Mealtime is a great way for the whole family to come together and bond. It’s also an important time for your baby to learn how to eat independently. Whether you opt for Baby-Led Weaning or the traditional purees, positioning your little one in the right high chair can make all the difference.

Let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can position your baby as they dine, as well as what type of high chairs are best suited for each purpose.

Time to get their din-din on!

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Two Ways To Position Your Baby In The High Chair

The first way is with the baby seated upright in the chair, usually facing forward. This is a great way for babies who are learning how to eat independently, as it encourages them to use their hands and mouths to feed themselves.

The downside is that babies may not be able to sit up unassisted at this age and may need extra support from pillows or cushions. Many high chairs come with adjustable backrests and straps that will help keep your baby in place.

The second option is reclined seating, where the seat leans back slightly so that babies can rest comfortably while they eat. This is perfect for younger infants who don’t have enough head and neck control yet or aren’t ready to sit up on their own yet.

Reclined seating also helps reduce reflux and makes it easier on parents who have less mobility when it comes time to feed their little ones.

It's worth noting that as soon as baby can sit up independently, their seat should be adjusted to the upright position.

Types Of High Chairs

The first type of high chair is a standard model, which comes with legs that attach directly onto the table or countertop where your baby will be eating. These chairs offer great stability but tend to be bulkier than other types of high chairs, making them more difficult to transport from place-to-place if needed.

The second type of chair is a booster seat, which attaches directly onto an existing chair like a dining room chair or kitchen stool so that you don’t have an additional piece of furniture taking up space in your home. Booster seats are convenient but may not provide enough support if your child moves around too much during meals (which they often do!).

The third option is a stand-alone chair, which has its own frame and legs so that it doesn’t need anything else for support. Stand-alone chairs are great for providing stability in addition to being lightweight enough for easy transport from place-to-place if needed - perfect for busy parents on-the-go!  They also tend to come with adjustable heights and reclines so you can customize them according to your needs.

Finally, there are clip-on chairs - these attach directly onto tables or counters so you don't need any extra furniture at all! Clip-on chairs are perfect for smaller spaces since they take up less room than other types of high chairs – just remember that they're easier to move around and take out with you if you're going to a restaurant or café.

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What To Look For In A High Chair That Supports Ergonomic Eating

When purchasing a high chair, look out for features such as adjustable heights and reclines; padded straps; removable trays; built-in footrests; spill guards; dishwasher safe surfaces; safety locks; non-skid bases; washable seat covers; and adjustable armrests (if applicable).

You'll also want something lightweight enough that it won't be too hard to move around should you need it!

Additionally, make sure whatever you buy meets all current safety standards set by organizations like ASTM International (American Society for Testing & Materials).

The best position for baby to eat

What Other Tools You'll Need to Make Meal Times Calm and Fun

A bib

Mealtime for baby can be an exciting experience as baby begins to explore new textures and flavors. For baby's safety, and for parents' convenience, there are certain tools that come in handy during meal times.

One such tool is a bib - it covers baby's clothes and protects them from food spills. A bib also helps baby practice their baby led weaning skills, as they will be able to grab their own food and feed themselves.

Having the right tools ready before meal times will make the experience enjoyable while keeping mess at a minimum.

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A high chair

One of the most essential tools is a high chair. Not only is it a place baby can comfortably relax as they eat, but it also keeps baby safe as they explore their food.

If you're looking to incorporate baby-led weaning into your baby's diet, then having a secure high chair will be paramount - allowing baby to safely and independently pick up finger foods and explore new textures with their hands.

And of course, an adjustable highchair means it can grow with baby for many meal times to come!

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A sippy cup

A sippy cup is an invaluable item to have on hand when baby led weaning your baby. Sipping from a cup, rather than using a bottle, allows baby to transition more smoothly to independent drinking and helps feelings of independence.

Many sippy cups come with interchangeable lids that work as spouts and straws depending on baby's age, helping baby use the same cup until they are ready for a regular glass or bottle.

Whether you're starting BLW or are just in need of a good baby-proofed beverage option, look into getting a sippy cup for your baby today!

Some soft foods.

It is an exciting time when baby starts solids, but parents need to make sure to have the right tools for baby’s beginning adventure with food. One of the most important items to have is some soft foods that baby can use for baby-led weaning.

These could include pureed fruits and vegetables, finely chopped or mashed up meats, pieces of soft fruit that baby can hold on its own, and anything else baby can feed itself as they learn how to eat on their own.

Soft foods help baby start learning how to chew while also helping them get used to trying multiple tastes and textures. With the right tools in hand, meal times with baby can go a lot smoother!

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A spoon

The first baby feeding tool is a spoon; this is important regardless of your baby's weaning style.

Baby-led weaning requires very little use of spoons as baby can hold food in their hands and feed themselves, however even so, soft baby spoons with rubber tips are required to make feeding easier and less messy.

Choose baby spoons that are made from durable materials such as stainless steel or bamboo so that they don't break in baby's hand when being used by them for self-feeding.

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A plate

Another important tool is a plate that baby can access on their own. Plates should have several sections so baby can easily organize and recognize different foods, as well as elevated edges that ensure food won't roll or slide off too quickly.

They should also be made of non-breakable materials and feature a non-slip bottom to keep baby safe.

Finally, look for plates with bright colors and fun designs that baby can enjoy during meal times. With the right plate in place, you'll be well on your way to making BLW part of your regular routine.

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A little patience!

Meal time with a baby can be messy and chaotic. But it is also a lot of fun! Just remember to be patient and go with the flow, and you'll both enjoy meal time together


With careful consideration of positioning and type of high chair needed, mealtime can become an enjoyable experience once again! Finding the right combination between positioning your baby correctly within their highchair along with choosing one that supports ergonomics eating will help ensure both comfortability as well as safety during mealtimes.

Be sure always check labels thoroughly when buying any kind of product related to feeding children ensuring that it meets all necessary safety requirements—it's always better safe than sorry!

Happy feeding everyone!

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