Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to get your kids outside and explore nature? These best kid's metal detectors on the market are designed with young explorers in mind, these metal detectors are the perfect tool for finding hidden treasures and sparking your child's curiosity about the world around them.

The best kids' metal detectors come equipped with features that make them easy and safe for children to use. Many models have adjustable sensitivity settings, allowing your child to hone in on specific types of metals and avoid unnecessary digging. They also come with lightweight designs that are comfortable for children to carry and use for long periods.

In addition to being fun, metal detecting can be a great educational tool for kids. It teaches them about science, history, and the environment while helping them develop important skills like patience and attention to detail. Plus, it's a great way to get them off their screens and outside in the fresh air!

Start your child's next treasure-hunting adventure today with one of these top-rated kid's metal detectors!

How to Find the Best Kids' Metal Detectors

Metal detecting can also be a fun way to help your child learn about science, history, and the environment. Here are some tips for finding the right one for them.


Look for a metal detector that is built to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use. Kids can be rough on their toys, so choose a model with sturdy construction that can handle a few bumps and scrapes.

Ease of Use

Kids' metal detectors should be easy to use and operate, with simple instructions and a user-friendly interface. Look for models with clear and concise instructions that your child can understand and follow.

Lightweight Design

A lightweight design is essential for kids' metal detectors, as heavy models can be difficult for young children to handle. Choose a model that is easy to carry and maneuver, with an adjustable height to accommodate kids of different sizes.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Kids' metal detectors should have adjustable sensitivity settings to help them find different types of treasure. This feature allows your child to fine-tune the detector to their skill level and the type of metal they are looking for.

Fun Features

Kids' metal detectors with fun and interactive features can make treasure hunting even more exciting. Look for models with LCD screens, sound effects, and other fun features that will keep your child engaged and motivated.

Happy treasure hunting!

How We Choose the Best Kids' Metal Detector

To select the top models, we researched and analyzed reviews from customers and experts to assess each detector's performance, features, and reliability.

We looked for models that were made with sturdy and durable materials to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use. We also prioritized easy-to-use and operate detectors, with simple instructions and a user-friendly interface.

In addition, we selected models that were lightweight and easy to carry, with adjustable height settings to accommodate kids of different sizes. We also considered detectors with adjustable sensitivity settings to help kids find different types of metal and fine-tune the detector to their skill level.

Finally, we evaluated models with the fun and interactive features that would keep kids engaged and motivated. These features included LCD screens, sound effects, and other interactive elements that added to the excitement of treasure hunting.

Considering these, we ensured that each model was a top choice for young treasure hunters exploring the great outdoors.

Yuego Waterproof Kids Metal Detector

Best Waterproof Kids Metal Detector

Metal Detector for Kids, Waterproof Kids Metal Detector with Display LCD Adjustable Gold Detector Kit for Junior with 7.5 Inch Search Coil for Detecting Coin Gold and Outdoor Treasures

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Why We Love It

This metal detector is ideal for entertaining your kids for hours of treasure-hunting fun. Not only that – with its exclusive patented technology, but it's also sure to detect metals accurately, so you don't miss out on all those amazing finds! The adjustable stem ensures that your little explorer won't be weighed down, as it can fit comfortably whatever height it may be. Plus, it comes with a wrist rope for ease of use and padded armrests for extra comfort.

What You Need to Know

Whether in the garden, on a camping trip, or beachcombing at their favorite shoreline, this metal detector will provide hours of entertainment and help develop their knowledge of metal detection and discovery. The high-quality 7.5-inch waterproof coil and stem (the control box is not waterproof) are designed to be sensitive to a range of metals including iron nails, iron covers, coins, gold, silver, and other small aluminum products.

When they find something special they can use the included accessories like a sand sifter sand shovel to unearth their new finds with ease. Best of all it comes complete with batteries, stickers, and a carrying bag which means no extra purchases are necessary!

Kid Metal Detector Junior 7.4 Inch Waterproof Search Coil

Best Waterproof Search Coil Metal Detector

Metal Detector for Kids - Kid Metal Detector Junior 7.4 Inch Waterproof Search Coil Junior Metal Detector LCD 24 Inch to 35 Inch Adjustable Stem Buzzer Vibration Sound 2 Pouds Lightweight Easy to Use

Check Price on Amazon

Why We Love It

The search coil is designed to give your child maximum sensitivity while detecting metal objects - it's even waterproof, perfect for outdoor activities in any weather. With this kid's metal detector, your child can go on gold digger treasure hunts and explore their developing skills of curiosity and exploration! And with two sand shovels and a carry bag included, they can take everything they need wherever they go on their next big adventure!

What You Need to Know

The Junior 7.4 comes equipped with a one-press operation and an adjustable stem that works for both children and adults, making it easy and comfortable to use. Not to mention its harmless ABS material is safe for your child, and sure to give your parents complete peace of mind.

Thanks to its cleverly designed waterproof search coil that's perfect for travel and outdoor activities, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more convenient metal detector on the market! And with its cute profile designed by visual designers and professional industrial designers alike.

DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector for Kids

Best Junior Metal Detector

DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector for Kids, 8.3 Inch Waterproof Junior Metal Detector with Innovative Search Coil, Exclusive DIC/Pinpoint Mode, Touch Screen, Adjustable Stem, LED Display & Buzzer, Easy to Use

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Why We Love It

From its ergonomic handle to interesting display screen designs, thousands across the globe select this metal detector for their kids as it’s easy, comfortable to use and lightweight.

In addition, the unique Disc mode works with an LED that flashes in different colors when treasures are detected depending on the type of treasure! Imagine your child's excitement when they discover something they didn't even know was there! This way they would never become bored of their backyard or parks ever again. For parents looking to save time, our exclusive PP mode helps save a lot of it by identifying locations where most treasures would be found easily.

So don’t wait any longer; get your kids geared up with a DR.ÖTEK metal detector and let them hop into exciting adventures wherever they go while also teaching essential outdoor skills like navigation, collaboration, and survival instincts.

What You Need to Know

This fun and easy-to-use metal detector allow kids to explore their creativity and curiosity in a way that parents find safe and engaging. The 8.3-inch waterproof search coil gives them the freedom to use it even in shallow water like beaches or streams. After all, there’s no telling what they may find! With an adjustable stem of 28-37 inches, this metal detector can easily be adjusted to fit everyone, regardless of height.

Plus, the inclusive kit includes everything they need – the detector itself, a find pouch, a sand sifter, and even a sand shovel – so they can start their excavations right away!

RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids

Best Gold Detector Lightweight Search Coil

RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids - 7.4 Inch Waterproof Kid Metal Detectors Gold Detector Lightweight Search Coil (24"-35") Adjustable Metal Detector for Junior & Youth with High Accuracy - Yellow

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Why We Love It

This clever little device is perfect for getting kids interested in nature and helping them to find hidden treasures. The search coil is designed to be 7.4 inches, making metal detecting more sensitive, while the adjustable stem and coil (not including the screen) are waterproof, letting you enjoy outdoor treasure hunts in all places (gardens, parks, beaches, and forests, all health outdoor locations). The lovely profile is designed by professional industrial and kids' visual designers and perfectly fits children's aesthetics.

Moreover, the Kids Metal Detector is made from harmless ABS plastic, so you can trust that it's safe for your kids. The telescoping design means you don’t need to assemble any complicated parts - just unfold the detector and fold it back up again when you’re done. This makes it especially good for children and beginners.

What You Need to Know

This lightweight and robust detector features a 20% larger coil, allowing them to quickly cover large areas. If there's any metallic object nearby, an arrow and signal symbol will appear on the screen (alongside some noise!) to tell them where it is.

Kids can adjust the stem from 24-35 inches high, so whether adults or children, this detector can make metal detection an accessible and fun activity. This means adults too can join in on the exploration! With one press simple operation that kids can easily learn to use, you’ll have no trouble getting outside with your budding detective!


Best National Geo Metal Detector

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector - Ultimate Treasure Hunter with Pinpointer, Large Waterproof 10" Coil - Lightweight and Collapsible for Easy Travel (Amazon Exclusive)

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Why We Love It

Your adventurous little ones will be excited to explore and hunt for treasures just like a true explorer. Once they’ve set off with this magical device, their wildest dreams will come true and all their treasures will soon be theirs. With its advanced technology and crystal clear LCD, the Pro Detector is suited for any aspiring adventurer, regardless of age or skill level. The large, waterproof, and cleverly collapsible 10-inch coil makes it easy to carry anywhere; so if you're looking to upgrade your outdoor wanderings.

Take your family on a day out filled with excitement as they use the nifty NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series Metal Detector in your very own backyard or take them on an epic journey to the beach! Don’t be surprised when they uncover hidden gems such as jewelry, coins, and artifacts –all those cool things one can only find if equipped with an amazing device like this!

What You Need to Know

This high-quality educational toy is packed with features to help you dig up those hidden gems and discover ancient fortunes. The detector has 4 sensitivity levels and can locate precious metals buried as deep as 12 inches. With 3 detection modes, you can easily filter out all that pesky "garbage" and pin down exactly what you're looking for.

Now ow your child can accompany their playtime adventures with real-life treasure hunting without having to worry about what they're going to find - unless it's some awesome artifacts or buried coins, that is! Go ahead, let them explore, and get a feel for all the amazing things they might discover.

PalliPartners Metal Detector for Kids

Best Adjustable Metal Detector for Junior and Youth

Metal Detector for Kids - 7.4 Inch Waterproof Kid Metal Detectors Gold Detector Lightweight Search Coil (24"-35") Adjustable Metal Detector for Junior & Youth with High Accuracy

Check Price on Amazon

Why We Love It

It’s perfect for finding hidden metal objects of all types (iron nails, aluminum rings, coins, silver, and more!) at depths of up to 10-100cm. Not only is it lightweight and easy to use, but its ergonomic design means comfortable handling for hours of fun. And with the adjustable lightweight bracket, it's designed for both adults and children alike. Plus, an audio alert will signal when it finds something, so you don’t miss out on that valuable prize!

What You Need to Know

This amazing device offers your ambitious youngster a waterproof search coil that can detect metal in any environment. Not only is it safe and non-toxic, but it also comes with an audio alert, and LCD, and it all runs on just one 9V battery. Even better – it has a delightful design that is sure to make your kid smile while they uncover some hidden treasures!

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We've compiled the most frequently asked questions about the best metal detectors for kids. From the type of detector to choose to the features that will keep them engaged, we'll help you find an excellent metal detector for your child's age and skill level. Whether you're looking for a fun family activity or hoping to ignite a lifelong passion for treasure hunting, we're here to help you make the most of your metal-detecting adventures.

What is a metal detector and how does it work?

A metal detector is an electronic device that uses electromagnetic fields to detect the presence of metal objects. It works by generating a magnetic field and then measuring any changes in that field caused by the presence of metal. When a metal object is detected, the device emits an audible or visual signal to alert the user.

Different types of metal detectors use different technologies, such as VLF (very low frequency), PI (pulse induction), or BFO (beat frequency oscillator), to detect metal objects at varying depths and with varying degrees of sensitivity.

What are the main components of a metal detector?

The main components of a metal detector include a search coil, a control box, and a shaft or handle. The search coil is part of the detector that emits and detects the electromagnetic field. It is typically located at the end of the shaft or handle and is connected to the control box via a cable. The control box contains the electronics that power the detector and process the signals received from the search coil.

It may also include a display screen, controls for adjusting the sensitivity and other settings, and an audio or visual indicator to signal when a metal object is detected. Some metal detectors may also have additional features, such as built-in GPS or wireless connectivity.

How deep can a metal detector typically detect metallic objects?

The depth at which a metal detector can detect metallic objects depends on a variety of factors, such as the size and composition of the object, the type of metal detector, and the soil or other material in which the object is buried. In general, most metal detectors can detect small objects, such as coins or jewelry, at depths of a few inches to a foot or more.

Larger objects, such as buried metal pipes or containers, may be detectable at greater depths, sometimes up to several feet or more. However, the depth and accuracy of detection can vary widely and may require careful calibration and adjustment of the metal detector's settings.

What is bounty hunter tracker iv?

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is a metal detector designed for hobbyists and enthusiasts who want to search for buried treasures, coins, relics, and other metal objects. It is one of the most popular and affordable metal detectors on the market, offering a range of features that make it easy to use and effective at finding metal objects.

The Tracker IV has a simple, yet effective, interface that allows users to quickly adjust the sensitivity and discrimination settings to suit the type of metal they are looking for. It also features a 2-tone audio feedback system that alerts users to the presence of metal, as well as a visual target identification display that shows the probable identity of the detected metal.

The Tracker IV is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for use in a variety of environments, such as parks, beaches, and wooded areas. It is also water-resistant, which means it can be used in shallow water for detecting metal objects.

Overall, the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is a great option for beginners and experienced metal detector enthusiasts alike who are looking for an affordable, easy-to-use, and effective metal detector.

How do the composition and shape of a metal target affect the accuracy and sensitivity of metal detectors?

The composition and shape of a metal target can have a significant impact on the accuracy and sensitivity of metal detectors.


Different metals have varying electrical conductivity and magnetic susceptibility properties. Some metals are more conductive than others, meaning they allow an electrical current to flow through them more easily. Other metals may have magnetic properties that can influence how the metal detector interacts with the target.

As a result, some metals are easier to detect than others. For example, metals like silver and copper are highly conductive and tend to produce a strong signal, making them easier to detect. On the other hand, metals like aluminum and stainless steel have lower conductivity, which can make them harder to detect.


The shape of a metal target can also affect the accuracy and sensitivity of metal detectors. This is because the shape of a target can influence how the metal detector's electromagnetic field interacts with the metal.

How to make metal detector easy?

Making a simple metal detector at home can be a fun and educational project. Here are the basic steps to create a simple metal detector using just a few materials:


An AM radio, calculator with a square root function, pencil or pen, some wire, a battery, a soldering iron, and knife or scissors


Remove the back cover of the AM radio to expose the circuit board. You will need to identify two points on the board where you can connect the wire.

Solder one end of the wire to one of the points on the circuit board, then route the wire out through a hole in the back cover of the radio.

Cut the wire to a length of about 30 centimeters, then strip the insulation from the end.

Solder the stripped end of the wire to the positive terminal of the battery.

Hold the radio and wire in one hand and move it over the ground. When the wire comes close to a metal object, you should hear a change in the sound of the radio.

Use the calculator to determine the approximate depth of the metal object by taking the square root of the frequency of the sound you hear.

Repeat the process in different locations to test your metal detector.

Note: This is a simple metal detector that is not as accurate or reliable as commercial metal detectors. It is only for educational purposes and should not be used for serious metal detecting.

What is the best child's metal detector?

When it comes to finding the best metal detector for a child, there are several factors to consider, such as the child's age, size, and experience level. Here are a few options to consider:

Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector: This metal detector is designed specifically for children aged 6-12. It is lightweight and easy to use, with a simple interface and a target ID system that helps kids identify different types of metal.

National Geographic Junior Metal Detector: This metal detector is designed for children aged 5 and up. It is lightweight and adjustable, with a waterproof coil and an LED display that shows the target's depth and size.

Fisher F22 Metal Detector: This metal detector is suitable for older children and teenagers who are more experienced with metal detecting. It has advanced features such as multiple search modes, a large LCD screen, and a waterproof design.

Minelab Go-Find 22 Metal Detector: This metal detector is another option for older children and teenagers. It is lightweight and easy to use, with a collapsible design that makes it easy to transport. It also has a smartphone app that allows kids to track their finds and share them with friends.

Ultimately, the best child's metal detector will depend on the child's age, experience level, and preferences. It's important to choose a detector that is easy to use and comfortable for the child to hold and carry, as well as one that provides a good balance of performance and affordability.

How do metal detectors work, and what are the main components that enable them to detect metallic objects buried underground or hidden in other materials?

Metal detectors work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. They use a coil of wire to generate a magnetic field that interacts with metallic objects in the surrounding environment. When a metal object comes into contact with the magnetic field, it creates its magnetic field, which in turn creates an electrical signal in the coil. This signal is then amplified and processed by the detector's electronics, which convert it into an audible or visual signal that alerts the user to the presence of metal.

The main components of a metal detector include:

  1. Control box: This is the brain of the metal detector, where the electronics are housed. It typically includes a power source, a microprocessor, and a user interface that allows the user to adjust the detector's settings.
  2. Coil: The coil is the most important part of the metal detector, as it generates the magnetic field that interacts with metallic objects. The coil is typically made of a wire wound around a plastic or fiberglass frame, and it can come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of detector.
  3. Search head: The search head is part of the detector that contains the coil and is held close to the ground or other material being searched. Some metal detectors have a separate search head that can be attached to the main body of the detector, while others have an integrated search head.
  4. Discrimination circuitry: Discrimination circuitry is a feature of many metal detectors that allows the user to distinguish between different types of metal. It works by analyzing the electrical signal generated by the coil and identifying the frequency and other characteristics that are unique to different types of metal.
  5. Audio or visual display: Finally, most metal detectors have some kind of audio or visual display that alerts the user to the presence of metal. This can be a simple beep or tone, or it can be a more complex display that shows the type of metal, its depth, and other information.

The main components of a metal detector work together to create a magnetic field that interacts with metallic objects and produces a signal that can be detected and analyzed by the detector's electronics.

How do manufacturers of metal detectors ensure that their products comply with safety and quality standards, such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) regulations and product certification requirements?

Manufacturers of metal detectors must comply with various safety and quality standards to ensure that their products are safe, reliable, and effective. Some of the key standards and regulations that apply to metal detectors include:

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) regulations: Metal detectors generate electromagnetic fields that can interfere with other electronic devices. To minimize this interference, manufacturers must comply with EMI regulations set by organizations such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) internationally.

Product certification requirements: Metal detectors may need to be certified by third-party organizations to ensure that they meet safety and performance standards. For example, the European Union requires that certain types of metal detectors be certified under the CE marking system, which indicates compliance with EU safety, health, and environmental protection standards.

Environmental regulations: Metal detectors must also comply with environmental regulations, such as restrictions on the use of hazardous materials like lead and mercury.

To ensure compliance with these standards and regulations, manufacturers typically conduct rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures throughout the design and manufacturing process. This may include testing for EMI emissions and susceptibility, safety features like automatic shut-off, and performance tests to ensure that the detector can accurately detect and identify different types of metal.

Manufacturers may also seek certification from independent testing and certification organizations, such as the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), to demonstrate compliance with safety and quality standards. This can assure customers that the product has been independently tested and meets established standards for safety and quality.


Using a metal detector or entry-level metal detector can be an exciting and educational experience for kids. It not only helps them interact with nature but can also help them learn to recognize different objects and metals.

We’ve looked at the five best metal detectors for kids that are affordable and easy to use. Whether it’s a gift idea for your child or something you want to pick up for your grandchildren, these detectors will surely keep them entertained for hours on the beach or in the woods.

To shop now, click the ‘Check Price on Amazon’ button at BestValueReviews. With any of these metal detectors, you may just find yourself getting wrapped up in the treasure-hunting adventures too! So if you want to get your little ones into some exciting outdoor activity, why not buy one today?