughout the night. There are now many different models available with features like night vision, sound sensors, and two-way talk capabilities so you can easily stay connected with your little one while they sleep.

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Baby Walker

As soon as your child can hold his/her head up and sit upright unassisted, it’s time for them to start exploring! A baby walker provides a safe environment for babies who are just learning how to move around on their own and helps them build coordination and strength in their legs and arms. They also allow babies to explore their surroundings from a slightly elevated vantage point which can be exciting for them!

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Diaper Bag

A good diaper bag is an absolute must. Make sure to get one with enough pockets and space to store everything your little one might need when you’re out and about. Plus, bonus points if the bag looks stylish!

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Board Books

This is a great time for introducing books to your baby. Board books are perfect for this age group; their sturdiness means they won't easily tear or break, so your little one can explore them as much as they want without fear of destruction.

Board books are also easy for little hands to grab and flip through, so there's no need for help from big people!

Baby Sunscreen

As soon as babies turn six months old, it's important to start protecting their skin from the sun's damaging UV rays. Look for a sunscreen specifically designed for babies that provides effective protection while still being gentle on their sensitive skin.

Keep in mind that even when it's cloudy outside, UV rays can still penetrate clouds and cause damage, so don’t forget the sunscreen even on days when the weather isn't warm!

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Changing Table/Unit

You'll also need somewhere comfortable and safe to change your little one's diapers. Look for tables or units with plenty of storage space where you can keep diapers, wipes, lotions, ointments and other changing supplies accessible but out of reach from curious hands!

Bath Toys

Babies love bath time – especially when they have toys! Look for toys made from soft materials like rubber or foam that won't hurt if they're accidentally dropped on toes or fingers. Brightly colored toys also help encourage babies' developing senses and promote their motor skills development as they try to reach out for them during playtime in the tub!

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A pacifier is a must-have item for any 6-12 month old baby. It can help soothe them during times when they’re feeling fussy, and it can also help reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Just make sure to use one that is BPA free and has a rounded shape that mimics your baby’s natural sucking pattern.

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Diaper Rash Cream

This one goes without saying—diaper rash cream is an essential item for any baby, especially those in the 6-12 month age range. The best diaper rash creams are ones that are hypoallergenic, zinc oxide based, and fragrance free. These ingredients will help soothe your baby’s skin without irritating it further.

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Bath Seat

Babies between 6 and 12 months old love baths! But it can be hard to keep them safe and secure while giving them one. That’s why having a bath seat is so important—it helps hold your baby in place while you bathe them. Look for one that has a wide base, non-slip feet, and adjustable straps so you can customize it to fit your particular needs.

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Car Mirror

If you spend any time in the car with your child—and most parents do—then it is absolutely essential that you get a car mirror. This allows you to easily monitor your little one while they are in their car seat without having to constantly turn around.

Many models even have built-in night vision for nighttime driving and some are even Bluetooth enabled for those times when your hands are full with other babies or toddlers.

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Floatation Device

As your almost-toddler starts to get comfortable in the water and toddler swimming lessons are all the rage, but no parent wants their little one to take any unnecessary risks in the pool. That’s why it is so important to get a floatation device specifically designed for toddlers before taking them into the water.

The best ones have adjustable straps and an attached handle so that you can ensure your little one stays afloat while still being able to keep an eye on them from nearby.

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Baby Products

Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning all of the amazing products on offer specifically designed for babies! From bottle warmers to bibs, teethers to toys, there really is something available for every kind of baby (and budget!).

We recommend looking online at websites like Amazon or Etsy as they often have great deals on high quality products that will last through multiple kids!

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It can be overwhelming to think about all of the items that babies need when they reach 6-12 months old. But with a little bit of research and planning, you’ll have everything your baby needs in no time! From sleeping bags to teethers and from bibs to snack bowls, these essential items will ensure that your little one is comfortable, entertained, and well fed throughout their development journey. With this guide as a starting point, you should now feel more confident in knowing what products are necessary for keeping up with your growing babe - happy shopping!