As a parent, you know that when your baby starts growing up and becomes more interactive, the only communication between you is crying. Unbeknownst to many parents, there may be another way to communicate with your little one!

That’s right! Baby sign language can open up a new world of communication between you and your child!

And don't worry—it's not rocket science, and with the best baby sign books, you can learn everything you need to get started.

From understanding what signs are age-appropriate for teaching stories in fun ways to providing emotional support during hard times, these books will show both adults and babies just how powerful communication through signs can be!

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Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Baby Sign Language Book

There are so many different choices out there for sign language books for babies that it can be hard to decide which one is right for your little one. Here are the top three qualities you should look for when choosing baby sign language books:

Quality of Content

Look for baby books with a simple format, clear instructions, and diagrams showing how to make each of the useful signs. The pictures should be bright and engaging, and the words should be simple enough for an infant or toddler to understand. You should also make sure that any language used in the book is age-appropriate.

Appropriate Sign Choices

It's important to choose a book with more signs relevant to your child's life; if your child likes animals, look for a book with animal-related signs. Similarly, if your child enjoys food, find a book with food-related signs. This way he/she will use all the signs you teach them in everyday life!

Fun Learning Activities

Look for books that include fun activities so learning sign language doesn't become too boring; songs and puzzles might sound old-school, but they can help keep kids engaged while teaching them new concepts at the same time!

How We Choose the Best Baby Sign Language Book

Whether you have just welcomed a new baby into your home or are expecting a bundle of joy soon, finding only the best sign language books for babies is essential.

We know that choosing the best sign language book for your baby can seem impossible, but we've spent countless hours of research and reading through mountains of reviews so you wouldn't have to.

There are countless books out there with different coaches, tips, and advice, but with the help of our team and their exhaustive research, you can trust us to give you a list of 5 of the best babies' sign language books on the market!

Nita's First Signs (Volume 1) by Kathy MacMillan

Best Illustrated Baby Sign Language Book

Nita's First Signs (Volume 1) by Kathy MacMillan

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Why We Love It

This book is making waves as it introduces parents and babies to a whole new level of communication!

It takes ten popular ASL signs to give your babies an exciting way to share their wants and needs even before your child learns how to talk. From "more" to "hungry," this fabulous resource enables the beginning stages of conversation for any family just getting started on the signing adventure.

Even the busiest parent can easily find adorable hand signs to teach their little one. Color-coded pull tabs make it a breeze, while pictures and simple instructions show how each sign is done!

If an informational book could be an artwork, this one would qualify! Not only is it full of colorful illustrations, but its incredible construction makes it the perfect companion for kids and adults alike.

What You Should Know

My First Signs by Annie Kubler

Best ASL Starter Baby Sign Language Book

My First Signs: American Sign Language by Annie Kubler

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Why We Love It

Want to bond with your little one? Baby sign language guides will help you become an expert communicator; it's got over forty signs that are perfect for both hearing and deaf children.

Through its vibrant artwork and warm colors, this book showcases an adorable cast of diverse toddlers embracing their everyday lives—teaching kids to sign is simply a bonus!

Plus, hints at the bottom of each page offer helpful tips for adults on how to get children started using standard American Sign Language. It's a delightful pick for babies and toddlers—guaranteed delightfully clever fun!

What You Should Know

A great way to get your little one talking is with a signing book from Child’s Play International!

Learn how you and your baby can share the power of communication with just 12 pages of blissful parenting fun.

Each page of this book is a visual masterpiece, full of curious toddlers making unique hand gestures to illustrate everyday words and concepts. Not only that, but the helpful props included in many pictures help put an exciting spin on "eat," "more," etc!

The book is perfect for babies up to 3 years old and is available in two different formats: a trusty hardcover or an adorable board book.

Baby Sign Language Made Easy by Lane Rebelo

Best Seller Baby Sign Language Book

Baby Sign Language Made Easy by Lane Rebelo

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Why We Love It

Unlock the secrets of communication with your baby, even before they can say their first word! This fun and accessible complete guide shows you how 101 simple everyday ASL signs make learning fun and easy for both parents and babies.

With helpful tips on where to start, soon enough you'll be speaking a whole new language with those tiny hands.

This book on baby sign language guides parents through the how-to of baby sign language: getting started, capturing your baby’s attention, and when to add more signs based on their age and progress.

Quick as a wink, this book helps you find the sign language you seek with chapters dedicated to topics like mealtime, getting dressed, playtime, animals, and feelings—plus everything else in between!

What You Should Know

Ready to unlock the doors of communication? With this book guide, you can help your little one, aged 0 to 3 years old, communicate with ease!

Published by Rockridge Press, this book will have you signing your way to a fun and interactive relationship with the little one in no time—without saying a word!

Communication with your little angel is made simple, you'll have your finger on the pulse of efficiency with 168 pages packed full of useful advice, no matter if it's paperback, spiral-bound, or Kindle (free for Kindle Unlimited).

My First Book of Baby Signs by Lane Rebelo

Best Story-Book Style Baby Sign Language Book

My First Book of Baby Signs by Lane Rebelo

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Why We Love It

Story time just got a whole lot more fun! With My First Book of Baby Signs, you and your plus one can learn to sign as they immerse themselves in an entertaining story.

Enjoy quality bonding moments with your little munchkin while also teaching them important vocabulary words—all by combining playtime and language learning!

It's jam-packed with captivating stories and illustrations to teach signs in a fun way. You and your little one can learn ASL together with interactive guidance—a combination of step-by-step written instructions along with visuals to help you both discover how it's done right!

From A to Z and all the numbers in between, this book has you covered with 40 of the latest signs from American Sign Language! Let your fingers do the talking as you get up to unlock better communication with your child.

What You Should Know

This must-have book for savvy parents, "Baby Sign Language," was published by Rockridge Press and will be available on March 9th, 2021.

This insightful 50-page book was made with babies aged 1 year or younger in mind, so you can start communicating early—no excuses!

Get yourself a copy of the book in whatever medium suits your needs—paperback and spiral-bound for the traditional reader, hardcover if you're feeling fancy, or Kindle Unlimited (free) to feel like an e-reading pro!

Baby Sign Language Basics by Monta Z. Briant

Best Loaded ASL Baby Sign Language Book

Baby Sign Language Basics by Monta Z. Briant

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Why We Love It

This third edition of Baby Sign Language Basics takes parents and their little ones to the next level with over 300 American Sign Language (ASL) signs!

The book provides crystal-clear illustrations that make it a breeze for even hearing babies and toddlers to start communicating.

Sign language can be fun and creative and help parents quickly open up two-way communication with their babies. Unleash your inner songbird as you discover signing techniques specifically designed for little ones.

This book isn't just a regular old read; it's an interactive experience! From streaming video to extra advice and the latest resources, you have all you need for your signing journey.

What You Should Know

If you want to tap into your little one's inner genius, Hay House Inc. has the perfect book for you! With their 3rd edition of baby sign language—a whopping 480 pages long—it'll help strengthen the bond between parents and children like never before.

Whether in paperback or Kindle form, this is an essential resource every parent needs!

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You're thinking of dedicating a signing time for your child but don't know where to start signing.

Teaching sign language can be tough, but seeing your baby signing and communicate better with you will make it worth it.

If you're looking for the best sign language book for babies, then you might be asking the same questions other parents ask. So we compiled and answered some of the frequently asked questions for you!

Is sign language only for non-hearing babies?

No, sign language is not only for non-hearing babies. It can be a great tool to use with babies and toddlers of any hearing level! Through sign language, even hearing babies can communicate their needs before they learn how to talk.

Does sign language really work on babies?

Yes, it works! Studies have shown that using sign language to communicate with babies can help reduce frustration between babies and their parents.

It also helps develop better communication skills in young children before they develop the ability to speak. Additionally, using sign language to teach your baby can aid in cognitive development and improve overall verbal proficiency.

What are the benefits of sign language to babies and parents?

The benefits of sign language include improved communication between parents and babies, reduced frustration for both parent and child, enhanced cognitive development, improved overall verbal proficiency, and an early start on language acquisition.

Using sign language can help create a stronger bond between parents and their young children as they learn how to communicate with each other.

How early can I teach sign language to my baby?

You can start teaching your sign language as early as six months old. It is recommended to wait until a baby has developed the motor skills necessary for signing, typically around nine months of age. However, some parents have started teaching babies at six months old with great success!

How can I teach sign language to my baby?

The best way to teach your sign language to babies is with patience and consistency. Start signing simple signs that are easy for babies to understand, such as a few signs for words like eat, drink, more, or finished.

You can also repeat the same sign each time you use the word associated with it; this will help your baby learn sign language faster. Be sure to practice similar signs in a fun and encouraging environment so that your child is motivated to learn child/baby sign language!

Additionally, you can use books or other media resources like videos that feature cartoon characters signing common words and phrases as reinforcement to learn baby sign language.

How to choose the best sign language book for my baby?

The best sign language book for your baby will depend on several factors, including the age of your baby and their preferred learning style.

When choosing a book, look for one with clear illustrations or photographs of signs that are appropriate for the age range.

Additionally, you may want to look for books with fun activities like songs and games to help make learning more engaging.

Lastly, try to find a book that has step-by-step instructions and plenty of tips, so you can easily teach your baby sign language.

What are some of the helpful sign language tips in teaching a baby?

Some of the best tips for teaching your sign language to babies include being patient and consistent, introducing simple words that are easy for babies to understand, repeating the same sign when using associated words, practicing signs in a fun and encouraging environment, and using books or videos featuring cartoon characters signing common words and phrases. Most importantly, keep at it!

What are some of the interactive sign language games for babies?

Some of the best sign language games for babies include Simon Says, where children imitate signs and movements; Show Me What You Know, which encourages babies to show off their sign language skills; Peek-a-Boo Sign, which utilizes the sign for “more” as well as peek-a-boo hand motions; and signing charades.

Games like these can help create an enjoyable learning environment while reinforcing signs that have already been taught. Additionally, you can use songs that incorporate basic signs to make learning sign language more fun and interactive!

What are some of the best sign language songs for babies?

Some of the best sign language songs for babies include "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "Old McDonald Had a Farm," "If You're Happy and You Know It," "Itsy Bitsy Spider," and "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes." These songs are great for teaching basic signs in a fun way that is easy to remember.

Additionally, you can create custom versions of any song or poem with added signs that are relevant to your baby's interests.

Songs like these help encourage babies to learn sign language while also providing an opportunity for parents to bond with their babies through music!

Where can I find the best baby sign language resources?

You can find the best baby sign language resources online, in bookstores and libraries, and through educational organizations.

Online resources such as websites and apps provide a wealth of information on how to teach baby sign language, including step-by-step instructions and tips to help get you started.

Bookstores and libraries also offer books with detailed illustrations or photographs of signs that are appropriate for different age ranges.

Finally, several educational organizations specialize in providing helpful materials to teach baby sign languages, such as handouts, flashcards, videos, and other materials designed specifically for babies. With the right resources in hand, you'll be ready to start teaching your little one!


Baby sign language is a great way to communicate with your little one before they can talk. It's important to find the right baby signing book that fits your baby’s age and learning style, so you can easily start teaching them common signs.

With these five best baby sign language books in mind, we hope you now have all the information needed to choose the perfect book for your child!

Ready to get started? Just click the button "check price on Amazon" to shop today!