Any parent knows that one of the most important things you need to take care of when you have a baby is their bottom. And with that comes diapers and diaper cream.

In this blog post, we'll be discussing the benefits of cloth diapers and why they're the best option for your baby's bottom. We'll then discuss the best diaper creams for cloth diapers.

What are Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers are a type of diaper that is made from natural fibers, such as cotton, hemp, or bamboo. They are reusable and therefore more environmentally friendly and cheaper than disposable diapers.

Prefold Cloth Diapers

Prefold cloth diapers are a type of diaper that consists of a rectangular piece of fabric that has been folded into thirds. The center third of the fabric is thicker than the outer two thirds, which helps to provide extra absorption. Prefold diapers can be fastened with a diaper pin or a cloth diaper fastener, and they typically require the use of a cloth diaper cover.

Fitted Cloth Diapers

Fitted cloth diapers are a type of diaper that is shaped like a conventional disposable diaper. They typically have elastic around the legs and waist, and they fasten with Velcro or snaps. Fitted diapers usually require the use of a cloth diaper cover in order to prevent leaks.

All-in-One Cloth Diapers

All-in-one cloth diapers are a type of diaper that includes both the absorbent material and the waterproof cover in one piece. All-in-one diapers typically fasten with Velcro or snaps, and they can be washed and reused multiple times.

Pocket Cloth Diapers

Pocket cloth diapers are a type of diaper that has an opening in the back or front where you can insert an absorbent liner. Pocket diapers typically have a water-resistant outer layer and an inner layer made from a breathable fabric, such as microfleece, bamboo or suede cloth. The pocket allows you to customize the absorbency of the diaper by adding or removing liners as needed.

Swim Diapers

Swim diapers are a type of diaper that is designed for use while swimming. They are usually made from a water-resistant fabric, such as nylon or polyester, and they have an inner liner that helps to contain solid waste. Most swim diapers also have elastic around the legs and waist to help prevent leaks.

Training Pants

Training pants are a type of underwear that is designed for children who are potty training. Training pants typically have an absorbent liner in the crotch area, and they may also have side panels that help to contain any leaks. Training pants usually have either Velcro or snap closures, and they come in both disposable and reusable varieties.

Benefits of Cloth Diapers

There are many benefits to using cloth diapers over disposable diapers, both for your baby and for the environment. One of the biggest benefits is that cloth diapers are much less likely to cause diaper rash. This is because they allow your baby's skin to breathe and don't contain chemicals that can irritate your baby's skin.

Additionally, cloth diapers are much more absorbent than disposable diapers, which means your baby will stay dryer and more comfortable.

And finally, cloth diapers are reusable, so you'll save money in the long run by not having to constantly buy new packages of disposable diapers.

Diaper Creams for Cloth Diapers

Diaper creams can be used with cloth diapers, and they are especially helpful if your baby has a diaper rash. There are several types of diaper creams available, including petroleum jelly-based creams, zinc oxide-based creams, and natural plant-based creams.

When using diaper creams with cloth diapers, it's important to make sure that you apply the cream directly to your baby's skin instead of directly on the diaper. This will help prevent staining and keep your cloth diaper in the best condition possible. Additionally, you should avoid using creams with strong fragrances or additives when possible, as these can also cause staining.

If you do use a diaper cream with your cloth diapers, be sure to rinse the diaper thoroughly in cold water before washing it. This will help get rid of any traces of the cream and ensure that your cloth diapers are properly cleaned and sanitized.

Overall, using cloth diapers is an excellent choice for both you and your baby. With proper care and maintenance, cloth diapers can last for years, making them an economical and eco-friendly option that will save you money in the long run.  So if you're considering making the switch to cloth, don't forget to stock up on all of the necessary supplies—including diaper creams—to ensure your baby stays comfortable and dry!

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We hope this blog post has convinced you of the many benefits of using cloth diapers for your baby. If you're going to use cloth diapers, we believe that Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm Multipurpose Baby Ointment is the best diaper cream to use because it's gentle enough for sensitive skin and it helps prevent and heal diaper rash quickly.

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