You want the best bottle for your newborn baby, but what even is the best? How do you know which bottles are safe and won't cause gas or colic?

It can feel like a daunting task to find the perfect baby bottle. Do you go with a classic glass bottle or try out a new silicone one? And what about teats - should they be latex or silicone?

I've got you covered. Our guide to the best baby bottles will help you choose the right one for your newborn so read on to see my top picks!

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How We Choose - Best Bottles for Newborns

We know that the health and wellbeing of your baby is your top priority so I personally have read through thousands of user reviews and star ratings and spoken to tons of Mums to find the best products out there for your little angel. As well as recommendations from other parents, I cross check facts with medical advice including the NHS so that my recommendations are safe for baby to use and medically recommended.

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How We Choose the Best Baby Bottles

It can be tough to choose the best baby bottles because there are so many variations on the market these days. When looking for the perfect bottle for your little one, you'll want to consider a few factors:

-The material the bottle is made of- Some materials (like glass) can be difficult to clean and might not be as safe if your baby bites down on them. It's important to choose bottles that are made of durable materials that will not break if your baby drops them. BPA-free plastic or glass bottles are both good options, and you should avoid bottles made of cheap plastics that may contain harmful chemicals like BPA.

-The shape of the bottle- Some babies prefer wide bottles while others prefer narrow ones depending on if they are a breastfed baby or formula fed. You'll want to experiment to see what works best for your child.

-The nipple type and flow speed- Newborns usually do well with slow-flow nipples, as they are not yet experienced in sucking and need more time to extract milk from the bottle. Medium or fast-flow nipples may cause newborns to gag or choke, and can also lead to overfeeding and obesity later in life.

-Anti-colic features - For newborn babies under 6 months, colic is common and almost every bottle manufacturer has taken this into consideration and offers a range of different designs aimed at tackling the excess air commonly associated with colic. Many of these features include special teats designed with valves to prevent excessive airflow, vents in the base of the bottle that allow trapped air to escape or even weighted straws that also lessen air intake.

How Do I Keep Milk Warm Out and About?

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The second option is to carry a daiper bag with insulated pockets for keeping milk warm. You can check out the best options avaiable for diaper bags here:

Which brand is best for baby milk bottle?

Lets get into it!

MAM Feel Good Glass Baby Bottle

Best glass bottle for newborns

Mam Feel Good Glass Baby Bottle

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Why Parents Love It

Parents love this bottle and have even been recommended using it by speech therapists as it is good for the palate. Glass bottles are known to be better for baby than plastic because if you overheat them there is no chance of any nasties getting into baby’s milk, although it can be hard to find the best glass baby bottles, so MAM Feel Good Glass Baby Bottle is a winner!

This bottle has also been noted for being super easy to clean and doesn’t get cloudy with age like some plastic bottles can.

What You Need to Know

Size 170 ml

Made from high temperature resistant glass and SkinSoft Silicone Teat

Suitable for 0+ months

The MAM Feel Good Glass Baby Bottle can be heated in the microwave or bottle warmer, cooled quickly, washed in the dishwasher and sterilized at high temperatures.

NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottles

Best newborn bottles for first time parents

NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottles

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Why Parents Love It

Parents love how good these bottles are for babies with colic and the temperature strip is a big hit. So many parents still test the temperature of the milk by putting on their wrist, it’s a wonder more bottles don’t have temperature strips! Mums said their babies took really well to this bottle and the fact that the ‘soft zone’ leaves enough room for baby’s tongue and jaw to make natural sucking movements.

What You Need to Know

Size 150 ml

Made from BPA free plastic with teats available in both silicone and latex

Suitable for 0+ months

The NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottles is anti-colic and has an orthodontic shaped teat and super soft zone which simulates the shape of a mother's nipple during breastfeeding. It also comes with a built-in Temperature Control indicator.

Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Newborn Baby Bottle Starter Set

Best newborn bottle set

Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Newborn Baby Bottle Starter Set

Check Price on Amazon

Why Parents Love It

First time Mums love this set as it has a range of options to get you started on your feeding journey including different bottle and teat sizes. The quality of the bottles is reported to be high and many parents state that they find the set great value for money.

They are said to be easy to clean and sterilize and they love the Award-winning breast-like teat and the fact it comes with a bottle brush for cleaning.

What You Need to Know

Size 150 ml and 260ml

Made from BPA free plastic with teats available in both silicone and latex

Suitable for 0+ months

Includes 2x 150ml and 2x 260ml Advanced Anti-Colic baby bottles, 2x medium flow Advanced Anti-Colic teats, 1x bottle & teat brush, 1x 0-6m Anytime soother

Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles

Best anti-colic bottle for newborns

Nanobebe Flexy Silicone Baby Bottles

Check Price on Amazon

Why Parents Love It

The parents of babies with colic say that this is one of the bets bottles they have come across. They love that the bottle is light and they can teath their baby to hold it from an early age as well as it not making a noise or hurting baby if it falls.

Parents also rave about the breast-like teat which makes it great for babies that otherwise struggle with taking a bottle and many said that their babies prefer this brand.

What You Need to Know

Size 255ml

made from the highest grade silicone, non-toxic, dishwasher & microwave safe, BPA, PVC, LEAD, and PHTHALATE FREE

Suitable for newborn to toddler.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® Options+™

Best bottle for premature newborns

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® Options+™

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Why Parents Love It

Parents say that the narrow neck of this bottle if great for combination feeding and many parents reported that their babies love these Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® Options+™ Bottles.

These bottles are Clinically proven to reduce colic and decrease spit-up, burping, and wind.

What You Need to Know

Size 250ml

Made from BPA free plastic with soft silicone teat

Suitable for 0 month +

The soft silicone teat helps baby naturally latch while the anti-colic vent system lets baby feed without fuss

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In my experience many parents assume that feeding their baby will be an easy, natural thing that just happens….but that isn’t always the case. From issues with latching, milk coming in late, sore nipples and colic, there can be many bumps in the road. That said, there are products out there to help and plenty of information to help you feel less alone on your feeding journey. I have compiled some of the top questions around baby bottles for newborns here for you to review.

What is the best and safest baby bottles?

The best and safest baby bottles will vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. Some factors you may want to consider include the type of plastic the bottle is made from, whether or not it is free of harmful chemicals, whether or not it has a venting system, and how easy it is to clean.

What is the closest bottle to breastfeeding?

There is no single answer to this question since there are so many types and brands of baby bottles available on the market. However, most baby bottle manufacturers now make bottles that are designed to mimic the shape and feel of a mother's breast. So if you're looking for a bottle that will be as close as possible to breastfeeding, you can check out my blog on best bottles for breastfed babies.

How do I choose a milk bottle for my newborn?

When choosing a milk bottle for your newborn, you will want to consider the following factors:

-Bottle size and shape.

-The type of nipple.

-The material the bottle is made from.

-If the bottle has an anti colic valve

-Whether or not the bottle is dishwasher safe.

You will also want to make sure that the bottles you choose are BPA free. BPA is a chemical that can leach out of some plastics and can be harmful to your baby's health.

What are the 4 types of feeding bottles?

There are four types of feeding bottles: disposable, reusable plastic, reusable silicone, and glass. Some bottles have a system that allows you to pump milk into the bottle and then feed it to your baby, while other bottles require you to manually add the milk.

How many bottles does a newborn need?

A newborn typically needs between four and eight bottles per day. This number may vary depending on the baby's age, weight, and feeding habits. The most important thing is to make sure that the baby is eating enough and growing properly. If you have any concerns, be sure to speak with your pediatrician.

Can I go back and forth between breast and bottle?

Yes, you can go back and forth between breast and bottle. It's perfectly safe to do so. Some women find it helpful to switch back and forth between the two, while others find that they prefer to stick with one or the other. Ultimately, it's up to you and your baby to decide what works best for both of you.

Some women find that breastfeeding is more convenient because they can do it anywhere, while others find that bottle-feeding is more convenient because they can leave their baby with a caregiver and know that the baby will be fed properly. You should also consider if you'll be using breast milk or formula. Ultimately, the most important thing is that your baby is getting enough milk and is being taken care of properly.

What bottles do pediatricians recommend?

Pediatricians generally recommend that parents use glass or BPA-free plastic bottles when giving their children fluids. Some pediatricians also recommend that parents avoid using sippy cups and straws, as they can lead to dental problems.

Do newborns need special bottles?

There are a few different types of special bottles that newborns might need, but the most common one is a bottle designed to help with colic. Colic can be extremely frustrating for both parents and baby, and can make it difficult to establish a good feeding routine. Special anti colic bottles often have a design that helps reduce air bubbles in the milk, which can help to prevent gas and stomach pain.

Another type of special bottle is one that is specifically designed for premature or low-birth-weight babies. These bottles are often made from silicone instead of plastic, which makes them more flexible and easier for small mouths to grip. They also have a wider neck, which makes it easier to pour milk into them without spilling

When should I start buying baby bottles?

You can start buying baby bottles when you find out that you are pregnant. The earlier you buy them, the more choices you will have. You can also start using them as soon as your baby is born.

Are wide neck bottles better for newborns?

Some people believe that wide neck bottles are better for newborns because they're easier to clean and don't contain as many nooks and crannies where bacteria can grow. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Newborns should be using bottles with nipples that replicate the feel of the mother's breast. So it's important to find a bottle shape that your baby likes and is comfortable using. There are a variety of different nipple shapes and sizes available, so experiment until you find one that your baby prefers.

Are glass baby bottles better than plastic?

There are a lot of pros and cons to both glass and plastic baby bottles. Ultimately, it's up to the parents to decide which type of bottle they feel more comfortable using.

Some people prefer glass bottles because they think they're safer since they don't contain BPA or other chemicals that can leach into the milk. Glass is also easier to clean than plastic and doesn't have any extra nooks and crannies that can harbor bacteria. However, glass bottles can be more expensive than plastic ones, and they're also heavier so they may be harder for babies to hold so you can also consider silicone bottles.

How often should bottles be replaced?

Bottle manufacturers typically recommend replacement after 6 months to a year, but it really depends on how often the bottle is used and how well it's cleaned. Bacteria can accumulate in hard-to-clean places like the ridges on screw-on caps and around the mouth of a bottle, so if the bottle isn't washed thoroughly after each use, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

It's also important to note that plastic bottles can leach chemicals into the water, so if you're using plastic bottles, it's best to replace them every few months. Glass bottles are a better option because they don't leach any chemicals and they're easier to clean.

What are the stages of baby bottles?

Most baby bottles have three stages: the nipple, the collar, and the bottle. The nipple is placed on top of the bottle and is squeezed to release milk. The collar is a ring that sits around the base of the bottle and helps to hold the nipple in place. The bottle is a clear or translucent plastic container that holds the milk.

Some bottles also have a stage called a vent. The vent is a small hole in the side of the bottle that allows air to escape as milk is squeezed out of the nipple. This prevents suction from forming inside the bottle and keeps milk from getting trapped in the nipples and collars.

So, which baby bottle is best for newborns?

There is no single "best" baby bottle for newborns, as the best bottle for a particular baby will vary depending on that baby's specific needs and preferences so I have read through thousands of reviews from verified customers on Amazon to find the best options for you. The products reviewed above give the best options for different scenarios.

I hope you’ve found the information above useful, as a first-time parent I often wish I had access to information like this so I want to help other parents through the minefield that is parenthood!

All of the baby bottles above are available on Amazon so click ‘Check price on Amazon’ to see which baby bottles work best for your budget so you can shop today.

Thanks for reading!