When it comes to buying furniture for your home, there's a lot that goes into making the perfect decision. You want something stylish and reliable, but when you have little ones running around, durability is also important!

As a parent, you know exactly how rough kids can be on their stuff – which is why we've put together this list of the 5 best dressers for kids so that you can find a piece of furniture that will stand up to all those spills, crayon marks, and sticky fingers! So get ready to see what

these awesome pieces of children`s furniture have in store - you'll be surprised at how stylish they are too!

What To Look For In A Kid Dresser

When it comes to purchasing the best kid dresser, consider the material, storage, and decor aspect.


When it comes to choosing the best kid's dresser, the material is all the rage. Parents want furniture that will last through their kid's toddler stages and beyond. At best baby oil, we understand the importance of getting a quality dresser for your little one's bedroom.

That's why we recommend selecting dressers made from solid wood or hard plastic; these materials are sturdy and help to keep your child's clothes organized for years to come. It's our small way of helping parents make sure they're always dressing their best!


Choosing the best kids' dresser isn't simply about selecting the best-looking design in your favorite colors - it's about taking into account storage space for your little one's clothing and other items. A great way to think of it: if purchasing the best baby oil is an important part of taking care of a newborn, getting sufficient storage space for their stuff is just as necessary.

Without a dresser that can accommodate their growing wardrobe, where else are you going to put all those clothes? Consider a dresser with shelves and drawers to best suit the needs of your little one!

Decor Aspect

When it comes to the best kids' dressers, the decor aspect should not be overlooked. After all, it's the first piece of furniture a kid will have in his or her own bedroom - making it an essential part of their very first interior design project!

Plus, as parents, you want something that will look good when coupled with the best baby oil paintings and wall stickers to really set the tone - trust us, they grow up way too fast. So go ahead, don't hold back! Have fun choosing and styling a dresser that not only provides adequate space for your little one’s belongings but also captures their personality perfectly.

How We Choose the Best Kid's Dresser

Shopping for a dresser for your kids can be daunting! After all, there are so many options and it’s hard to know which one is best. Fortunately, there are some easy tips you can use to discover the perfect kid's dresser. We suggest starting by deciding on a style that fits in with your existing décor.

Then, make sure the size fits your space requirements – don't forget to measure twice! Be sure to check the material – going with wood makes it easier to spot wear and tear down the line. Lastly, emphasize safety – no sharp corners or pieces that could detach themselves easily. With these considerations in mind, finding the right dresser for your little ones will be easy as pie!

South Shore Fundy Tide 4-Drawer Dresser

Best Budget Kids Dresser

South Shore Fundy Tide 4-Drawer Dresser

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Why We Love It

Discover ample storage space for your child's bedroom with the South Shore Fundy Tide 4-Drawer Dresser! Not only does this dresser provide ample storage for clothes and other items, but its elegant Antique Bronze finish makes it the perfect accent to a serene nursery.

Don’t let the room’s tranquil atmosphere drift away with baby clothes in disarray – use the handy drawers from the South Shore Fundy Tide 4-Drawer Dresser to keep everything neat and orderly. Plus, easily assemble it with just two adults (tools not included). So say goodbye to messes and hello to peace of mind!

What You Should Know

If you're looking for a changing table fit for a future king or queen, the South Shore Fundy Tide 4-Drawer Dresser has you covered. This dresser doesn't just look good, either--it's been constructed with metal handles in an Antique Pewter finish and metal drawer slides, which means it's safe as well as beautiful.

With your changing table situated in your kids' bedroom or teen's room, every member of the family can rest assured knowing this piece of furniture has met or exceeded all North American safety standards, and is made from non-toxic laminated composite wood. And with its 5-year quality guarantee, you can be sure of years of dependable use. Sure to fill the important changing table requirement in any family home!

Prepac Monterey 6 Drawer Dresser For Bedroom

Best Double Size Kids Dresser

Prepac Monterey 6 Drawer Dresser For Bedroom

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Why We Love It

No more crammed closets or displaced drawers! The Prepac Monterey 6 Drawer Dresser is the ultimate storage solution for kids’ rooms. With a charming and modern design, it comes in a white laminate finish that is sure to look great in any bedroom, nursery, or playroom. Don’t let its small size deceive you—the double-column dresser can fit up to six spacious drawers with roller glides and built-in safety stops.

Even better, the drawer fronts are adorned with dark pewter-finished metal knobs for an extra touch of style. And if more storage isn’t enough, take advantage of the flat profiled top to round out your décor displays with lamps, picture frames, and stuffed animals all in one place! Finally, you can have more room and more style—how much more could you want?

What You Should Know

Are you looking to upgrade your bedroom with a contemporary, stylish dresser? The Prepac Monterey 6 Drawer Dresser is the perfect fit! Not only has it been manufactured in North America from durable and non-toxic laminated composite woods, but it also features two columns with six drawers for maximum storage space.

Better than most dressers, this one even has child's nursery and craft room versatility, not to mention its dark pewter-finished metal knobs, scalloped kick plate, and timeless design. Assembling the dresser is a breeze as well; in just two hours or less (with the help of an extra set of hands) this sturdy drawer dresser will be ready to use! Don't settle for the second best - upgrade your bedroom with the Prepac Monterey 6 Drawer Dresser today!

South Shore Sweet Piggy 4-Drawer Dresser with Baskets

Best Value Kids Dresser

South Shore Sweet Piggy 4-Drawer Dresser with Baskets

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Why We Love It

The South Shore Sweet Piggy 4-Drawer Dresser with Baskets has all the drawers and baskets your kid needs to be organized in style. Put their bulkier, warmer clothes in the drawers and their favorite toys or clothes that are easy to pick out in the top row of drawers – plus with those cute big button-shaped handles, they’ll love having this piece in their bedroom.

The frame is strong and sturdy thanks to a metal slide system so you won’t have to worry about it getting banged around during playtime either! Not only will these fun little drawers look great in your child's room, but their classic look makes them a stylish accessory for any contemporary monarch hill bedroom.

What You Should Know

For those looking for bedside storage that checks all the boxes, the South Shore Sweet Piggy 4-Drawer Dresser with Baskets is the perfect solution. With three open spaces in its top row, plus the three included baskets, you'll have all the bedside storage you need! These baskets can be pulled out and carried into another room -so cute!

And with a floor-perfect height for kids' rooms, this dresser isn't just practical, it adds some decoration to your room too - think of it as a way to store belongings in style.

Plus, this chest has a pair of metal slides and an attachable anchor to make sure it stays safe and secure. This means each drawer can hold up to 25 lbs - plenty strong enough for a kid's needs!

Sorbus Dresser with 8 Drawers

Best Stylish Kids Dresser

Sorbus Dresser with 8 Drawers

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Why We Love It

The Sorbus 8-Drawer Dresser is the ultimate solution to get you organized in style! Equipped with a rustic wood top and strong iron frame, it can store all your clothing and linens much more. Place it anywhere in your bedroom, office, or children's room - anything goes!

Even better, having a lightweight frame makes it so easy to transport. That said, don't forget about the amazing price-matching children's access money store feature! So get ready to become an organizational ninja and put this charming dresser in any room of your home for maximum storage.

What You Should Know

Get set for stylishly organized storage with the Sorbus Dresser! Foldable drawers make it easy to fill and fold away when you need more space. It's great for dorms, living rooms, and even your office – with a sleek design and delta children's dresser instruction manual, you'll be sure to have all the tools you need for effortless assembly.

And best of all, this incredibly versatile piece comes in so many colors and sizes, you'd be hard-pressed not to find one that perfectly complements your style. So don't wait – the Sorbus Dresser is ready to upgrade your storage game!

Sauder Dawson Trail 6-Drawer Bedroom Dresser

Best Engineered Wood Kids Dresser

Sauder Dawson Trail 6-Drawer Bedroom Dresser

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Why We Love It

This 6-drawer dresser from the Dawson Trail collection is sure to be a standout piece in any room. It’s hard to resist the alluring dark Raven Oak finish. Say goodbye to overstuffed dressers - these drawers hold everything and then some!

Sweaters, denim, bed sheets – you name it, it fits. Not to mention that set-up couldn’t be simpler with the T-lock drawer system. Put away your bulky wardrobe with ease and take a break!

What You Should Know

With so many things to worry about, safety should not be one of them. The Sauder Dawson Trail 6-Drawer Bedroom Dresser has got us covered! Not only has it been tested for stability and comes with all the bells and whistles that help reduce accidents, but its quality is second to none.

Outfitted with metal runners and safety stops, plus a T-lock drawer system for quick assembly, you can rest assured that your belongings will remain safe and secure. But don't take our word for it. This dresser is ISO 17025 accredited, Underwriters Laboratories certified and ASTM International approved according to the Safety Specification for Clothing Storage Units!

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If you're looking for the best kid's dresser, but don't know which one to choose.

With so many different dressers online, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for your kids. You want to make sure you invest in a dresser that is spacious and would fit in your room, but it's difficult to know which one will be the best fit.

We've put together a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions about the best kid's dresser so you can make an informed decision when selecting the best kid's dresser.

What is a reasonable price for a kid's dresser?

Shopping for a child's furniture can be an expensive endeavor, but it doesn't have to be! A reasonable price for a kid's dresser should be one that fits comfortably in the child's bedroom and contains at least four spacious drawers.

Don't break the bank to help your child organize their room- take some time to find an affordable option that will still make a lasting impression in their space.

What is a mini dresser called?

If you're looking for something to spruce up your child's bedroom and create an extra storage spot for all of their bits and bobs, a mini dresser is just the thing! Usually made with four spacious drawers, it isn't much bigger than your child's shoe size.

However, this undersized furniture can suddenly transform a child's room into a more organized space. So whether you opt to call it a mini dresser or a tiny tower of drawers, one is always sure to give any child's room an added touch of charm!

Are dressers useful?

Anything that can help in keeping kid's rooms, toddler dressers, and guest rooms organized is nothing short of miraculous! Kid's dressers are particularly useful for providing much-needed drawer space for a never-ending stream of toys, art supplies, clothes, and a myriad of other items. The best thing about kid's dressers?

They're a great way to teach children the importance of tidying up and creating an eye-catching accent with style and function. Now that’s what I call an all-around winning piece of furniture!

Why is a kid's dresser expensive?

You know kids, always wanting the best and most expensive of things. To get kids the perfect dresser for their room, you could be looking at a pretty hefty price tag. Sure kids may not need the guest room quality for their own bedroom, but kids do have some standards when it comes to furniture, so who can blame them?

A kid's dresser might be on the expensive side, but it's worth it if they appreciate having something that looks extra nice and special in their own room.

How many kid's dressers should I own?

As the parent of a kid, you know how quickly your kid's room can become cluttered with toys and clothes. The struggle to keep everything in its place is real! So if you want to keep out the chaos, consider investing in kid's dressers. With so many sizes, shapes, and designs available, you only need to decide how many kid's dressers you should own.

Some parents prefer one per kid while others find it convenient to use one large dresser between two kids - if space allows for it. However, enough storage is an important part of raising children: having the right dressers will make your kid's room look neat and organized and your life as a parent that much easier!

What makes a dresser good quality?

If you're looking for a dresser that's worthy of being passed down from generation to generation, solid wood construction is the key to good quality. For starters, solid wood can stand up to any wear and tear during your toddler stage; it'll look just as sharp when they go through their rebellious teen years as it did when they were two.

Ample storage space is also a must - like growing kids' clothes, your collection of sweaters is bound to expand over time too! With solid wood construction and plenty of room for all your belongings, you'll have a toddler dresser that lasts well into adulthood.

Which is better a chest drawer or a dresser?

When it comes to choosing between a chest of drawers and a dresser, it can be tricky to decide. The monarch hill classic look bedroom double dresser with its stylish design and seven spacious drawers may seem like the obvious choice, as it offers plenty of storage in an aesthetically pleasing package - but don't forget about the trusty chest of drawers! It often goes underappreciated, but it's actually quite sturdy and reliable.

Plus, you can find some really great deals on them that are hard to resist. Ultimately, both options have their pros and cons - so why not buy both for maximum storage potential?

Is it better to roll or fold clothes in the dresser?

Have you ever spent hours aimlessly putting away clothing in your monarch hill classic look bedroom double dresser only to take it out days later looking wrinklier than before? If so, it's likely that you haven't quite figured out the age-old conundrum of whether it's better to roll or fold clothes when storing them.

The truth is both methods work just fine, depending on the type of article of clothing and what best meshes with your lifestyle. However, if you're looking for the best deals, rolling seems to be the more economical option; folding requires more room and time, accordingly increasing the likelihood that you'll have to invest in a bigger wardrobe. So don't wrinkle up your brow trying to figure out which one works best - just do whichever gives you more bang for your buck!

Are dressers still in style?

Dressers have been a staple of home decor for decades, so it's no surprise that some people worry that they may have gone out of style. But the other reviews for this 6 drawer dresser in a white finish say otherwise!

Many users love its sleek design and timeless appeal, which makes it perfect as both an accent piece and a statement anchor to any room. Those who have tried and true furniture tastes will find delight in its classic look, while others will appreciate it for its stylish edge. Either way, dressers are still very much in style and will likely remain a part of home decor for years to come.

Should I use a dresser or a closet?

It's the age-old question: dresser or closet? Both options have their pros and cons. On the one hand, dressers are cozy and inviting, a perfect place to display your clothes. But what if you're housing too many clothes?

Then it can feel more like a jumble than a display! Closets on the other hand promise ample space but can come with all kinds of creative logistical problems when it comes to finding where that shirt disappeared to.

When faced with an age-old decision like this, why not go for both? Get two smaller dressers and use the additional to serve as an overflow area that has its own designated spot - no lost shirts here!


Choosing the best kids’ drawer can be quite a challenge – there are so many features and styles to choose from! However, it is important for parents to make sure that their child’s drawer is not only practical in terms of storage but also fun and stylish.

With a bit of research, there is definitely something out there that can please both parents and children alike. After all, it is not just about providing an efficient storage space – it is also about providing a place where your child’s imagination can run wild!