Are you the proud parent of a budding baby foodie? Congratulations! You’re certainly in for an exciting time as your little one starts to explore the wide world of tastes and textures.

As they embark on this delicious journey, there’s one piece of equipment that you’ll need: A high chair designed specifically for babies exploring BLW (Baby-Led Weaning).

But have no fear – we can help you find the perfect high chair that will still look stylish while keeping your adventurous eater safe.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about choosing the best high chairs for baby-led weaning!

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What is Baby Led Weaning?

BLW is a method of introducing solids to babies around six months of age. It suggests that instead of purees or spoon-feeding, parents should offer babies appropriate finger foods and allow them to self-feed.

This means less mess for parents and more independence for babies as they explore different tastes and textures in their food!

Plus, it helps with their motor skills development as they learn how to utilize their hands and utensils properly.

Benefits of BLW

Aside from being less messy and teaching babies about food, there are many other benefits to BLW. Studies have shown that BLW reduces picky eating later on, increases nutrient intake, reduces the risk of choking, and encourages healthy eating habits in general.

There are also some social benefits to allowing children more autonomy over their meals. For instance, it allows them to build trust in themselves and establish a positive relationship with food at an early age—all important aspects when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet later in life!

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How To Get Started With BLW

If you’re interested in trying out this approach with your own little one, there are some tips that will help make the transition smoother:

First off, make sure your baby is ready by checking that they can sit upright on their own and hold up their head without assistance before introducing solids (usually around 6 months).

Then choose a suitable high chair which we will cover in more detail below! You can also purchase a bib that is especially designed for baby-led weaning, everything you need to know on the topic is contained in my blog:

Start slowly by offering soft foods like ripe fruits or small pieces of cheese first and then gradually move onto crunchier items like cooked vegetables or toast fingers.

Make sure your kitchen is childproofed so your little one isn’t exposed to any dangerous items during mealtimes like sharp knives or other hazardous objects within reachable distance from the high chair. Even if your child has mastered self-feeding, always keep an eye on them during mealtime just in case something gets stuck or goes wrong.

And finally, introduce your baby slowly and offer age-appropriate foods in manageable sizes so that they can explore safely without choking hazards!

Remember that learning takes time! Your little one may not get the hang of it right away but with patience and practice they will soon be a pro at self-feeding!

For the best books on how to start BLW, check out my blog:

The Best High Chairs For BLW

Now let's talk about choosing the right high chair for your needs when it comes to BLW! The most important thing when selecting a high chair is safety - look for models with adjustable three-point harnesses and wide bases so they can't tip over easily while your little one explores different textures and tastes during mealtime!

Also consider how easy it will be to clean - smooth surfaces without crevices where crumbs can get stuck are great since this means less scrubbing later on when cleaning up after meals!

Lastly, think about storage capabilities - if you live in an apartment or small space then having a model that folds up neatly will help save valuable real estate in your home which could come in handy during play time too!

To check out the best high chairs for baby led weaning, head over to my blog:

And, when you've decided on the features that are important to you, some popular high chairs that meet these criteria are listed in my blog:

How to Position Baby for Optimal Success

When positioning your baby in their high chair, it is important to ensure that they are comfortable and secure. Make sure the straps on the high chair are securely fastened, and that the straps are not too tight or too loose. Place a cushion behind your baby's back for extra support, and make sure it is tall enough so that their head is supported.

To ensure your baby is able to reach their food comfortably, adjust the tray height to the appropriate level. Additionally, you can use a booster seat with straps or a five-point harness depending on your baby's age and size. To keep your baby safe while they eat, never leave them alone in the high chair or let them stand up in it unsupervised.

Additionally, make sure all toys and small items (such as coins or marbles) are cleared away from the high chair so they do not become choking hazards. Finally, always check to make sure any locks or safety devices on the high chair are in working order before using it each time and get more information from my blog on how to position baby in their high chair for maximum success.


Choosing a high chair for your baby can be overwhelming - but it doesn't have to be! By understanding what baby led weaning is all about and its associated benefits, parents can make informed decisions when selecting the right high chair for their child. With careful consideration given to comfort level, safety features, ease of cleaning, portability, adjustability - parents will find that choosing the perfect high chair becomes much simpler than expected!

So don't stress - just have fun choosing the best option for your family's needs!

Happy shopping!