Finding the perfect lip balm for kids can be as tricky as a game of "Guess Who?" Do you want something organic and natural, or one with SPF protection? Is Shea butter a must? Whatever it is that sparks your interest, we also listed the best lip balm for your kids.

Are your kids always with dry, cracked lips? If so, you've come to the right place! Whether they're spending time outdoors in cold weather or simply just licking their lips a bit too often, getting them the right lip balm is essential.

Don't worry – we've done all the research and narrowed down five of the best lip balms for kids that will leave their pouts feeling soft and hydrated all day long! Plus, our list has some playful picks that are sure to put a smile back on their face. Let's get smooching!

What to Look for in Buying the Best Lip Balm for Kids

When selecting a lip balm for your child, there are some key factors to consider. Always look for ingredients, non-toxic and SPF protection.


Choosing the right lip balm for your child can be a daunting and tricky process. After all, our children deserve only the best products that are both safe and effective! When considering buying the best lip balm for kids, it pays to take a look at the list of ingredients on the label – after all, what goes onto our children's skin or lips is just as important as what we feed them.

Reading through labels isn’t usually exciting, but it can often provide some assurance that your little one will be taking good care of their lips in style. Many organic and natural brands even contain yummy flavors like strawberry or mango that keep kids pouted up for days!

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With aisles and aisles of lip balms in so many amazing flavors, it can be hard to choose the right one for your kids. From all-natural brands to ones with sparkle and flavor, there's so much fun to be had. But the most important thing to consider when selecting the perfect balm is making sure that it's non-toxic.

Not only will this keep your child from ingesting any potentially harmful ingredients, but many of these products also nourish and condition both lips and skin without leaving behind harsh chemicals or heavy residue. With so many awesome alternatives available for picky parents, there's no excuse not to pick a non-toxic lip balm that provides superior protection and moisture for their wee lips!

SPF Protection

Lip balm is a staple item in every kid's pocket, so why not be sure that they're getting the most out of their purchase? The factor of sun protection shouldn't be overlooked when considering the best lip balm for kids.

SPF protection stops chapped lips and painful blisters from getting any worse by providing a layer of defense against harsh sunlight. Providing a product with SPF can also save money in the long run – make one purchase that serves two purposes! Make sure your child looks good and feels great, all thanks to lip balm with SPF protection.

How We Choose the Best Lip Balm for Kids

Finding lip balm for kids is no small task! You have to take sensitive skin, taste preferences, and what ingredients parents prefer all into account. Our research found that coconut oil is a great ingredient for kids because it’s gentle on sensitive skin and provides nourishment to dry and chapped lips.

Natural lip balms with beeswax, honey, and organic cocoa butter were also popular choices! When looking for lip balms for your little ones, find something that contains natural ingredients like those listed above, which will help keep their sensitive skin safe and give them the opportunity to enjoy their own special lip balm. Even if they don’t want to share!

Our team of experts has read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best lip balm for your kids. We've done all the hard work so that you can easily find and purchase the perfect product for their delicate lips. With our reviews, you'll be sure to get great value for your money and keep their lips feeling smooth all day long!

Erbaviva Organic Lip & Cheek Balm 0.6 Ounce

Best Organic Lip Balm For Kids

Erbaviva Organic Lip & Cheek Balm 0.6 Ounce

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Why We Love It

Babies and toddlers can sometimes have the most sensitive skin, so Erbaviva's Organic Lip & Cheek Balm is the perfect way to hydrate and protect your child's delicate skin. This balm is crafted with mineral oil and olive oil, mineral castor seed oil, and organic essential oils of lavender, chamomile, and Oregon grape extract to nourish both your own lips and those of your little ones.

And it doesn't hurt that this balm isn't loaded with any extra chemicals: the sun protection formula is completely free from laurel sulfates! So make sure you keep your child's lips nice and soft with this natural and safe lip balm!

What You Should Know

Give your skin the best nature has to offer with Erbaviva Organic Lip & Cheek Balm. This certified organic multi-tasking formula is made with all-natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals, so you can trust that your skin is getting the nourishment it deserves.

Since 1996, Erbaviva has been bringing the power of botanicals and living herbs straight to your doorstep, at a solar-powered facility certified under USDA’s National Organics Program. This beautiful example of nature-infused skincare breathes life into lips and cheeks - go ahead, treat yourself!

Lip Smacker Lippy Pal Unicorn Flavored Lip Balm

Best Design Lip Balm For Kids

Lip Smacker Lippy Pal Unicorn Flavored Lip Balm

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Why We Love It

Lip Smacker's Lippy Pal lip balm is a pink moisture chapstick that not only soothes the skin but will make your taste buds dance with its fun, tasty flavors! The pink moisture chapstick formula goes on smoothly and helps to condition, moisturize, and protect.

Better yet, each Lip Smacker has its own adorable animal character in its packaging which means you can have sweet-flavored lips along with a smile every time you apply it. Collect them all and make sure your lips stay fabulous, yummy, and totally pucker-worthy!

What You Should Know

Any parent with a toddler knows that lip balm is essential to protect their precious little ones from dry, chapped lips. Lip Smacker Lippy Pal Unicorn Flavored Lip Balm is the perfect lip gloss and lip balm hybrid for toddlers. This lip balm contains coconut oil to help moisturize and soothe, as well as its own lip balm formula for a soft shine.

The adorable unicorn shape will make lip-applying fun while keeping lips smooth and soft all day long. So parents, don't risk dryness or irritation - get yourself some Lip Smacker Lippy Pal Unicorn Flavored Lip Balm today and make lip moisturizing an enchanting experience!

Burt's Bees Lip Balm Valentines Day Gifts for Her

Best Natural Lip Balm For Kids

Burt's Bees Lip Balm Valentines Day Gifts for Her

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Why We Love It

Show your toddler's love this Valentine's Day with a lip balm they can call their own! Burt's Bees lip balms make the perfect gift, thanks to their natural hydration derived from Beeswax, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E. Not only are these lip balms responsibly made and sustainably sourced; but they're also without parabens, phthalates, petroleum, or SLS.

And for added appeal, each lip balm is enriched with coconut oil and fruit extracts for a creamy touch of luxury. Your little one will love treating their lips every time!

What You Should Know

Toddler Valentines gifting just got easier thanks to Burt's Bees Lip Balm. With its fragrance-free, hydrating formula packed with Vitamin E and a hint of peppermint oil this balm is your one-stop shop for healthy, moisture-rich lips.

Not only is Burt's Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm great for your little ones, but it'll make them feel special too as the sleek matte finish gives their pout a touch of bubbly brouhaha! Be sure to stock up on this 100% natural goodness in time for Valentine's - we guarantee the business will be buzzing.

Abreva Cold Sore Healing Cream

Best Overall Lip Balm For Kids

Abreva (Single 2g Tube) Cold Sore Healing Cream

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Why We Love It

In search of a supercharged shield to help protect toddlers’ lips from cold sore infection, look no further than Abreva Cream! It is fragrance-free and packed with healthy vitamins like Vitamin E to restore moisture to dry lips.

Toddlers will love the single 2g tube – it can easily slip into pockets or diaper bags for convenient on-the-go protection. With its amazing active ingredient proven to shorten healing time and duration of cold sore symptoms, you can trust that Abreva will save the day!

What You Should Know

The blazing sun, a cool breeze… don't sport those lips without protection! With the moisturizing beeswax of Abreva Cold Sore Healing Cream, you'll be ready for whatever nature has in store.

Even your toddler will love its delectable flavors of lip balm they can actually enjoy wearing! Stop any further damage with this magical cream and wave goodbye to cold sores in as little as 2.5 days. You'll never have to worry about sensitive lips or singeing sun rays again!

eos 100% Natural & Organic Lip Balm

Best Sweet Flavored Lip Balm For Kids

eos 100% Natural & Organic Lip Balm

Check Price on Amazon

Why We Love It

Introducing eos 100% Natural & Organic Lip Balm - the perfect choice for skin types of young toddlers! Indulge in our fantastic range of lip balm flavors that are sure to please.

Strawberry Sorbet has a light, clean flavor, just like it had been freshly picked from nature - you can almost taste the summery sweetness as if it was full of vine-ripened strawberries! With eos, your choice is truly organic and 100% natural - nourishing your lip and taste buds alike.

What You Should Know

Keep your toddler's lips feeling smooth and vitamin-ready with eos 100% Natural & Organic Lip Balm. Packed with ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil for lasting protection, jojoba oil to replenish their sensitive lip, plus a blend of protective antioxidants, this Dermatologist-recommended chapstick is perfect for even the youngest of toddlers!

Choose from all your favorite flavors like Body, Cherry, and Cute to keep them looking uniquely cute and feeling great. Plus it's paraben, phthalate, gluten, and cruelty-free so you know they're getting only the best!

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With so many different lip balms sold online, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for your little ones. Look for the best lip balms for your kids that is safe  and refreshing but I know there are a lot of choices still.

So we've put together a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions about the best lip balm for kids so you can make an informed decision when selecting the perfect one for your kids.

Can kids have lip balm?

Your toddler's four-pack of cuddliness comes with accessory lips! And who doesn't want to keep those sweet smackers covered in a four-pack of cute cheeks? Lip balm is an easy and fun way to keep your little one's lips soft and moisturized, especially during the colder months.

There are tons of flavors options out there - from bubble gum to mango, to blueberry - so there's sure to be something that will make your tot smile. Plus, lip balm is generally free from harsh irritants, so you won't have to worry about any adverse reactions.

What is best for children's chapped lips?

With constantly changing weather conditions, toddlers’ lips need a little extra TLC. Worry no more strawberry bliss lip balm is the perfect solution to heal and protect kids’ constantly chapped lips!

Crafted with natural ingredients like coconut oil and Vitamin E, this ultra-hydrating formula flavored with organic strawberries ensures their lips will remain soft, luscious, and constantly licking without harm. So pick up a tube of strawberry bliss lip balm today for your toddler so they can enjoy constantly kissable lips!

Is Vaseline lip balm safe for kids?

When looking for a lip balm for young toddles, unscented–or even unflavored–options should be top of the list. After all, no parent wants to encourage their toddler to grow up too fast and develop a preference for cherry or strawberry chapstick.

Coconut-based unscented lip balms provide natural hydration without food flavors playing any part in the equation. Although Vaseline may be okay for older children, it's best to stick with unscented options when looking after infants and toddlers – which means saying goodbye to fruity flavoring or descriptive branding altogether!

Do kids need lip balm?

Sure, in toddlers, dry lips may look cool but dryness can be a discomfort. So if your little one's lips are in need of some hydration, why not check out some of the top toddler lip balms on the market?

Formulated with nourishing natural ingredients like avocado oil and sunflower seed oil, these balms provide dry lips with essential moisture to keep them properly hydrated while also tasting delicious. Give your toddler an extra sweet and silky smooch today with a cleverly made lip balm!

Which is the best natural lip balm?

Toddler's lip balm may sound like an unlikely solution to your lip woes, but this clever product can turn the munchkin look into a lip gloss wonderland! It's the perfect way to give the little ones in your life the freedom to enjoy a glossy lip, accompanied by a healthy shine across their whole face.

So why not expand your lip care routine and give toddlers' lip balm a chance? After all, any product that adds a touch of fun to lip care should be welcomed with open arms.

Can a 5-year-old use chapstick?

When it comes to toddlers and lip balm, fragrance-free hydrating properties are what you should consider! While Chapsticks may be the popular pick for an older child, it can be too strong for small children - a gentler option could be better suited.

After all, why go with something that's too tough when you have softer options at hand? When purchasing balms for toddlers, take into account fragrance-free hydrating properties to keep their lips safe from harm.

Can I use a 3-year-old lip balm?

Before investing in unscented lip balms designed particularly for toddlers, however, don't forget that toddlers won't need any unscented lip balms if their diet is rich in healthy fats like avocados, nuts, and olive oil.

These natural sources can provide essential nutrients for plumper, healthier lips - only opting for unscented lip balm when delightful avocado-filled toddler kisses no longer suffice.

What causes dry lips in a child?

When it comes to keeping toddlers' lips healthy, flavor options abound! After all, toddlers' lip balm needs to be both effective and enjoyable so they actually want to use it.

The reality is that there are many causes of dry lips in children: too much sun exposure, poor hydration, saliva depletion due to teething, cold weather, and more.

At what age can kids use chapstick?

Are you looking for an unscented lip balm for your toddlers? With so many flavored lips balms out there, it can be hard to know when it's safe for a child to start using them. The good news is that most chapstick brands generally include ingredients that aren't recommended for babies under 2 years old, making them perfect for toddlers and up!

Of course, you want to take into account your individual child any irritation or unusual flavors should be a sign that it's best avoided. So the rule of thumb here is simple unscented lip balm is best for a child!

Is it OK to use lip balm every day?

Keeping your toddler's lips fresh and supple daily can be a challenge, even using other lip balms in tempting flavors like strawberry and bubblegum. But is it wise to use lip balm every day? Well, the answer depends on the kind of lip product being used.

While other brands of lip balm promise fantastic flavors and irresistible color, they might not always be fine for everyday use; instead, look for more natural products specifically designed with young children and toddlers in mind. Natural ingredients like Shea Butter or Coconut Oil will soothe tender lips while keeping them hydrated longer making them perfect for daily application.


Finding the perfect lip balm for your kids may seem like an arduous task, but with a little research, you'll be able to determine the best option. Instead of other, popular lip balms that don’t soothe lips but rather just add gloss, consider trying out some of the new “age-appropriate” brands on the market.

For example, Lip Smackers have made its mark as an industry leader in providing lip balms for kids, and other companies are sure to follow soon. In any case, now you can confidently choose the right lip balm for your little one – and with all the fun flavors available, they’re sure to be smacking those lips in no time!