There are thousands of running accessories on the shelf for a sport that appears essential, requiring little to no kit aside from a pair of running shoes. Phone holders, GPS jogging watches, headgear, and heart rate sensors are all available. That's only the tip of the iceberg.

Running technology and running gear have advanced dramatically over the years. There is now a piece of equipment for every scenario, each run, workout, and daily commute. You may even track your daily steps to boost your overall physical and mental well-being.

This post will list five top running accessories for men in 2023.

How We Choose the Best Running Accessories for Men

I always want to help you find the best running accessories for men, so we looked at the market and found a few great products.

First, I looked at the price. We wanted a product that was affordable but not cheap quality. We also wanted something durable, so you wouldn't have to worry about it breaking or wearing out quickly.

Next, I looked at the quality of the material used in each product. Some runners prefer lightweight options, while others prefer heavier ones because they feel like they can run better with extra weight on their feet.

Finally, I looked at each product's features that makes it stand out from the rest of its competitors. There are tons of different brands on Amazon and other online retailers that sell similar products with similar features but different prices and quality levels; how do you choose which one is best for you? As a freelance writer I have spent countless hours reading thousands of user reviews and star ratings to find the best products out there for the best running accessories for men.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, GPS Running Smartwatch

Best Running Watch for Men

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, GPS Running Smartwatch

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Why We Love It

This long-lasting and lightweight watch helps optimize your performance with advanced running dynamics like ground contact time balance, stride length and more (when used with compatible accessories). Its fitness monitoring features help evaluate whether you're overdoing it or not getting enough exercise. With a battery life of up to seven days in smartwatch mode and also six hours in GPS mode with music, this reliable watch will accompany you on all your runs with no interruptions.

It doesn't stop there - you'll also get access to free adaptive training plans from Garmin Coach or create custom workouts on their online fitness community! To ensure your peace of mind, the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music also comes complete with incident detection, so whether you're an avid athlete looking for that extra motivational edge or an experienced marathon runner ready to take your fitness routine to the next level, the Garmin is the smart choice.

What You Should Know

The Garmin Forerunner 245 Music is the perfect solution to what you need a runner. This incredible GPS-running smartwatch has everything you need to become an unstoppable runner. With its 1.2" display, full-colour map views, multisport tracking capabilities, and music support, the Forerunner 245 brings excitement to any active lifestyle.

It's more than just a simple sports watch. From sleep monitoring to notifications, this device provides deep insights into your progress that can help you with every aspect of fitness. And with a sleek black design and unisex adults in mind, it looks as good as it performs.

That's not all, though; harnessing the power of GPS and GLONASS satellite technology, the internal sensors deliver accurate heart rate data so you can stay informed about your body's current condition. Get run metrics like distance and pace too from the easy-to-access screens. Plus, connect it to compatible smartphones for even more features!

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Brooks Men's Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe

Best Running Shoes for Men

Brooks Men's Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe

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Why We Love It

Brooks Men's Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoes are perfect for any male runner who wants to take their exercise routine to the next level. The shoes offer a smooth ride with a form-fitting interior that keeps your feet cushioned and secure. They are built with an open-engineered air mesh upper and 3D Fit Print technology that provides strategic stretch and structure to the upper, a soft fabric lining and a removable foam insole for underfoot support and comfort.

Our signature DNA LOFT and BioMoGo DNA also offer incredibly soft and gender-friendly cushioning that now extends beyond the heel, allowing for an easy transition from landing to toe-off.

What You Should Know

These comfortable running shoes also feature optimal support, with a differential of 12 mm, set on a soft blown rubber outsole that supplies both traction and grip and features flex grooves for more natural forefoot movement and fluidity.

They showcase a lace-up closure that ensures a secure and precise fit, and also feature a plush and cushioned tongue and collar as well.

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

Best Running Headphones for Men

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Ear

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Why We Love It

The Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds are the ultimate in listening and exercise technology. Perfect for running, working out, or listening to your favourite tunes, these earbuds deliver crystal-clear sound with adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks for a comfortable and stable fit no matter your activity.

With up to 9 hours of listening, you can enjoy your music without interruption. They're waterproof and resistant to sweat and extreme conditions. For even more peace of mind, add AppleCare+ to your order to protect you from accidental damage or receive 24/7 priority tech support anytime you need it. With the new Apple H1 headphone chip and Class 1 Bluetooth technology for extended range.

What You Should Know

Developed by Beats, the premier brand in audio technology, these truly wireless earbuds come packed with powerful features to enhance your listening experience. With 8 hours of battery life and optimized sound to minimize distractions, you can be sure you're getting the most out of your music.

The earbuds are available in three statement colors – Black, Ivory and Navy – and boast a sleek design perfect for any style. Powerbeaks Pro Wireless Earbuds connect via Bluetooth so that your music never stops, no  matter where you are. Say goodbye to tangled cables, as the latest wireless technology means no more wires getting in your way or causing an annoying disturbance. The adjustable ear hooks create an extra secure fit around your ear so you can focus on enjoying your tunes without worrying about them falling off.

If you're looking for true-quality audio for your next workout or hike up a mountain, then Powerbeats Pro is what you need! These award-winning headphones don't just make good looks but also provide a revolutionary audio experience, thanks to their class 1 Bluetooth technology and advanced parameters explicitly optimized for active lifestyles.

Oakley Men's Oo9208 Radar Ev Path Rectangular Sunglasses

Best Running Sunglasses for Men

Oakley Men's Oo9208 Radar Ev Path Rectangular Sunglasses

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Why We Love It

Whether running or cycling outdoors, these shades provide superior comfort and protection for all-day wear. The O Matter stress-resistant frame is lightweight yet durable, offering the perfect combination of form and function.

The Plutonite Lenses provide superior UV protection that filters out 100% of including UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light. With PRIZM Lens Technology designed to enhance color, contrast, and detail specifically for biking and running activities in medium to bright light conditions, they provide an edge that surpasses ordinary sunglasses.

Don't forget Oakley's patented High Definition Optics (HDO) promise superior clarity and sharp vision at every angle.

What You Should Know

Crafted from the highest-quality plastic, these sunglasses will provide excellent protection and performance in any environment. With a choice of four sleek colours—Matte Black/Prizm Road, Matte Black/Prizm Grey, Polished White Blue/Prizm Sapphire and Polished White/Prizm Snow Sapphire Iridium—you can be sure to find the perfect design for your style.

These glasses don't just look good—they also feel great. Featuring an interchangeable lens system designed to optimize performance and an unobtainium nose pad and ear socks that increase grip with sweat to help provide a secure fit, they'll never slip off, no matter how intense your day's activities are. Add in the fact that they are made here in the USA, and you know you're getting quality you can trust.

These Oakley Men's OO9208 Radar EV Path Rectangular Sunglasses make you feel confident and look great too! Get yours today and join countless others who already depend on their stylish looks, superior construction and comfort while offering exceptional quality and performance.

Proviz REFLECT360 Running Gloves

Best Running Gloves for Men

Proviz REFLECT360 Running Gloves

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Why We Love It

These gloves are designed with visibility and protection from the elements in mind. The 100% reflective outer shell will help increase your visibility in low light, while the padded palms provide additional comfort and silicone web grip for stable handling.

When things get wet, the inner waterproof Korean Hipora layer allows moisture to escape without compromising your safety. The REFLECT360 cycling gloves also feature locking wrist cuffs to give you uninterrupted coverage.

What You Should Know

Designed to keep your hands snug and dry, you can look forward to a run that is both comfortable and responsive. With their sleek grey colour and neon yellow accents, these gloves will become your favourite running companion.

These gloves feature a silicone web grip and padding on the palms for superior control. The adjustable velcro cuff ensures the perfect fit, while the soft brushed inner lining keeps your hands warm and cozy even in colder weather.

For maximum protection against wind and rain, they've included a Korean Hipora waterproof and breathable insert - so you never have to worry about getting caught in bad weather again!  With their touchscreen compatibility, you can easily use your GPS or phone without taking off your gloves.

Easily machine washable when they need cleaning after an adventure-filled day running in the great outdoors.

Amphipod Hydraform Thermal-Lite Handheld BPA-Free Water Bottle 20oz

Best Running Handheld Water Bottle for Men

Amphipod Hydraform Thermal-Lite Handheld BPA-Free Water Bottle

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Why We Love It

The Amphipod Hydraform Thermal-Lite Handheld BPA-Free Water Bottle 20oz is the perfect running companion for men. It's ultra-lightweight and ergonomic design allows for hands to relax in a natural position, which eliminates annoying hand cramping.

The Jett-Squeeze cap provides leak-free quick shot hydration, and the quick-adjust, no-slip strap makes it easy to carry. The custom cushioned easy-grip insulating sleeve is easily removable for maximum use versatility and washing.

What You Should Know

The Amphipod Hydraform Thermal-Lite Water Bottle is also great for both hot and cold weather use. The minimalist strap has an expandable utility pocket and wicking ultrasoft inner to keep your essentials safe and secure.

It also has a strap zippered pocket for items like your iPod, phone, nutrition, keys, and more. Not to mention, it comes with a BPA-free bottle for added safety.

Gearlight Gifts For Men

Best Running Head Flashlight for Men

GearLight Gifts for Men

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Why We Love It

This GearLight Gifts for Men offer unparalleled versatility and toughness. These bright LED camping lights generate a brilliant, long-lasting beam with vivid daylight colour and definition. With a run-time of up to 10+ hours on low settings, they're also designed with adjustable comfort.

The removable, washable, and adjustable headband fits adults and children comfortably yet weighs only 3oz with batteries.

Boasting a 45-degree adjustable head to direct light exactly where you need it and seven different lighting modes for added safety – from white strobe to red beam – your outdoor adventures have never been brighter.

Not just built to withstand the elements from rain or snow with its water-resistant casing and shockproof components, but this handy device will be sure to top off your gear list as well!

What You Should Know

The ideal combination of form and function, this rechargeable LED light will make any recipient's day. This American LED technology ensures a bright, even beam that can be orientated to their preference with its 45-degree pivotable head. With adjustable, washable headbands, it fits nearly any size head without sliding off - making it suitable for outdoor activities.

What sets this innovative light apart from the rest is its red safety light feature which helps keep runners visible at night. And best of all, it's water-resistant, so you can take it almost anywhere and won't have to worry about damaging the battery source.

With white and black colours available, you can find the perfect match for anyone's style!


Are you looking for running accessories for men that will help you stay safe and comfortable while running?

It can be hard to find the right running accessories for men. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which ones will provide the best protection and comfort.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about running accessories for men so you can know more about these products. With this information, you'll be able to make an informed decision and find the right accessories for your needs.

What do runners carry with them?

Running, in its most basic form, takes only a good pair of shoes and some comfortable running gear. However, longer-running runners frequently bring food, water, clothing, reflective vest and extra equipment, especially when trail running (if you are trail running you should always do outdoor research first).

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Why do runners use sunglasses when they run?

Runners who do not wear UV eye protection may develop pinguecula and pterygium, which are growths on the transparent covering over the eye's white area. Additionally, most runners prefer having clear vision while running, which sunglasses with polarized lenses can provide, even in cold weather.

What benefits do running gloves provide?

Running gloves can keep your hands warm in extreme temperatures, provide cushioning for the palms, and help with grip. Additionally, some gloves come with reflective surfaces to make you more visible when running in low-light conditions but you should look for gloves in a material that wicks sweat for maximum breathability and comfort.

Are there any other accessories men should consider?

Yes! Men should also consider wearing a hat or visor while running to protect their eyes from the sun and keep sweat out of them. For some options of what might be the right gear for you are a running belt with pockets can come in handy for storing small items like keys, phones, and other valuables. Finally, a good pair of headphones or earbuds can help you stay motivated while running by listening to music or podcasts.

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What do runners hold in their hands when they run?

If you run long distances, especially in rural regions, you'll need more food, water, and gear than a racing belt, handheld bottle, or waist pack can accommodate. A wicking sweat jogging vest or backpack can hold the extra necessities.

How can a foam roller help with my running?

Foam rollers are an excellent tool for helping runners stay injury-free. It can help to increase flexibility, improve balance and reduce muscle soreness and tightness. Foam rollers aid in massaging the muscles while they are being stretched, which helps release tension and relax the muscles.

Furthermore, foam rollers can help restore proper posture resulting in better running form and improved performance. By rolling out knots and muscle adhesions before a run or after a workout, it also gives athletes instant relief from pain due to overworked muscles. This makes foam roller therapy an effective way of mastering any activity that requires physical endurance by relieving fatigue on the body.

Additionally, regular use helps prevent injuries that may hinder your success at running or other activities involving intense physical exertion.

What do new runners require?

There is no need for a gym membership, equipment, or much stuff. All you need to get started jogging is a nice pair of running shoes, some comfortable gear, and a running watch to keep track of your pace, heart rate, and progress.

Should I bring water with me while running?

If you're going for a short run, 45 minutes or less, you can avoid drinking water when you're out there. However, water is always a good idea, especially if it's hot outside and you anticipate sweating profusely. Many runners pack and drink water regardless of how long they want to run.

Why do runners run while wearing gloves?

Running gloves are intended to keep a runner's hands dry and warm. A few crucial components distinguish the glove from your ski gloves or the soft mittens Grandma sewed you. Running gloves with reflective elements on high visibility portions of the hand are often designed for safety through a rigorous testing process.

Why do runners use chest straps?

A heart rate chest strap can keep snugly in place right over your heart, increasing the chances of consistent and precise heart rate readings while you work out.

Why do runners run with their sleeves on?

Arm sleeves are typically worn for the compression benefits they give. Several sports medicine investigations have indicated that this compression aids in the stabilization of the arm muscles and the prevention of edema. It also improves blood flow, which aids recovery after strenuous exercise or mild accidents.

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Dedicated runners aren't like other people, and that's a good thing. Losing yourself to something as intense, complex, and demanding as training for a marathon means that you'd want every last help you can get to ensure that the road ahead is clear.

There are different tools, gadgets, accessories, and gear to help runners maximize their performance on the road. We've narrowed it down to our top six favourite running accessories for men. Click the button 'Check Price on Amazon' to shop today for the best running gear.