As a parent, you want to fill your precious little ones' days with the most joy and fun possible. When playtime rolls around, you search for ways to stimulate their minds and keep them entertained. That is why selecting the perfect playthings is such an important part of parenting.

To make it easier for weary parents everywhere, we've compiled the ultimate list of our top eight favorite toys for infants. So sit back, relax (if that’s even possible as a parent), and let us do all the work as we introduce you to some of the best gifts available on the market today – guilt-free shopping at its finest!

What To Look In Finding The Best Toys For Infant

When looking for the best toys for an infant, it is important to consider safety first. Look for products that are non-toxic, baby's developmental and durable.


When it comes to choosing the best toys for infants, looking for non-toxic items is always a smart choice. Think of it this way: kid's movies are less enjoyable when you spend the entire film worried about what might happen to your precious little one.

We’ve all been there, which is why finding and purchasing toys that have been ethically and safely tested should be a top priority before bringing them home to the whole family. Plus, kid's movies are still fun even without the added tension!

10 Infant Toys That Will Keep Babies Entertained For Hours!
Tired of hearing your baby cry? Check out our list of the 10 best infant toys to keep them entertained! From squeaky ducks to rattles, we’ve got you covered!


When it comes to finding the best toys for an infant, developmental experts know all the tips and tricks. After all, kids may be little but they learn quickly - what was wonderful yesterday might soon become boring or outdated. Keeping kids engaged means staying ahead of the curve, which is why Developmental has tapped into kids' movies to find what kids are loving most.

These are films that can be enjoyed by the whole family, with laughs, learning opportunities, and all-around entertainment for kids of all ages. Developmental is at the top of its game in kid's movies, making them a great resource for finding fresh and interesting gifts for infants.


With kids, it's all about the toys, but choosing ones that have longevity is key in order to saving your sanity and money. Looking for toys that are designed to endure and bestow numerous rewards on the entire family! Not only do these more durable selections save parents money over time, but they are also much less likely to end up scattered along the highway or at a friend's house.

Additionally, kids will think of them as their "old favorites," which they can continue playing with even as they find something new from time to time. Shopping with durability in mind helps create lasting memories of fun and adventure for kids and the whole family!

How We Choose the Best Toys For Infants

We know parents everywhere have the same problem; finding that perfect toy for their infant! From Play gyms, Tummy time support, flip through flashcards and soft balls we have taken on this challenge head on and we have spent hours researching by reading customer reviews on Amazon. We are proud to say we have made a selection of toys we think are worthy of your attention, ones that foster development and fun all at once.

From cuddly plushes to stackable blocks we know there is something in our selection perfect for your little one. What do we take into account when picking out these toys? How they would help babies strengthen fine motor skills, stimulate their senses, and show them words, colors, shapes, and sizes! We got you covered - just pick any toy you like and we can promise your baby will love it too!

Best Toys Infants For Education

Wee Gallery Black and White Art Flash Cards for Babies

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The Perfect Playthings for Precious Little Ones: 8 Best Toys: Infant Edition

Why We Love It

If you’re looking for an amazing baby toy to get your little one off to the right start, these Wee Gallery Black and White Animal Art Cards for Babies are it! They’re designed with high-contrast images that aid in cognitive development and memory building. Introduce your baby to animals while improving their visual stimulation--it’s a win-win!

They also come in repeating pattern designs that will keep the baby captivated during tummy time or when fussiness sets in. Get baby the best baby toy out there and create special memories as they learn new motor, memory, and sensory skills.

What You Should Know

Need something to help keep teething babies busy? Look no further than the Wee Gallery Black and White Art Flash! With their fun designs, these cards are sure to captivate your little one's attention. And for the parents out there, you can rest easy knowing that these cards were designed with teething babies in mind - yup, they're totally safe for newborns and infants!

The cards are made from eco-friendly ink and are laminated so they will last. Not only are they visually stimulating, but they also give teething babies something to gnaw on (so you don't!). So thank Surya and Dave, creators of this awesome toy, for developing such educational toys that encourage the healthy development of your growing baby.

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Best Toy Ball For Infant

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

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Why We Love It

Sure, it looks like just another soft toy that babies love to cuddle and drool on, but the Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball is much more than that! It's made with high-contrast colors and bold patterns, which help strengthen the baby's vision.

The gentle rattle coming from the trapped beads inside helps create neural connections and stimulate little minds. On top of all that, this soft bunny has chunky bumps that encourage grasping and transferring between hands — building those important motor skills like a champ! This adorable softball may be soft as a cloud, but it's definitely sassier than your average fluffy buddy.

What You Should Know

Introducing the revolutionary Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball- a toy appropriate toys for peek-a-boo and ready to engage your little one! With a range of materials, textures, shapes, and even gentle sounds to delight your baby’s senses- it's here to create neural connections in a baby's brain from birth through 3 years.

The chunky-sized bumps also encourage reaching, grasping, and transferring from one hand to the other as they explore their new world. Additionally, with bright colors and bold patterns, your little one can play in style all while developing an appropriate vision. Rest assured knowing this fun ball is safely tested to infant standards and completely suitable- making developmental toys worry-free!

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy

Best Value Toy For Infant

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy

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Why We Love It

Older siblings may think they know what's best, but younger babies need something special: the award-winning Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether from Manhattan Toy. Eye-catching in its bright colors and mesmerizing loop design, it's easy for little hands to grab, hold, and rattle - ensuring those younger brothers and sisters never get too full of themselves.

Not only does it help with gross motor skills development, but each tapered cube contains a quiet rattle that encourages younger children to explore cause and effect from sound creation. No wonder it's been so celebrated by child development experts!

What You Should Know

For the best infant toys that provide both developmental and teething play, there’s Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether. This unique toy features a maze of soft, BPA-free plastic teething tubes that can be chilled to help soothe your little one - plus a baby rattle hidden in the center cube with tapered corners for auditory stimulation.

With over 25 years as a respected classic for babies, this best teething toy is a must-have shower gift for new moms. No matter how fussy your baby gets, you can depend on the Winkel to provide lightweight and colorful fun that's perfect for tiny hands to explore!

See, Touch, Feel

Best Sensory Book Toy For Infant

See, Touch, Feel

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Why We Love It

For babies who love to explore and learn, 'See, Touch, Feel' is the perfect early learning resource! Filled with bright photographs of happy babies combined with unique sensory play activities, your baby will have a blast as the baby develops essential language recognition and motor skills.

Move baby's fingers across the xylophone, let them discover different textures that can be felt on each page, and encourage them to talk using interactive games – baby will have hours of fun exploring this book! Budding readers will love seeking out the shiny mirror on each page for a special surprise.

What You Should Know

With See, Touch, Feel: A First Sensory Book, farm animals are the name of the baby's game! From chirpy chickens to furry sheep and slippery snakes, babies will love exploring their world through this cheerful board book. Advanced textures and interactive activities ensure that no two reading sessions are ever the same - as they grow, this farm-filled sensory journey will grow in complexity with them.

Connected with fun finger trails and a shiny mirror, See, Touch Feel introduces babies to words and objects in preparation for their own language recognition. As each page reveals farm animals in all shapes and sizes, these gentle reads promote curiosity at every baby's age - ensuring interesting stories for curious minds!

Fisher-Price Baby Gym & Rattle Gift Set

Best All-In-One Toy For Infant

Fisher-Price Baby Gym & Rattle Gift Set

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Why We Love It

Shake things up with the Fisher-Price Baby Gym and Rattle Gift Set! This set of other toys, including a play gym and maracas, will get your little one’s senses into overdrive. The Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym features five light-up piano keys, an adjustable toy arch, and a removable keyboard.

Smart Stages technology means there are four musical settings that can adjust according to your baby’s development! Get ready for lots of shaking and kicking as your baby discovers bright colors, interesting textures, and fun songs. With this set of multisensory goodies, you can be sure that playtime will be full of exploration, growth – and music!

What You Should Know

Keep baby’s interest growing with the Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym and Rattle 'n Rock Maracas. With this baby gym & rattle set, your tiny Mozart will love playing time! The colorful play mat and repositionable toy bar offer plenty of ways to lay, play, sit, and interact. The take-along maracas with crinkle sounds encourage the baby to explore music in a fun way! And you can trust Fisher-Price to keep the learning fun going strong across three Smart Stages levels - the baby will love discovering new songs, sounds tunes, and phrases every step of the way! It's time to fall in love with baby toys all over again!

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy

Best Stroller Accessory Toys For Infant

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy

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Why We Love It

With Manhattan Toy's Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile To Go, traveling with your baby has never been easier! This infant toy is designed to encourage sensory exploration and encourage visual tracking through the use of its three reversible cards depicting basic, high-contrast shapes and images.

Whether you're in the car or out on a stroll with your little one, it's no trouble attaching this baby stroller attachment toy to most carriers and strollers - all you need is a sturdy clamp, and voilà! The road ahead never looked so bright.

What You Should Know

With the Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile To Go Travel Toy, you'll be giving your little one sensory stimulation wherever you go! A great way for babies to develop hand-eye coordination and sensory awareness, this lightweight, easy-to-pack travel toy provides high contrast and color graphics for early visual development.

Since it's part of the Wimmer-Ferguson Collection by Manhattan Toy, you know it will be top-notch. Parents everywhere love providing their children with the best sensory toy - give yours the edge with Manhattan Toy's Infant Stim-Mobile To Go!

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball Rattle Toy

Best Rattling Toys For Infant

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball Rattle Toy

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Why We Love It

Make your baby's playtime a blast with the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball Rattle Toy! The best developmental toys and high-contrast toddler toys help develop a baby's vision, and this bendable ball has it all! With a cheerful caterpillar to come along for the ride, every squeeze and bend will be met with a smile.

An inner ball helps with handling skills—so be prepared to get rolling! Plus, its small size makes it easy to pack when traveling—it'll bring fun wherever you go. Give your little one something they'll love while they develop their fine motor skills—get the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball Rattle Toy today!

What You Should Know

The Baby Einstein Bendy Ball Rattle Toy should no doubt be a permanent staple in your parenting arsenal - it's an absolute must-have. Boasting high-contrast colors, children will be sure to marvel over the high-contrast hand-eye coordination and mesmerizing hanging toys that this unique ball contains - all for a highly affordable price!

It's made from completely BPA-free bendable, grippable plastic that can take whatever your baby can throw at it, and easily wipes clean after messy playtime. Not to mention it comes in the ideal size for your travel or diaper bag - genius! Give your little ones a thrilling experience with this captivating ball that they'll love to squeeze, shake, and toss!

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Best Musical Toys For Infant

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

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Why We Love It

The Baby Einstein take-along Tunes Musical Toy is perfect for helping develop baby's vision and music appreciation. Your little one can listen to baby-friendly versions of Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, and Rossini in all the right places: at home, or on the go!

With a large, easy-to-press button, your bambino can toggle through 7 delightful classical melodies until they find they're favorite - trust us, it'll be hard to choose just one! Taking the time to listen to these timeless pieces of music with your bundle of joy will not only develop their hearing capabilities but also create early memories that will stay with them forever.

What You Should Know

When it comes to teething toys for babies, the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy is a popular choice that shouldn't be overlooked. With more than 10 melodies, easy usage, and no assembly required, parents can sit back and enjoy listening to their little one jam out while they teethe.

Not just a teething toy, this product fosters a lifelong love of music through sounds that are alluring to the littlest of listeners. Additionally, the volume control is music to mom and dad's ears who don't need their baby making noise at all times of the day!

Best of all - it’s simple enough for your sweet little cherub to play on their own, and easy enough for you to quickly wipe down and clean! With thousands of five-star ratings, this toy just might become your baby's favorite accompaniment as they journey through teething phases.

Discover the Top 6 Sensory Toys That Will Stimulate and Delight Your Baby’s Senses!
Babies are curious creatures who love to explore the world around them. But how can you keep them entertained and help them learn at the same time? Check out our review of the best sensory toys for baby! These toys will keep your little one’s mind and body engaged.

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With so many different toys sold online, it can be hard to figure out which one is the best toy for your infant. Looking for the best baby toy that is fun and educational but knowing there are a lot of choices still.

So we've put together a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions about the best toys for infants so you can make an informed decision when selecting the perfect one for your little one.

What toy is best for newborns?

When choosing the best toy for newborns, black-and-white images are always a safe bet. Research has consistently shown that babies love black-and-white patterns more than colored patterns until they're around one or two months old. This makes black-and-white infant toys the perfect way to stimulate those little brains in their early days. You can find mesmerizing black-and-white toys designed specifically for newborns, featuring adorable black-and-white images of animals, shapes, or abstract designs to seize your baby's attention. Next time you're out shopping for baby supplies, don't forget to pick up something black and white!

Which toy is best for a 3-month-old?

If you are looking for a great baby toy that your 3-month-old will absolutely love, then fat brain toys make some of the best options around. Get their Peek-A-Boo Flaps, and you'll never hear an adorable coo again! With friendly characters, vibrant colors, and simple shapes that encourage little minds to explore, this product is sure to make your tiny tot smile - and giggle with delight when they discover more surprises inside.

What toys are good for brain development?

When it comes to finding young-age baby gifts, look no further than brain-stimulating toys! As any modern parent knows, intellectual development starts in the youngest of years and that's why picking the perfect toy can be a real challenge. From shape sorters and nesting blocks to pull-along strings and jumbo puzzles, there are so many great options out there. Best of all, they don't cost the earth, so you can treat your young party to enjoy activities that will also help develop their cognitive skills!

What do 3-month-old babies play with?

Babies at 3 months old are ready to explore the world around them! They might not be able to fully grasp anything, but they can certainly appreciate plush toy, play mat, and other newborn toys. Not only do these develop certain skills that their tiny minds need, but they also add an element of fun and color to life! Soft dolls with bright colors or textures provide a cozy feeling for your little one and help foster healthy cognitive and emotional development. You won't regret having those plush toys around - unless you find yourself picking up after them!

Are toys necessary for newborns?

It's a common misconception that newborns don't need toys; in fact, the best baby toys can be some of the best tools for developing fine motor skills from a very young age. Not to mention, lots of infants find playtime to be a great bonding activity with their parents and other caregivers - often providing a unique opportunity for moments of levity! So why just leave them laying on their backs all day when you could get them some stimulating best baby toys? Fun and functional!

How do I keep my 1 month old entertained?

When it comes to keeping your 1-month-old entertained, the best baby toys are all about the colorful, on-the-go fun! From soft teethers and rattles to stacking cups and blocks there's something for every baby to explore. Remember: it’s best not to introduce any new toys in these early months as that can cause overstimulation. Instead, focus on familiar objects like bold colors, patterns, and fun textures which will help keep both you and baby smiling!

Do newborns need sensory toys?

It may seem silly to think babies would need baby toys, considering they can't even crawl yet. However, babies actually benefit greatly from sensory toys like rattles, washable books, and soft blocks during the early stages of development. As babies grow, their senses are awakened and such toys can help them learn about sound, texture, and the environment around them. While babies may only be able to play with these items for a few minutes at a time right after being born, parents should not underestimate their value! By staying stocked up on the best baby toys as they age, babies can continue honing their skills and discover more as they develop fine motor skills.

What is a baby's favorite toy?

When it comes to baby toys, colorful ones are always a hit! After all, colorful objects tend to enhance early visual development and ignite curiosity. But what really sets a baby's heart aflutter is a colorful toy they can take on the go. Whether it be rattles that can easily fit in grandma's purse or colorful blocks conveniently pegged to the side of their stroller tray, it provides hours of entertainment and even more opportunities for bonding. So if you're looking for the best way to keep your little one delighted while out and about, the answer is simple: colorful on-the-go toys!

What are things that make babies happy?

Babies have the simplest yet most difficult jobs in this world: Eating, Sleeping, and playing. Playtime can be extra fun with high-contrast image toys like black and white stripes or pictures of faces! With just a few high-contrast images, babies can be mesmerized for hours, tapping into those developing neurons and exploring the world around them. Whether it's a high-contrast hand-knitted mobile or high-contrast image cards from the curious baby that fit perfectly in tiny hands you can find endless options for small cuteness overloads - all guaranteed to make even the crankiest of little ones smile!

How we can choose toys for infants?

Choosing the best toys for infants could seem like a daunting task, given that babies develop at such lightning speed! You'd want to make sure the soft toys, hanging toys and other items you choose are age appropriate and challenge their developmental milestones. The key is to pick something soft, colorful and that produces interesting noises or encourages tactile play. Of course, ultimately it comes down to the smile on your baby's face - if they love it, then that's all that matters!


After much trial and error, I have come to one conclusion about finding the best baby toys: it’s tricky! With so many options out there, from developmental toys and baby mobiles to something as simple as a dive-in-diaper bag – it’s hard to know what will best fit your young baby’s needs just make sure it's not choking hazards.

One of the most important purchasing decisions new parents make is finding the right toys for their infant to enhance their development and provide hours of entertainment. To get you started, softballs are a must - they are soft, lightweight, and easy to grasp, plus they come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Look for ones that create noise! Baby-safe mirrors should also be on your shopping list. This help encourages cognitive development allowing babies to recognize facial features and explore self-awareness with every peek into their own reflection. But even with the softest toy balls and cutest baby-safe mirrors around, always remember an essential rule: supervision is key when it comes to selecting good toys for your little one!

But take heart fellow parents, you can find the best toys for your young babies by keeping in mind what type of activities best encourage development and stimulate fun learning experiences. In the end, your babies should love toys, and also parents should choose safe toys whichever toy best engages your little one is sure to be the best option of all!