Our cats, like humans, can develop allergies, which is no fun! If you notice your cat coughing, wheezing, or otherwise looking unhappy, it's critical to determine if they're experiencing an allergic response to something.

Do you realize that the cat litter we use might occasionally cause allergies? If your cat is sensitive, excessive smell or dirt from cat litter can create a flare-up.

If you want to get rid of the number of allergens in your home for your sensitive cat, switching to hypoallergenic cat litter can be a terrific approach to help them feel more at ease. The good thing is that there are many options to pick from; the difficult part is narrowing it down to the best for your cat. This post contains some of the best cat litter for allergies.

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How to Find the Best Cat Litter for Allergies

Here are all of the characteristics of the finest cat litter for allergies. These characteristics will assist in preventing cat allergies while also making litter cleaning as simple as possible.


Because litter dust is a leading cause of cat allergy, all hypoallergenic cat litter should be 99% dust-free. When your cat utilizes their litter box, the less dust released into the air, the less likely it may cause an allergic reaction or aggravate any respiratory ailments.

No Sodium Bentonite

Sodium bentonite is a compound used to make conventional clumping litter clumps. However, because this chemical is another prevalent irritant, cats with allergies should avoid using it.


Your cat may be allergic to some litter's pungent aroma, designed to disguise the smell of pee and feces. As a result, fragrance-free cat litter is far more hypoallergenic.

Pellet Size

Larger pellets of litter are preferable since they are less easily tracked across your home and are less prone to get trapped in your cat's fur, especially if your cat has long hair. Smaller grains may be preferable if you have a mechanized litter box.


Many cat litters are now biodegradable, which makes cleaning a breeze because you can flush your cat's excrement and chunks of waste down the toilet, not to mention just how better biodegradable waste is for the environment!

How We Choose the Best Cat Litter For Allergies

Finding the perfect cat litter for allergies can be a challenge, especially with so many brands and types available. How do you know which one will give you the best value for your money?

Our team of experts has read thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best cat litter for allergies. We've done all the hard work so that you can easily find and purchase the perfect litter for your furry friend.

No more guesswork. No more wasted money. Just the perfect cat litter to keep both you and your pet healthy and happy! Check out our reviews of the best allergy-friendly litters today!

World's Best Cat Litter, Scented Clumping Litter Formula

Best Natural Scented Cat Litter for Allergies

World's Best Cat Litter, Scented Clumping Litter Formula

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Why We Love It

This natural, lightweight litter is just what your cats and home need! This product stands out from the rest with its robust odor control and quick clumping capabilities. Not to mention it's 99% dust free, making for less mess to clean up! And since it's flushable and septic-safe, you don't have to worry about clogging when cleaning the litter box.

This incredible formula consists of no fake scents or artificial perfumes. So even if you have multiple cats in one household, this eco-friendly litter provides long-lasting odor control that keeps your house smelling clean and fresh. Plus, since this product is a pet, people, and planet friendly, it contains no harmful chemicals. Get ready for happier cats and a stress-free care routine.

What You Should Know

This cat litter is made from 100% all-natural corn, ensuring your kitty companion stays healthy and happy. It offers a soothing lavender scent that will make your home smell delightful while it masks odors, keeping your house smelling fresh no matter what Fluffy gets into! And because of its incredible absorbency, this litter is easy to clean up after each use: scoop away messes as needed with no fuss or muss.

But that's not all; this product's odor elimination technology is designed to keep ammonia smells at bay with an unbeatable freshness. Whether you've just welcomed home a new fur baby or continue to provide a loving home for your long-time feline friend, you can count on World's Best Cat Litter every time!

Cat's Pride Multi-Cat Clumping Litter Green

Best Cat Litter for Trapping Odors for Allergies

Cat's Pride Multi-Cat Clumping Litter Green

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Why We Love It

This hypoallergenic kitty litter is gentle enough even for your most sensitive cats, and it comes with a host of powerful odor control technology. Powered with baking soda to trap odors for up to 10 days when used as directed, it's an ideal and economical choice for cat owners everywhere.

Plus, it's lightweight and 40% lighter than traditional heavy scoopable litter – so it's much easier to carry and use in multiple cat households. And that's not all! Cat's Pride will donate a pound of cat litter to animal welfare organizations through their generous Litter for Good program for every jug you purchase.

You can make your purchase knowing that you're helping cats in need too!

Why We Love It

This superior litter is lightweight enough to transport easily but strong enough to absorb odors, never giving them a chance to escape. Its clumping action makes cleaning up after your pet easy and keeps your home smelling fresh.

Plus, with its environmentally friendly production process, you can enjoy a responsible product without breaking the bank. So this litter is perfect for all casual and formal occasions in your day-to-day life with your feline friend.

Elsey's Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Best Cat Litter for Scent Allergies

Dr. Elsey's Premium Clumping Cat Litter

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Why We Love It

With a combination of premium texture and granule size made with 100% bentonite clay, your cat will be basking in their litter box comforts. Not to mention all the other perks that come with this product: from hard clumping and low dust to superior odor control and low tracking, this is one litter you won't miss out on.

It's also hypoallergenic for those cats and owners who suffer from allergies. Now you no longer have to stress about messes or smells! Get ready for a more effortless cleaning experience with Dr. Elsey's Premium Clumping Cat Litter, the ideal choice for single or multi-cat households.

What You Should Know

This unscented, clay-based litter is designed to provide superior odor elimination and absorbency. Unlike ordinary garbage, it is expertly blended with natural herb attractant for a texture and particle size that will have your cats clamoring for their litter box.

Highly effective and convenient, the clumping action helps with easy clean up and removal of solid waste. With its superior moisture control, you can trust that even the most overpowering smells won't overpower your home's atmosphere. And best of all, the unique blend uses herbs that cats love, so they're sure to use their litter box as intended.

Fresh News Recycled Paper, Original Pellet Cat Litter

Best Cat Litter For Respiratory Issues

Fresh News Paper Cat Litter

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Why We Love It

This cutting-edge product has absorbent strength nearly three times greater than clay, making your pet's habitat fresh & clean, and no more dealing with odors or dusty litter gasping up your home.

The paper litter is made with 100% post-consumer paper from recycling centers and can be used safely for all animals. It's over 99% dust free and 100% non-allergenic, giving you a cleaner litter box and home. In addition, Fresh News is biodegradable so that you can eliminate guilt-free!

What You Should Know

When searching for a litter solution that is not only safe but also committed to providing your furry family members with the comfort they deserve in your cat's litter tray, Fresh News Paper Cat Litter is here to deliver.

Not only is this sturdy paper litter light and non-toxic, but its scent is always fresh, giving you and your pet the ultimate assurance of cleanliness. The 25-pound recyclable bag provides excellent value and allows timely refills without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for an easy-going odorless litter solution, Fresh News offers precisely what you've been looking for! It is guaranteed to provide a hygienic space for both owners and animals alike; Fresh News promises pet parents peace of mind through its natural ingredients that are sure to leave customers purring about their decision.

ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter

Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter

ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter

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Why We Love It

Gone are the days of masking odors and facing clumps that won't budge. This litter is reliable and resilient for ultimate cleanliness. Its premium plant-based clumping makes cleaning a piece of cake, and its natural wood fiber also prevents waste from binding with liquid and stops offensive odors like ammonia right in their tracks.

With a few scoops of this hypoallergenic litter added to your cat's tray, you can be sure they'll release any nasty surprises safely while having a clean and comfortable sleep. You can also rest assured knowing this low-dust litter is screened and de-dusted for a healthier home and no dirty clay dust flying through the air!

What You Should Know

This ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter is the perfect solution for eco-minded cat owners. It is made from pure, natural wood, free from artificial fragrance, synthetic chemicals, toxic dyes, and GMOs. It's biodegradable and compostable - unlike clay litter which can take years to degrade!

This litter provides superior odor control compared to traditional clay litter. The breathable formula helps regulate moisture and aroma without relying on sweet-smelling perfumes to mask odors. And don't worry about messes during scooping either since this non-clumping litter ensures an efficient disposal process as no material is sticking together.

What's more, ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter is available in two sizes – medium and large – so you can choose the best one for your pet's unique needs. And don't forget that it's great for the environment, too; with a quick turnaround when it comes to decomposition, you can be sure you're helping reduce waste without sacrificing performance or comfort for your furry friend.

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Have you ever wondered what the best cat litter is for your pet? Well, maybe you have, and perhaps you've wondered if there's more than one choice. Regardless, now might be a good time to stop wondering and find out for yourself! Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions about the best cat litter for allergies.

Is cat litter a source of allergies?

Yes, cat litter can be a source of allergies for some cats. Cat allergens come from the dander, urine and feces present in the litterbox. These allergens may cause sneezing, itchy eyes or other allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to them.

To avoid such reactions, it is important to choose allergen-free cat litters that do not contain dust, dyes or artificial fragrances which could further irritate allergies.

Additionally, using natural litters such as pellets made from paper or wood fiber that are dust-free and biodegradable are good choices for helping ease allergy symptoms. Finally, regular scooping and cleaning of the cat's litter box helps limit exposure to these allergens as much as possible.

What are the signs of a cat litter allergy?

You may get a runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, shortness of breath, or asthma if you are allergic to cat litter. In certain situations, you may even develop skin hives. Additionally, it is possible to experience a headache or fatigue due to exposure to litter allergies.

Is it possible for cat litter to create itching?

What is it about kitty litter that causes my allergies? If you are suffering from allergy reactions, it could be caused by dusty debris or non-natural compounds in that type of litter. These symptoms are usually more apparent when cleaning or refilling the litter box but can be lessened with mechanical litter boxes or hypoallergenic cat litters.

Can breathing in cat litter cause harm?

If cat litter boxes are not cleaned regularly, urine, feces, amass, and ammonia odors build up. Ammonia is a poisonous gas formed by the reaction of nitrogen and hydrogen. Living in an ammonia-filled environment can cause significant respiratory pain and issues.

What litter do veterinarians recommend?

Most veterinarians recommend hypoallergenic cat litter for pet parents who are allergic to their cats. Hypoallergenic litters are formulated to contain fewer allergens, dust particles, and potential irritants than traditional clay or clumping litters.

They often contain natural ingredients like cornstarch, wood pellets, paper-based pellets, or other plant-based materials that help reduce the risk of triggering allergies while still providing an effective solution for keeping your cat’s litter box area clean.

Additionally, these types of litters provide added benefits such as low dust levels and quick clumping capabilities which make cleaning easier and faster. If you're looking for a safe alternative to traditional clay or clumping litter for those with respiratory issues or allergies then hypoallergenic cat litter may be the perfect choice for you!

When should you change your cat's litter?

If you use clumping litter, it's preferable to scoop it every day and replace it thoroughly at least once a month. If you own more than one cat, you should change the cat litter more frequently, every 2-3 weeks.

What allergens are cats allergic to in the home?

It can be difficult to safeguard your cat against environmental allergens, including pollen, grass, fungi, mildew, and dust. Because these allergens are unavoidable, your cat may require one or more allergy medications to prevent flare-ups. Cats can also be allergic to cigarette smoke, perfume, and cleaning agents.

Why is my cat itching all the time but has no fleas?

Itching is a symptom, not a diagnostic or a condition. Parasites, infections, and allergies are the most prevalent causes of itching. Several skin illnesses do not produce irritation at first. Itching may occur with certain disorders due to secondary bacterial or fungal infections.

When cleaning cat litter, should I wear a mask?

Remember, when sweeping litter, you should ALWAYS use a mask. Because dust is likely to drift around in the air. That is not something you want to breathe in. Scooping clay and clumping litter into baggies is the suggested method of disposal.

What are the risks of cat litter?

Crystalline silica dust can be found in some low-quality clay litters. Crystalline silica is not recyclable and is thought to be carcinogenic. Over time, crystalline silica can build up in your cat's lungs, causing silicosis, which led to shortness of breath and decreased lung capacity.


Allergies can make you feel sick and weary, and it's heartbreaking to find your cat sneezing and coughing.

It can be perplexing and frightening to know something is wrong, especially when you discover that your litter is generating this reaction.

Fortunately, cat brands have grown so much in recent years that they have devised nutritional formulas to prevent allergic reactions in our cats and ourselves.

So, if your feline buddy suffers from a litter allergy, look at our favorite five hypoallergenic litters to see if you can locate the one litter that will allow your entire home to breathe easier again! 'Check Price on Amazon' to shop today!