Do you know the struggle of looking for the perfect baby gift? It's hard to find something that will not only keep a tiny little person occupied, but also encourage their learning and stimulate their growth. Fortunately for all parents out there, discovering gifts for babies doesn't have to be so difficult.

We've compiled a list of five great books specially designed to engage babies at various developmental stages - these are sure to become treasured items on your child's shelf! So get ready mommas and daddies because we're about to show you our favorite picks in the world of new baby gifts: The Perfect Baby Gift Ideas For Every Occasion.

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What to Look for when Buying the Best Gifts Books for Babies

When looking for the best gift book for babies, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. First, make sure the content is age-appropriate and engaging, with bright colors and cheerful characters, and it has the best baby car seat cover.

Age-Appropriate and Engaging

In the never-ending quest for finding the best baby gifts to give, it is important to keep age-appropriateness and engagement in mind. While buying the best baby car seat cover or funky jumpers may seem like a great idea, nothing is more engaging than a book! At best, books make the perfect gift for any age that continues giving throughout their entire life.

Books can even help babies start recognizing colors, shapes, and figures at an early age. So if you want to be the best gifter around, think beyond the physical objects and give your little ones a journey of discovery with books instead!

Bright Colors and Cheerful

When it comes to buying gift books for babies, choosing bright colors and cheerful designs can prove to be an unexpected bonus! Not only will these colorful pictures and playful rhymes delight a little one, but they'll also give the best baby car seat cover a well-deserved break from having it be the center of attention.

Forgo the plain and practical options, and go for something that celebrates the joys of childhood - not just something that fits in with your car's interior design.

How We Choose the Best Gift Books For Babies

When it comes to finding the best books for babies, there’s no one who takes it more seriously (and so much fun!) than us. We are always on the hunt for new picture books that capture the heart and imagination of starting young readers. Our all-time favorite is Ezra Jack Keats’ The Snowy Day - a classic story full of colorful illustrations that new parents can’t seem to get enough of!

But we also love new releases like Goodnight Moon - a timeless little nighttime tale with simple, accessible rhyming words that guarantee sweet slumber for new babies. Who wouldn’t want to gift them these classics? All in all, hunting for new picture books to gift is always an adventure – we have fun and new discoveries abound!

Good Morning, Good Night!

Best Bedtime Gift Books For Babies

Good Morning, Good Night!

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Why We Love It

As babies drift off to dreamland, they could have no better bedtime companion than Good Morning, Good Night. Parents love the haptic appeal, as each gentle page is covered with delicate fur that babies can stroke and cuddle, helping to lull them into a peaceful sleep full of happy dreams.

Lost in the magic of "good night!" every time you turn the page, this book will be a beloved part of any family’s nighttime routine. With this book in hand, babies have it all! Perfect for providing a quick moment of wonder before babies close their eyes and drift off into dreamland.

What You Should Know

What brand new journey will Good Morning, Good Night! take you on tonight? This giving tree kids beautiful picture book is just the thing to lead your little ones into dreaming. With irresistibly soft fur and an age-old message of goodwill, each page brings a moment of peaceful imagination that lulls young minds into a blissful night’s sleep.

Whether it’s said in person or as part of a silly family game, every "good night!" will sure to be remembered fondly and cherished for years to come.

Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book

Best Animal Gift Books For Babies

Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book

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Why We Love It

Looking for the perfect pet is never easy, especially when you're an older kid or little girl who dreams of animals with big personalities. Fortunately, Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book has got all your needs covered! Written and illustrated by Rod Campbell in 1982, this fun and clever story shares the joys of seeking out just the right critter, from monkeys to lions and even elephants!

Young readers will adore lifting the flaps on each page to get a peek at these furry friends - and best of all, no mess or mud to clean up afterward! Guaranteed to put a smile on every child's face, Dear Zoo is truly essential for any bookshelf.

What You Should Know

Dear Zoo has been a Shel Silverstein of the children's book world for nearly 40 years. With its clever and funny plot twist, this perennial favorite by Rod Campbell is one of the first books parents introduce to their toddlers. As beloved as mem fox books are, it is no wonder that Dear Zoo still holds a special place in the hearts of many who grew up with it.

Its lasting appeal through the generations only attests to its greatness - from 1982 until now, the dear zoo only continues to delight children and adults alike!

The Wonderful Things You Will Be (Deluxe Edition)

Best Seller NewYork Times Gift Books For Babies

The Wonderful Things You Will Be (Deluxe Edition)

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Why We Love It

The Wonderful Things You Will Be Deluxe Edition is like a parent's giving tree for their kids! This beautiful picture book of Emily Winfield Martin’s modern classic poem speaks to the dreams, acceptance, and unwavering love many parents have for their children.

With guided pages in which to write and ample room for photos, this precious keepsake encourages exploration and daydreams throughout the bedtime routine. Each page understands that no two children are alike and celebrates their individual quirks and personalities. There are so many wonderful things your little ones are destined to become- let this deluxe edition allow you to see them growing before your eyes!

What You Should Know

With its clever, funny illustrations and heartwarming rhymes, The Wonderful Things You Will Be is the perfect story to read with your little ones before bedtime. Gift this beautiful book on baby showers, birthdays, or graduations and you'll instantly remind them of the acceptance, support, and unconditional love that will be with them always!

This deluxe edition comes with a gatefold that adds a special touch to the timeless message within: no matter what the future holds, parents are always right behind cheering their children on. It's a thoughtful gift full of truth and wonder.

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

Best Inspirational Gift Books For Babies

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

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Why We Love It

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth is a charming kids' book with a delightful twist. Through richly illustrated pages, kids are shown just how fun and awesome life on Earth can be! Despite its simple premise of peek-a-boo and other engagements with humanity, this book offers much more - vast wonders of outer space illustrate an awe-inspiring understanding that no one is truly alone in the universe.

This captivating baby book is sure to draw in kids everywhere and the fact that adults are equally mesmerized will guarantee that kids won't stay awake long enough to finish reading it tonight!

What You Should Know

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth, a touch-and-feel book by renowned children's author Oliver Jeffers, is an imaginative and humorous way to get kids engaged with their changing world. It brightens up the traditional book experience for children by adding interactive features like touchable pages and allows them to feel closer to their favorite characters.

Jeffers manages to reconcile the difficulties of modern life in a way that both kids and adults will find funny and relatable, expressing his own wishes for his child in a series of gifting notes set against activities that touch on science, geography, and other fundamental lessons about our planet. This unusual yet clever work of children's literature is sure to be cherished by its readers for years to come.

I've Loved You Since Forever

Best Mother And Child Gift Books For Babies

I've Loved You Since Forever

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Why We Love It

I’ve Loved You Since Forever absolutely lives up to its name, with sweet words of love that will make you enjoy cuddle time with your little one even more! Written by Today show co-anchor Hoda Kotb and superbly illustrated by Suzie Mason, parents, and children alike absolutely love this special story – especially the surprise ending.

The touching celebration of everlasting love reminds us of how great life can be when there are plenty of hugs, kisses, and memories to share.

What You Should Know

"I've Loved You Since Forever" is a delightful tale about a mother absolutely besotted with her child. Despite the book's illustrations featuring brief glimpses of the child growing up, at its heart, it is a story about the permanence of unconditional love and the relationships that outlast time a relationship that begins before anyone can remember, but endures forever.

Weaving together captivating text and both subtle and clever surprises, this book is sure to put even the grumpiest reader in a state of awe as they reach its surprise ending. An absolutely charming picture book that fans of any age can absolutely love!

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With so many different baby books online, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for your little ones. You want to make sure you invest in a book that is appropriate and surprising to give as a present, but it's difficult to know which one will be the best fit.

We've put together a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions about the best gift books for babies so you can make an informed decision when selecting the perfect present for babies.

What books should I read to my newborn?

If you want to give your newborn a gift that will provide them lasting joy, look no further than Nina Laden's beloved children's book series. Her simple board books are perfectly designed for curious little hands all the better for your baby to explore their new world!

Whether it's her classic “Peek-a-Who?” or the vibrant colors of “Say Peekaboo”, each of Laden's stories can bring an extra element of comfort and fun to your bedtime stories. Share the tales anew with your own little one and come rediscover why these books have been so adored for years.

Are books good baby shower gifts?

New parents often feel overwhelmed and uncertain as they transition into their new roles but one thing is for sure, babies love books! A baby shower gift of a cozy new book is the perfect way to support new parents and show them how much you care about their new bundle of joy. Books are much more than just decorations: they can be calming, bonding, and educational experiences for both new parents and their little ones.

Don't underestimate the power that a good book can have it just may be the best baby shower gift of all! Look for books with fun characters, humorous rhymes, and stories that will spark new parents' imaginations. Whether it's a classic tale told in a new way or an original book laden with colorful pictures new parents are sure to love any gift book their little ones truly love.

Should I buy books for newborns?

Story time is an ideal gift for a newborn must-have. Buying an interactive book can be such a perfect way to show the newest little piggy in your life some love! Books are a great idea because they will last longer than any other gift and become part of storytime at bedtime or nap times to fall asleep with both you and your feminist baby.

There's nothing more beautiful than being curled up together, snuggled against each other, while you read aloud and let the children's imagination take flight. What better way to make memories with your little one?

What is the most popular children's book now?

With touch-and-feel books still dominating the children's literature market, it's clear that kids of all ages are still drawn to physical engagement when it comes to their books. Whether you’re buying a gift for a bub or an older reader, touch-and-feel books are sure to keep them engaged for hours. So if you’re looking for a sure-fire hit for your next gift book for babies and kids, touch and feel just might be the way to go!

They make for a great gift between parents and babies: it stimulates their senses and helps baby development at the same time as creating a special bonding moment with mom or dad. Children's touch and feel books are truly one of the best gifts available for young minds.

What should I read to my 3-month-old baby?

When it comes to finding the perfect interactive sweet book for your three-month-old baby, you want something that's beautiful, sweet, and full of storytelling potential. A great option is a beautiful gift book with gorgeous beautiful artwork on each page. Babies will love turning the pages to see pictures of animals, bright colors, and shapes.

Your little one can also explore textures like smooth pages and fuzzy felt. Make sure to save the last page for some special cuddles between you and your child—nothing beats making memories together with beautiful art!

What is the youngest baby to read?

There have certainly been some very precocious readers in history, but the youngest baby to read might just be a beloved classic funny book with bold illustrations. After all, the true measure of reading success isn't necessarily how early one can learn.

It's how deeply one can connect with beloved characters and stories that resonate with them. That being said, gifting a beloved classic funny book with bold illustrations to an infant would be a great way to encourage reading habits at any age!

What is the number one best-selling children's book of all time?

When trying to decide on baby gifts that are sure to make a lasting impression, there is no need to look any further than the number one best-selling children's book of all time. 

With simple language and engaging storytelling, it provides the baby with a safe and enriching environment perfect for helping the baby learn as the baby grows and giving the first child countless hours of happy reading. From 1st birthdays to baby showers, baby gifts have never looked so good!

How many books should a baby have?

Look no further! Every beautiful baby deserves to have at least a few books to share and explore in their young years. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how many books a baby should have, think of all the amazing possibilities available out there, from beautiful picture book stories such as Alice Schertle's "Little Blue Truck" to colorful and interactive board books that captivate the imagination. 

With all these options, why not invest in a few beautiful baby books for your favorite wee one and help foster a lifelong love of reading?

What book should I read to a 1-year-old?

Are you giving your 1-year-old a gift and don't know what book to choose? Not to worry, we've got the perfect baby gift for the situation: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. It is a beautiful picture book that kids of all ages can relate to.

As your little one gets more into their toddler years, they will more easily comprehend its message of giving, growing, and unconditional love. Reading it together will make for cherished memories that last a lifetime!

When should I introduce books to my baby?

You may be wondering when is the best time to introduce board books and picture books to your baby. The answer is - now! Your little one's development is reaching milestones every day and there are plenty of board books, read-along, and picture books that can help them learn and explore their surroundings at the same young age.

all the perfect gift ideas for every occasion out there these days, you're sure to find something that will become a treasured item on your child's shelf! So get shopping parents - it's time to pick out some perfect gifts for your bubba!


When it comes to the best gifts for babies, the best books are no exception. From main-character books to never-ending stories, Gift books for little girls provide hours of entertainment with beautiful illustrations with rhyming text to develop their minds.

From Eric Carle, Nina Laden, Susan Meyers to Alice Schertle and not only that, but the best baby car seat cover is essential for safety and comfort on those long car rides; perfect for when you have a sleepy little one! All these gift books for babies will ensure that the little bundle has enough to keep them busy, learning, and exploring!