As footballers, we want the best equipment to help us play our best game. We also like the best shoes for wide feet, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. The width of a soccer boot can directly impact comfort, and some football boots are made for broad feet, others for narrow feet, and others for all sorts of feet. Wide-fit football boots may accommodate any foot type, narrow or wide.

So which boots are the best for wide feet footballers?

In this article, we look at what makes great modern football boots, then review some of the leading brands with extensive reviews of their most comprehensive fitting boots. So whether you're a Premier League player or just starting at the amateur level, our guide to the appropriate Football Boots For Wide Feet will provide you with every detail you need to know.

How We Choose The Best Football Boots For Wide Feet

If you're in the market searching for a pair of new football boots, it's essential first to identify which is best for you - comfort and support or ones that can maximize your pitch performance. It's important to note that finding boots made for broad feet takes a lot of work.

Available stock is usually limited, but there are some options out there. Don't go by price alone. Most of the top ten best-selling cleats above are inexpensive, so don't let price be your leading guide.

Instead, take your time and carefully assess each option to find the right pair that fit your needs and meets your budget. 'I have spent countless hours reading thousands of user reviews and star ratings to find the best products for The Best Football Boots For Wide Feet.

PUMA Men's Future Z 3.4 Firm Artificial Ground Sneaker

Best Football Boots for Wide Feet for Running

PUMA Men's Future Z 3.4 Firm Artificial Ground Sneaker

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Why We Love It

The groundbreaking Puma Future shoe is designed for maximum comfort and performance for outdoor activities. Utilizing second-generation FUZIONFIT+ technology, these sneakers adapt to your foot's shape and provide an optimal balance between support and flexibility.

It includes a lightweight yet responsive Dynamic Motion System outsole technology that provides superior multi-directional traction. For exceptional ball control, the Forefoot area features Advanced Creator Zones that offer unparalleled precision and feel while you're playing.

Plus, you don't have to worry about laces – the puma future has got you covered either way! Whether taking a walk around the neighborhood or dominating the football field, these stylish sneakers are just what you need to stay active in style and comfort.

What You Should Know

This eye-catching sneaker is made from a lightweight, breathable mesh fabric upper and synthetic overlays that combine style and essential structure. The padded collar and tongue give extra cushioning, while the open mesh tongue gives this shoe an added touch of ventilation.

The EVA insert in the midsole offers superior shock absorption for all-day comfort. With the Fiery Coral-fizzy Light-puma Black-salmon colorway, you will stand out amongst the crowd! Plus, the non-marking rubber outsole takes traction seriously to help keep you confident in your every move.

Nike Premier

Most Comfortable Football Boots for Wide Feet

Nike Premier

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Why We Love It

Introducing Nike Premier, the perfect entry-level boot for any young athlete! This revolutionary new boot is designed to provide the features you need to take your game to the next level.

The soft, PVC-free synthetic leather upper keeps your foot comfortable and supported throughout the play, while the high-density, die-cut recycled EVA sock liner ensures a snug fit for wide feet.

Designed with performance in mind, Nike Premier also features an injected rubber sole that merges conical forefoot studs with bladed studs on the heel, ensuring optimal traction and reduced pressure points on your foot when you're running around on firm natural surfaces. With its perfect combination of style and comfort, this boot will make you perform your best every moment you step out onto the pitch with improved agility and increased speed.

What You Should Know

Crafted from premium materials like faux leather boots, ethylene vinyl acetate, rubber, and polyvinyl chloride, this shoe will stand up to your lifestyle activities while ensuring dependable comfort underfoot.

With a cutting-edge design that features subtle white detailing and a lace-up closure system for an adjustable fit, you won't ever want to take these shoes off. The quality craftsmanship guarantees durability so you can keep them on for years. Plus, the machine washable care instructions make cleaning easy and peasy.

New Balance Men's Furon Destroy Fg V6 Soccer Shoe

Best Lightweight Football Boot for Wide Feet

New Balance Men's Furon Destroy FG V6 Soccer Shoe

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Why We Love It

The New Balance Men's Furon Destroy FG V6 Soccer Shoe is the perfect way to take your game to the next level. With the latest algorithmic advancements, this shoe provides durability, stretch, and a lightweight feeling in every wear. The synthetic construction helps keep it light on your feet during play.

Plus, this cleat is designed for firm ground surfaces for optimal performance. With a low-knit collar design, you'll get that sock-like fit plus a secure lockdown feel that won't let you down as you run up and down the field. And a durable TPU plate will ensure these shoes last season after season. If you're looking to improve your soccer skills and show up on the field confidently, look no further than the New Balance Men's Furon Destroy FG V6 Soccer Shoe for your wide foot.

What you should know

This is a revolutionary high-performance shoe designed for the modern soccer player. Featuring an eye-catching white, silver, and alpha pink color scheme, these shoes combine style with unbeatable functionality. With their dynamically comfortable sole and lace-up closure for maximum support for wide feet, you can easily control your footwork during those thrilling on-field moves.

The specialized outsole is made from high-quality rubber, allowing it to move with your feet as you sprint down the pitch. Its water resistance level means you don't have to worry about slipping or sliding around on soggy grass pitches, even in wet conditions. Also included is a molded stud configuration which keeps you locked onto the ground during explosive lateral movements. You won't ever want to leave the comfort of these shoes!

Adidas Predator Edge.1 Firm Ground Cleats

Best Football Boot for Wide Feet for Clean Ball Striking

Adidas Predator Edge.1 Firm Ground Cleats

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Why We Love It

The Adidas Predator Edge.1 Firm Ground Cleats is perfectly designed to give you that edge this season. These cleats are guaranteed to ramp up your game. Whether you're driving past opponents or going for long-range shots, get ready to control chaos on the pitch with these cleats on your feet.

The innovative offset of the lacing system on this speed boot ensures a secure fit by giving you a clean ball-striking surface and allowing for personalized adjustments. Meanwhile, the rubber ribs across the instep and toe box work together to provide extra swerve and power on every ball strike - perfect for those tricky shots or dramatic turns! Style and performance come together in this one-of-a-kind product.

What You Should Know

Developed with an electrifying two-tone color scheme of blue and orange, these energy-infused shoes will grab everyone's attention - before you even hit the field.

Crafted for superior performance, these cleats will elevate your game in any position.

They feature synthetic leather uppers that are soft and flexible and allow for total control over the ball on the pitch. The lightweight structure is designed to provide superior cushioning in a slim, low-cut silhouette beneath the foot.

Take your game to greater heights with the slip-resistant rubber sole that offers distance control, comfort, and pitch adoration for razor-sharp gamesmanship. Plus, their quick-dry technology ensures that your shoes won't get bogged down in wet conditions due to sweat or rain – so you can keep playing like a champion no matter what.

New Balance Unisex-Adult Tekela V4 Magia Fg Soccer Shoe

Best Football Boot for Wide Feet for Stability

New Balance Unisex-Adult Tekela V4 Magia FG Soccer Shoe

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Why We Love It

New Balance Unisex-Adult Tekela V4 Magia FG Soccer Shoes are designed to make you feel like you're one with the ball! Experience optimized control and performance to take your game to the next level.

The full-foot stretch knit upper provides minimal texture and weight, allowing you a closer connection to your game. Enjoy total comfort with a laceless closure for secure lockdown and stability and a 3D knit collar for grip and ease of entry.

Through its seam-free offset instep zone, you can be confident in your shoes' ability to reduce pressure for snug comfort.

A lightweight nylon outsole is included in these innovative soccer shoes to provide optimal traction on firm ground.

Whether training or playing an intense match, New Balance Unisex-Adult Tekela V4 Magia FG Soccer Shoes guarantees unparalleled performance and power with every step.

What You Should Know

For soccer enthusiasts seeking the next level in performance, the New Balance Unisex-Adult Tekela V4 Magia FG Soccer Shoe is the ideal footwear choice. With groundbreaking features and design elements that deliver superior control of the game, this shoe helps athletes reach their potential while also providing contemporary style. From its modern construction to its outsole material, this shoe stands alone in terms of comfort and technical capability.

Beautiful yet rugged, the New Balance Unisex-Adult Tekela V4 Magia FG Soccer Shoe offers eye-catching colors in two trendy styles – Silver/Bright Lapis/Black and Neon Dragonfly/Black/Color Green. Its upper is constructed from engineered mesh for breathability when needed and soft leather overlays for enhanced durability and abrasion resistance.

In addition, FitWeave Technology wraps your foot to ensure a secure fit that won't constrict midfoot stability or mobility for wide feet. The tongue is built with a soft collar cushioning system that offers comfort around the ankle, while an internal bootie delivers a snug fit throughout all game situations.

The New Balance Unisex-Adult Tekela V4 Magia FG Soccer Shoe has you covered for optimizing control at high speed on every touch of the ball. A full-length Ultra Heel unit offers supportive cushioning during intricate cuts and stops while also delivering structured lockdown in both directions and incredible rebound energy return for quick transitions. And with a multi-directional Hypoknit forefoot pattern combined with mile NDure inspired plates for 360-degree traction technology, you'll always have confidence on soft or wet ground surfaces and artificial surfaces like turf or suede. Plus, it's water-resistant, so you can play without worrying about rain or condensation conditions!

Adidas Copa Mundial

Best Leather Football Boot for Wide Feet

Adidas Copa Mundial

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What We Like

These legendary shoes offer maximum stability on firm natural ground, allowing you to take every game to the next level! Made with premium K-leather in its forefoot, they provide comfort and flexibility while you make a power move.

Remember that dramatic die-cut EVA midsole designed for the lightweight comfort those hardcore sprints demand. And did we mention the strong grip power it provides on dry grass with its Firm Ground outsole? With their soft and durable synthetic lining, these cleats were made for long-lasting performance at optimal speed.

What You Should Know

These shoes are crafted with precision from 100% leather. This combination of superior materials plus extreme attention to detail gives them unmatched durability and lightweight flexibility. They feature a rubber sole that ensures solid grips so you can go full speed ahead with your play.

Plus, the design is classic and sleek in white and black accents, making a strong style statement on the court.

The Adidas Copa Mundial classic football boots provide superior comfort and support during long practice sessions or short bursts of intense activities. The unique materials are easy-to-clean in case anything gets spilled or splashed on your football shoes during those low soccer drills or matches. And you can be sure that they'll maintain their premium quality match after battle because they've only been made with imported materials!


Are you looking for the best football boots that'll be comfortable and affordable and help ensure you're performing at your best? Then this is the post for you.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the best football boots for wide feet.

What is the most extraordinary shoe form for wide feet?

Shoes With An Open Side

The open-sided form is ideal for wide feet because it provides a more comfortable fit than an utterly closed shoe, especially if it is made of suede, which is exceptionally soft. This shape is popular among bunion sufferers who require width at the bunion's site. Of course, this option isn't practical for a football boot so boots with soft foam pods or the boots above are all great options of wide football boots.

Are football boots good for wide feet?

Yes, there are many excellent football boots designed specifically to fit and support wide feet. Many of these shoes feature special technologies such as stretchy uppers, wider soles, soft collars or cushioning foam that offer extra comfort and support around the foot. The boots featured in this post are all great options for those with wide feet.

Do football boots come in different widths?

Yes, some brands like New Balance, Nike and Adidas as well as mizuno boots offer a range of widths from slim to extra-wide. Make sure to check the sizing charts before ordering any comfortable football boot online or going into a store to ensure you get the shoe with the perfect fit for your foot.

Which shoe company offers large sizes?

Shoes for large feet are available from brands like New Balance, Hoka, Asics, and Adidas, while some run wide.

Is it because of your weight that you have wide feet?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that people with wider feet are automatically heavier than those with narrower feet. There are many other factors that can contribute to foot width, such as the width of the bones in your feet and the thickness of your skin. However, having a larger body size does tend to put more pressure on your feet, which can lead to wider feet.

Why do I have such large feet?

Various variables can lead someone to grow wide feet, but heredity is the most frequent! Long-term obesity, genetic or created flat feet, and not wearing shoes frequently throughout early childhood are less prevalent causes of growing wide feet.

Should I go up a size if I have broad feet?

A broader fit may apply to more than one foot, not both. Some persons with wide feet will purchase a longer shoe, thereby going up a size, but more is needed to alleviate the problem. Sizing bigger adds width; however, the shoe will slip from around the heel or within the toe box, causing distress when running in speed boots.

Is a large toe box the same as a large width?

Wide shoes provide additional space throughout the shoe. On the other hand, shoes with a wide toe box provide that space at the broadest portion of the foot: the toes. After spending so much time in shoes with tapered toes, encountering footwear that allows toes to breathe can be refreshing.

Are Adidas soccer boots narrow?

Most Adidas boots are a tad smaller than other brands, and the Freak, the latest Predator model, is no exception. The laceless Freak+ is designed to glide on and securely hug the wearer's foot without requiring modification. This is why it's ideal for people with tiny feet.

What do your broad feet say about you?

People having wider feet are thought to be strong workers with a go-getter attitude, whereas those with more sensitive, narrower feet tend to delegate. People with flat feet - with little or no arch - are known to be social butterflies who enjoy being surrounded by people.

How do I measure my feet for football boots?

Most brands have a sizing chart on their website that will help you find the right size for your foot shape.

Below is an example of a typical football boot sizing chart from

Image from FOOTY.COM

Nike recommends ordering a size 9 for someone with a foot length of 27 cm, or size 10 in the Nike tiempo legend for someone with a foot length of 28 cm. Keep in mind that these recommendations are just guidelines, and you may need to order a different size depending on the brand of boots you buy.

If you're not sure which size to order, it's always best to go into a store and try on a few pairs of shoes before making a purchase.


After reading this article, we hope you'll find a pair of stylish football boots in your size that you love. Finding a genuinely comfortable boot for wide feet can be challenging if you aren't a fan of high tops. But there are plenty of options from trusted brands made form all kind of materials (even kangaroo leather!)—so don't get discouraged!

It's easy to forget how vital the first pair of football boots are when you fall in love with the game and didn't experience the joy of comfortable football boots recently. But starting with the proper footwear is crucial to long-term success and enjoyment of the sport. Trust these brands and styles that have stood the test of time and come to love your boots too. Check Price on Amazon to shop for the most comfy football boots today.