Summertime is here, and it's time to get busy! With the weather heating up, what better way to cool off than at a splash pad?

From toddlers who toddle around shyly in the sprinklers to your excited little ones running through water jets and soaring down slides, these fantastic backyard splash pads offer plenty of summer fun for everyone.

We've compiled a list of five of the best splash pads from around the country that are perfect for toddlers.

Factors to Consider for the Best Splash Pad for Your Toddler

When it comes to finding a splash pad that's perfect for your little one, keep these considerations in mind:

Quality Construction Material

Find a fun splash pad built with durable, heavy-duty materials that can withstand wear and tear from kids playing day after day. You don’t want to choose a backyard splash pad that will only last for one season.

Safety Features

Look out for backyard splash pads with anti-slip surfaces; this way, your little one won't end up slipping around too much while they're having fun! Also, chose those pads made from child-friendly materials!


Find a splash pad with a big wading pool enough for your toddler and their friends. They can enjoy the splash pad better when they have enough room to play with the water.

Interesting Features

Some splash pads have fun features like tunnels, waterfalls, and slides, which can make your little one's experience more exciting. It will help them stay engaged and have fun during those hot summer days!

How We Choose the Best Splash Pads for Toddlers

Our team of savvy experts has done the hard work, so you don't have to!

After researching through mountains of reviews on Amazon, we've uncovered five splash pads that toddlers will love!

Keep the kiddos entertained with these highly durable, safe, and varied splash pads—perfect for any family's taste. With all its unique features, you'll find something to keep them smiling from sunrise until sunset.

All you have to do is let your toddler dive in and experience a world of summer delight!

KKONES Sprinkler Pad & Splash Play

Best Low-Budget Splash Pad for Toddlers

KKONES Sprinkler Pad & Splash Play

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Why We Love It

Let your little one splash their way to summer frolicking with this super-sized seaworld-themed sprinkler mat! Crafted from safe, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic material that's durable yet soft, it'll make for endless days of aquatic glee.

You can easily adjust between higher and lower water pressure for endless hours of soaking up summertime joy. Plus it's as easy as unplugging a cord for the perfect transition between uses.

Get splashed for a small splash pad cost! This sprinkler pad is too good to pass up.

What You Should Know

Get ready for the brightest and most joyous summer yet! This 68-inch splash play mat invites your kids on a colorful adventure of fun water adventures.

Make sure to bring along your toddler's bathing suit and your sense of whimsy; it's time to beat the heat with style!

BANZAI Splish Splash Water Park

Best Loaded Featured Splash Pad For Toddlers

BANZAI Splish Splash Water Park

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Why We Love It

This mini splash park will have your kids having the best time stacking starfish on sprinkling posts, sliding down whales' backs, and then splashing onto an oyster shell cushion.

Or they can try out the baby dolphin ride or chill beneath a breathtaking rainbow canopy—perfect for water fun without getting too hot!

This heavy-duty construction has enough durability to keep and cherish the set year after year!

What You Should Know

Kids can find a treasure trove of thrills and adventure with the 90 by 68 by 22 inches inflatable water park-so get your electric pump ready to bring this water paradise closer to home!

This incredible water park package comes with all the necessary elements for a wild and fun time: one splash play mat, an inflatable dolphin, a whale slide that would impress any ocean-loving toddler, four starfish water toys, and even something extra special just in case things get out of hand: a repair patch!

PRINCESSSEA Outdoor Splash Pad

Best Splash Pad For Girl Toddlers

PRINCESSSEA Outdoor Splash Pad

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Why We Love It

The Princesssea Outdoor Splash Pad with a 70-inch sprinkler pool is the ideal combination of summer and regal delight.

Their wet and wonderful water pad featuring a radiant princess mermaid design is sure to fill those pint-sized hearts with joy. And with a set of tiaras and wands water toys, you can watch your little girls splash around in their private castle!

With its shallow depth and low entry point, the pool is a safe environment for kids of all ages to splash around in. Plus, with the BPA-free PVC material that the manufacturer used, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing every last detail was designed with safety.

What You Should Know

With three Princesssea characters to choose from, your little one will be spoiled for choice!

It's easy to assemble, too! Just hook it up to your garden hose for perfectly adjustable water pressure!

This durable splash mat is made with thickened, tear-resistant 0.44 mm PVC, providing an extra layer of protection while your kids run around and have fun! Plus, it comes with a 6-month warranty!

SPLASHIE BasketBall Splash Pad

Best Splash Pad For Boy Toddlers

SPLASHIE Basketball Splash Pad

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Why We Love It

Get your little MVPs ready for drenched slam dunks on this 82" inflatable splash pad.

This water mat is so thick and tough! Its UV-proof colors will keep their vibrancy all summer long, while 0.44 mm PVC materials make sure you can use your mat for twice as long!

With its specially designed sprinklers, this oversized backyard splash pad makes backyard get-togethers a blast!

What You Should Know

This awesome package contains all the things you need for a backyard splash pad extravaganza: two dynamic inflatable basketballs, a trusty repair kit in case things go awry, and an adaptable hose hook-up.

And who says the fun needs to stop when summer's over? Playtime never ends with this splash pad—just inflate it and turn it into an indoor treat!

VISTOP Non-Slip Splash Pad

Best Durable Splash Pad For Toddlers

VISTOP Non-Slip Splash Pad

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Why We Love It

The non-slip texture of this splash mat is designed to increase grip and allow children to enjoy the water while ensuring safety.

Made of eco-friendly, durable PVC material without BPA and phthalates. Let the children get close to nature and enjoy the wonderful summertime.

The thickness is 0.45 mm, which is thicker and more durable than most splash pads with only 0.25 mm, so children and even your pets can play on it without worrying about being easily damaged.

What You Should Know

Get ready for a splashing good time with the VISTOP Non-Slip Splash Pad! With an included sprayer coupling and three repair patches, plus instructions to help you every step of the way, your summer just got that much more exciting.

With colors to choose from and sizes as big as 97 inches wading pool (the smallest is 57 inches), this round-shaped splash pad is sure to leave a lasting impression than most backyard splash pads. So no matter your size preference, you'll have plenty of awesome water fun!

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Beat the heat and boredom with a cool, wet solution! Splash pads are perfect for those backyard play days when kids need something new to do.

But trying to find the perfect splash pad is like searching for buried treasure, with overcrowded, inadequate, and boring options lurking around every corner!

With our handy FAQs, making an informed decision about the right splash pad for toddlers is a breeze!

What is a splash mat?

Splash mats are large inflatable splash pads that create a shallow pool of water. Most splash pads are designed with sprinklers and other interactive pad features to provide fun and interactive play experiences without the risk of deep-water drowning.

Splash pads offer children of all ages a safe, supervised way to experience outdoor play in an enjoyable environment filled with laughter and excitement.

What is the difference between a sprinkler and a splash pad?

A sprinkler and splash pad are similar outdoor water play features that provide a cool way to have fun during the summer months.

A sprinkler is typically an above-ground garden hose set-up with nozzles, while a splash pad is a large inflatable mat that creates a shallow pool of water with built-in sprinklers and other interactive elements such as slides and ball pits.

Do splash pads reuse water?

Yes, most splash pads typically reuse water by circulating it back into the pad. This helps conserve water and can be more efficient than letting the water run off onto the ground.

How do I choose the best splash pad for kids?

When choosing the best splash pad for kids, look for one with a non-slip surface and safety features.

Also, consider the size of the pad to make sure it's big enough to accommodate all your little ones.

It's also best to look for splash pads that come with additional features such as slides, climbable structures, ball pits, or interactive games so your toddler can enjoy it even more fun.

What are the benefits of letting my toddler play in a splash pad?

The benefits of letting your toddler play in a splash pad include providing a safe and supervised way to experience outdoor fun, developing physical skills such as hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, helping with social development by promoting cooperation and teamwork, sparking the imagination through interactive features like slides and ball pits, encouraging creative play and exploration, alleviating boredom during summertime months when there are no other activities available.

Splash pads also have the added benefit of keeping kids cool on hot days.

How do I set up a splash pad?

Setting up a splash pad for toddlers is relatively easy. All you need to do is inflate it per the instructions and fill it with water! Then let your little one enjoy and have fun in a safe environment!

How do I keep my toddler from slipping on the splash pad's wet surface?

To keep your toddler from slipping on the wet surface of a splash pad, look for one with a non-slip surface and safety features.

Additionally, consider using water shoes or another type of footwear that provides extra traction and stability.

You should also supervise your toddler while they are playing on the splash pad to make sure they don't slip or fall.

How long should I let my toddler stay on a splash pad?

It depends on the temperature and your toddler's comfort level, but generally, it is best to limit play time on a splash pad to around 30 minutes to an hour.

Make sure to also keep an eye on your toddler while they are playing, and take frequent breaks in shaded or cooler areas if necessary.

How do I keep my splash pad for toddlers clean?

To keep a splash pad for toddlers clean, rinse it off after each use and regularly check for any mildew or discoloration. Consider using a mild soap or laundry detergent to scrub away tough stains.

Additionally, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper maintenance and cleaning.

How do I store my splash pad for toddlers?

To store a splash pad for toddlers, make sure it is completely dry and free of any dirt or debris. Once it is clean and dry, fold the pad up carefully and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Additionally, you may want to invest in a storage bag to protect your splash pad from dust and mildew buildup.


Splash pads are a great way to provide your toddler with outdoor fun and help them develop physical, social, and creative skills. With the right splash pad for toddlers, you can keep them safe while they have a time of entertainment in the water.

To get started on finding the perfect splash pad for your little ones' needs click the button "check price on Amazon" and shop today!