According to one study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, women prefer men with facial hair over guys with bare faces. Some men find it challenging to grow the type of thick, full beard which attracts women and inspires other men; this is where beard growth supplements and vitamins come in.

The most excellent beard growth supplements include essential vitamins and minerals that help compensate for any inadequacies in your daily diet, giving you the nourishment you need to develop healthy and attractive facial hair.

In this piece, we'll break down the finest beard supplements for healthy hair development and recommend some of the most efficient multivitamins that will aid your beard to look its best.

How We Choose The Best Beard Vitamins

The absolute best beard growth supplements include essential minerals and vitamins that help compensate for any inadequacies in your daily diet, giving you the nourishment you need to develop healthy and attractive facial hair.

Look for testosterone to promote healthy beard development and all-natural substances (because what you put in your body matters a lot). So keep an eye out for the following essential ingredients:

●     Copper collaborates with iron to produce red blood cells. Maintains collagen and bone health. It can be found in liver, oysters, and mushrooms.

●     Horsetail extract has been shown to benefit bone, skin, and hair health. It is derived from the horsetail plant.

●     Inositol is also known as vitamin B8. It has been demonstrated to help minimize hair thinning. Oranges and cantaloupes contain it.

●     L-cysteine HCI: Influences hair growth rate. It can be found in cheese, salmon, and eggs.

●     Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): Promotes healthy tissue growth and collagen production. It can be found in milk, coffee, and lager.

●     Other essential vitamins include: Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12, C, D3, and E will feed your body and your hair.

●     Para-aminobenzoic acid: Has been demonstrated to help retain natural color in the hair over time. Discovered in meat

I have spent countless hours reading thousands of user reviews and star ratings to find the best products for the best beard vitamin.

Nutrachamps Prime Beard

Best Beard Vitamins For Thicker And Longer Facial Hair

NutraChamps Prime Beard 

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Why We Love It

NutraChamps Prime Beard is a powerful blend of 20 essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs scientifically formulated to help nourish and promote thicker, healthier, and fuller-looking beards. With clinically proven ingredients that address the root cause from within, you can trust Prime Beard for accurate results.

This highest-quality formula and production process stands above the competition. The non-GMO blend is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and keto friendly with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, so you can trust you're getting only the best product as nature intended.

Plus, all NutraChamp products are lab-tested and verified, so you can be sure what is being put into your body.

What You Need To Know

This is a trusted brand in hair health; NutraChamps proudly delivers an all-natural supplement designed to help you achieve a thicker, fuller-looking beard. Our prime beard capsules conveniently crafted into easy-to-take capsules, contain unique ingredients like collagen, which helps support healthier and stronger hair.

With 60 caps per bottle, it's the perfect way to give your hair its daily dose of fantastic growth enhancers. Give yourself the gift of a beach-ready mane with NutraChamps Prime Beard, it will make you feel confident and handsome.

Beard Club - Beard Growth Vitamins

Best Beard Club Vitamin

Beard Club - Beard Growth Vitamins

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Why We Love It

This is an all-natural beard growth vitamin designed to help you achieve legendary facial hair. This robust men's vitamin contains over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, including Biotin, MSM, B-complex, and other herbal extracts, to increase the healthy growth of facial hair and skin.

Moreover, this rich blend nourishes your beard, promoting a luxurious feel and avoiding breakage during combing or grooming. This 30-day supply supports your quest to become the king of beards via this unique blend that includes essential oils to deliver peak facial hair health. So don't wait. Become unstoppable today with Beard Club's cutting-edge formulation.

What You Need To Know

Beard Club's Uncut Beard Growth Vitamins is a powerful formula specifically designed with men in mind, containing natural ingredients that support the growth of your thicker and healthier facial hair.

This blend of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients will give you the confidence to show off your beard, knowing it looks its best! With regular use, you'll enjoy noticeably faster growth rates and improved strength to look like a boss with your burly mane.

Beard Grow Xl Vegan Beard Grower Facial Hair Supplement For Men

Best Vegan Beard Grower Vitamin

Beard Grow XL

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Why We Love It

This natural, non-hormonal formula nourishes the hair follicles from within, allowing your existing beard to become fuller and longer. And with no funky ingredients, you can rest assured that this all-natural product won't mess with your hormones.

Beard Grow XL understands how important it is for men to have healthy facial hair growth; that's why it created the number one beard grow support vitamin formula specifically designed to nourish your face with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs.

You will notice more length and volume in just three capsules a day in no time. Not only will you be able to make full use of any oil, roller kit, or grooming kit already in rotation, you'll have a thicker and fuller beard than ever before.

What You Need To Know

This nourishing formula is overflowing with Choline, so you get the most out of every application. Beard Grow XL will reveal a magnificent mane right before your eyes by enhancing fullness and thickness. Applying it is a breeze - massage it into the hair twice daily and stand back to marvel at the results.

They promise that in only a few weeks, your beard will become softer, shinier, and more manageable than ever before. The conditioning oil gives it an unmistakable sheen that looks sophisticated and distinguished without any greasiness or harsh odors.

All products are specially formulated with adults in mind, so they're gentle on sensitive skin yet still powerful enough to deliver impressive results.


Best in Vitamin B7 (Biotin)


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Why We Love It

THICKGROW BIGBEARD cherry-flavored gummies are delicious and easy to take. They're also packed with essential nutrients designed to help grow and maintain a robust and healthy beard.

The experts have put together 10+ Beard-Building Super Nutrients, including Biotin, Folic Acid, B12, and Zinc so you never have to worry about having a weak or patchy mustache again. With THICK GROW BIG BEARD Gummies, you can kiss those nasty horse pills goodbye and look forward to chowing down on chewy cherry goodness every day.

Which makes maintaining epic facial hair more effortless than ever before. Don't wait another moment to start growing an impressive beard you can be proud of.

What You Need To Know

THICK GROW BIG BEARD Gummies is loaded with Biotin, Vitamin B12, and 10+ elite beard-building vitamins and nutrients. These cherry-flavored gummies will help boost the growth of your beard from thin and patchy to lush and full. Each serving contains 4x more biotin than any multivitamin in a yummy form. They are vegan-friendly and free from artificial colors and flavors.

THICK GROW BIG BEARD Gummies are part of your daily routine today and see a noticeable difference within one or two weeks. Add this fantastic 60-count pack (1-month supply) to your shopping cart now and let those hairs bloom like never before.

Bossman Boss Booster

Best Booster Vitamin For Beard And Hair Growth

Bossman Boss Booster

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Why We Love It

With 10,000 Biotin mcg per serving, it helps to increase keratin production in both beard hair and hair on top of your head, resulting in a fuller, thicker beard and head of hair. Not only that, but this natural supplement also helps to improve skin health and strengthen nails.

Made with all-natural ingredients, each bottle of Bossman Boss Booster contains a whole month's supply of 60 capsules. Take two capsules daily with food for best results. Combine this supplement with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and plenty of willpower, and you're well on your way to sporting a thicker, fuller beard.

What You Need To Know

This capsule provides your body with an essential nutrient Vitamin B7. With this supplement, you'll be ready to fill in that patchy beard. Crafted in the United States so you can rest easy knowing you're consuming only safe and natural ingredients that won't harm your body or environment.

This powerful and all-natural vitamin is completely unflavored, so it's easy to drink without worrying about unwanted tastes or textures. Plus, it's not tested on animals, so you can be sure that when you buy this product, your conscience can remain clear. Boss Booster offers numerous benefits: increased energy levels, improved blood flow and circulation, and better overall health.


Are you searching for information about the best beard vitamins? Do you have a lot of questions about them? With the rise in the popularity of beards in the last few years, there has been a proliferation of products available to those who want to grow one. Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions about the best beard vitamin.

What are the finest vitamins for beard growth?

Hair growth with biotin: To promote hair growth, smooth Viking biotin hair growth capsules contain 5000 mcg of Biotin, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Biotin is essential for hair growth because it encourages the formation of keratin, the primary protein found in hair strands for natural hair growth.

Do beard vitamins work?

Beard supplements can help with beard development and have significant effects if you use high-quality items. Popular vitamins such as biotin are more likely to promote overall beard growth, but there are a few other aspects to consider while shopping. Make sure to check the label of your supplement to ensure it contains proven ingredients that are known to benefit facial hair growth.

What other supplements should be taken with beard vitamins?

For optimal beard development, taking a multivitamin along with vitamin B7 (Biotin) is recommended. This can help provide the body with essential nutrients for hair growth, as well as other important natural vitamins and minerals for overall health. Additionally, taking omega-3 fatty acids can help to promote skin health from the inside out and improve hair follicle strength.

What is the best time of day to take beard vitamins?

Beard supplements should be taken at least once a day, preferably in the morning. Taking vitamins in the morning helps to ensure that you are getting all of the necessary nutrients throughout your day. Additionally, taking vitamins at night can interfere with sleep and may cause insomnia or difficulty sleeping.

What causes beard growth?

The enzyme 5-alpha reductase regulates beard hair development. This enzyme converts your body's natural testosterone stockpiles into another hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT then binds to receptors on each strand of your beard hair, causing it to grow. Additionally, other vitamins and minerals such as Biotin help to promote the growth of healthier hair.

Do beard vitamins need to be taken forever?

No, you do not need to take beard vitamins forever. Taking them regularly will help promote hair health and encourage faster growth. However, once your desired level of facial hair is achieved, it is not necessary to keep taking the vitamins. It is important to note that results may vary from person to person and depend on your individual beard growth cycle.

How can I naturally grow my beard?

Keeping testosterone levels constant and healthy by frequently exercising, eating healthily, getting enough restful sleep, and exfoliation can help a user's beard grow as full and thick as it is naturally capable. Additionally, focusing on eating foods high in vitamins and minerals such as Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin e, Omega-3 fatty acids, Fenugreek, and Nettle Root can help promote facial hair development.

When will I see results from taking beard vitamins?

Results vary depending on the person and product used, but visible results can usually be seen in as little as four weeks. However, it is important to remember that each person's beard growth cycle is different, and results may take longer than expected. It is important to continue taking the beard growth supplement regularly as instructed in order to see the most effective results.

Are there any side effects from taking beard vitamins?

Although rare, some people have reported certain side effects such as stomach aches or increased acne when taking large doses of biotin or other vitamins. It is important to take beard vitamins as instructed, and never exceed the recommended dosage for healthy hair growth. Additionally, it is always important to consult with a doctor before taking any kind of hair growth vitamins.

Are there any foods that can help promote beard growth?

Yes, there are certain foods which have been found to be beneficial for beard growth and help slow hair loss. Foods such as fish, eggs, nuts, leafy greens, and citrus fruits are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals which can help promote healthy facial hair growth. Additionally, eating a balanced diet with plenty of lean proteins and complex carbohydrates will also help to ensure proper nutrition for optimal beard development.

Does biotin promote beard growth?

If you have a problem related to biotin status, like alopecia or intestine malabsorption of biotin due to a variety of causes, supplementing with the nutrient may promote hair and beard development, while its usefulness in healthy males is limited.

When does a beard reach maturity?

Most men will have a thick beard by their early twenties, while some may need to wait until they are thirsty to achieve full beard development. Puberty may trigger facial hair growth, but how rapidly and thick factors like heredity and hormone levels will determine your beard.

What factors contribute to a lack of beard growth?

Low levels of testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that has a significant impact on the growth of facial hair. A low amount of this hormone indicates a lower likelihood of growing a beard.

What causes a beard to stop growing?

Once your hair reaches "terminal length," it has completed its life cycle, in which it stops growing, your follicle decreases, the hair falls out, and a new follicle forms. As a result, not your beard stops growing at a given length but the inches that cease growing at a certain period.

Can you accelerate beard hair growth?

There is no technique to speed up the growth of your beard hair. Nevertheless, you can do a few things to help your beard hair grow thicker, healthier, and more robust—experiment with changing your diet, habits, and daily hygiene practices to determine what works best.


Regardless of which approach you choose to grow a thick beard worthy of an A-lister, it's always a good idea to consult your doctor before incorporating a beard growth product, supplement, or new vitamin into your daily routine.

Vitamins for beard development will encourage faster beard hair growth, allowing you to attain fuller, thicker, and darker hair. Of course, none of these vitamins are miracle cures. Many options are available on the market to meet your requirements. Check Price on Amazon to shop today.