Do you want to find the perfect baby brushes for your baby's delicate hair? One of the most satisfying feelings is running your fingers through your baby's soft, silky hair. But as your little one grows, their hair care routine becomes more important, and finding the right baby hair brush becomes crucial. Whether it’s a soft boar bristle baby brush, a detangling comb, or a paddle brush with cushioning bristles, these baby brushes will keep your little one’s locks smooth, shiny, and tangle-free.

Enjoy bonding moments with your precious bundle of joy as you take care of their precious locks – choosing the right baby hairbrush is essential for good grooming habits from an early age. Our top picks include baby brushes that are gentle on your baby's delicate scalp and hair, featuring soft bristles that won't cause irritation or discomfort.

Not only do these brushes provide effective grooming, but they're also adorable and fun to use, making hair care a bonding experience

Read on to discover our selection of the best baby hair brushes around!

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Baby Hair Brushes

There are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the right baby hair brush for your little one.

Opt for a brush with soft and natural bristles that won't cause discomfort or irritation on your baby's scalp. Synthetic bristles can be too harsh and can damage your baby's hair. Choose a brush with a size and shape that is easy to grip and maneuver. Brushes with long handles can be more comfortable to use, especially when brushing your baby's hair from a distance.

Additionally, look for a brush that is easy to clean and maintain. Brushes with removable bristles that can be easily washed are ideal to ensure proper hygiene and consider the design and style of the brush. Choose a brush that is not only functional but also visually appealing, as this can make grooming time more enjoyable for both you and your baby.

How We Choose the Best Baby Hair Brush

We take great care to research and select the best baby hair brushes available on the market. We have a rigorous selection process that takes into consideration both safety and comfort for a baby's delicate hair.

W only consider brushes made with natural materials such as boar bristle, bamboo, or goat hair. We also look for brushes with soft cushioning or rubberized tips that won't snag or pull at baby's hair. Moreover, we consider the shape of the brush and only select those with ergonomically-designed handles and grips to make it easy to maneuver around your baby's head.

Finally, we look into the brand and its reputation in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb

Best Easy Grip Hair Brush for Baby

Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush and Comb, Colors May Vary

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Why We Love It

This two-in-one combo helps you brush and style your little one's hair in no time. With the chunky handles, you and your baby won't have any trouble holding onto them. And with the extra-soft bristles on the brush end, plus a dual-density comb that can handle anything from thick to thin hair or wet to dry, this set takes away all the fuss of brushing their precious locks.

What You Need to Know

The Easy Grip Brush and Comb by Safety 1st make combing, brushing, and detangling a breeze. Parents can stop struggling with their little one's tiny brushes and combs that don’t seem to stay in place. With the Easy Grip combination, you get a pair of chunky, ergonomically designed handles that practically hug your fingers and ensure that you maintain control.

They are also easy and comfortable for your toddler to grip so no more pulling or tugging on those tender tresses! Keeping hair looking sleek, neat, and tangle-free just got easier.

Baby Hair Brush and Baby Comb Set

Best Baby Comb Set with Soft Goat Bristle

Baby Hair Brush and Baby Comb Set - Wooden Baby Brush with Soft Goat Bristle - Toddler Hair Brush Baby Brush and Comb Set - Baby Brush Set for Newborns - Infant Hair Brush, Cradle Cap (Oval, Walnut)

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Why We Love It

With natural goat soft bristles, plus bamboo, beech wood, and pear wood for all our brushes and combs – this is one fancy product that does its job to perfection. Every brush and comb in this set has been handmade with love, so you can guarantee that these products are perfectly safe for newborns, toddlers, and kids alike.

The natural premium-grade goat bristles soft brush helps in distributing the natural oils of your baby’s hair for a healthier scalp. It gets better – we believe in providing massage goodness too! Daily scalp massages can help prevent or reduce cradle caps from building up – making sure your little one isn't just looking cute as a button on the outside but also having happy health inside.

What You Need to Know

This 3-in-1 grooming set allows you to use it on both wet and dry hair, so there’s no need to switch between products. Plus, the 100% cotton string makes for easy hanging in your nursery or bathroom. But don’t be fooled by the cute design; brushing with this soft brush daily is great for your baby’s scalp health.

It helps with blood circulation and relaxation so they can have a good night’s sleep! Let’s face it - parents need all the help we can get when it comes to calming down kids before bedtime. And, of course, the stylish gift box makes this set perfect for gifting or registry items!

FridaBaby Fine or Straight Hair Detangling Baby Brush

Best Detangling Kids Brush

FridaBaby Fine or Straight Hair Detangling Kids Brush, Detangles Knots Without Tears or Breakage, Comb Teeth and Bristle Design

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Why We Love It

This innovative, fine, or straight-haired kids' brush is designed to effortlessly and painlessly undo even the knottiest of knots. Features like densely packed synthetic bristles and a lightweight handle that fits perfectly in childish hands make styling less of an ordeal. You’ll appreciate how well this brush glides through hair to reduce the amount of energy used when brushing.

Its slim design makes it easy for parents to keep on hand wherever they may go - packing one in your purse will ensure bad-hair-day prevention anywhere, any time.

What You Need to Know

From wet to dry, FridaBaby has the remedy for whatever your tresses throw at you! No more yelps from pulling and tugging – this brush glides smoothly through any mess without damage or breakage.

Your child will love their new cleansing companion, specially designed for smaller hands for ease of use and a super comfy grip giving them total control. Plus, all our products come in handy carry cases so you don't have to worry about tossing it around in your bag or dropping it on the floor.

Natemia Quality Wooden Baby Hair Brush

Best Wooden Hair Brush for Newborns

Natemia Quality Wooden Baby Hair Brush for Newborns & Toddlers | Natural Soft Bristles | Ideal for Cradle Cap | Perfect Baby Registry Gift

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Why We Love It

Not only will this brush make your baby's hair look amazing, it's gentle enough to massage your baby's scalp too — perfect for keeping baby relaxed!

The all-natural bristles mean they're extra soft and gentle on your baby's head. No more worrying about pulling or damaging hair or scalp; with this brush, everything is taken care of safely! Plus, brushing helps redistribute natural oils for a softer, more luxurious look.

What You Need to Know

This brush is designed with extra-safe bristles that gently massage the baby’s scalp, preventing the dreaded "cradle cap" from building up. Whether your little one is weeks or months old, Natemia has you covered.

Plus, this makes a great quick-thinking gift for any parent of a newborn. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, parents can now take advantage of the premium, risk-free offer without second-guessing their decision.

Chibello 4 Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush

Best Wooden Comb Set for Newborns 

Chibello 4 Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set Natural Goat Bristles Brush for Cradle Cap Treatment Wood Bristle Brush for Newborns and Toddlers Perfect for Baby Shower and Registry

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Why We Love It

With our 4-piece wooden baby hair brush and comb set, your little one’s hair care worries are in the past. This natural goat hair bristles are as soft as feathers, which makes them perfect for preventing cradle caps when applied lightly. In addition, these silky soft bristles condition the hair, distribute natural oils down the hair shaft, and reduce static with every stroke!

Making sure you have everything you need to take care of your little one from infant to toddler, this set has a natural goat hair brush, a wooden massage brush, a wooden comb, and a bonus soft silicone massager - perfect for those extra special days when some extra love and affection is needed.

What You Need to Know

Made from beech wood and wooden bristles, this brush provides a relaxing massage while helping you to groom your newborn with the gentlest of touches. The premium wooden comb is designed to help you softly detangle your baby’s hair with eco-friendly finesse - no more tears!

If that wasn’t enough, it also presents you with an eye-catching designed gift box for the best nursery or bedside table ever. Perfect for any baby shower or registry, no wrapping paper or bows are required; it comes ready to go just as it is.

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You likely have a lot of questions about how to properly care for your baby's hair, including what type of brush to use. With so many options on the market, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to look for. But don't worry, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the best baby hair brushes to help guide you through the process!

From what types of bristles to choose to how often to brush your baby's hair, we've got you covered with expert advice and tips. So, let's dive in and answer some of the most common questions about baby hair brushes, so you can choose the perfect one for your little one!

What oil is best for baby hair growth?

One of the best oils for baby hair growth is coconut oil, which is effective in promoting healthy growth and reducing hair breakage. The medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil are easily absorbed into the scalp, providing essential nourishment for the scalp and hair.

Coconut oil also helps to protect against split ends and frizziness, making it an ideal choice for a baby's delicate hair. Other great options include jojoba oil, olive oil, and almond oil. All of these oils help to protect the scalp from dryness and nourish the follicles for healthy hair growth.

What baby brush brand is promoting healthy hair growth?

Natemia is a leading baby brush brand that is dedicated to promoting healthy hair growth for newborns and infants. Their 4-piece wooden baby hair brush and comb set have been specially designed with extra-safe bristles that gently massage the baby’s scalp, preventing the dreaded "cradle cap" from building up.

The soft bristles also help to condition the hair, distribute natural oils down the shaft, and reduce static during brushing. Plus, their premium wooden comb helps you to carefully detangle your baby’s delicate hair without causing any tears or discomfort.

At what age does fine baby hair get thicker?

Fine baby hair usually gets thicker around the age of 3 or 4.

What will happen to my baby's skin if I used the wrong hair brush?

Using the wrong hairbrush on a baby's delicate skin can have numerous negative consequences. The wrong type of bristles, such as those that are too stiff or sharp, can cause uncomfortable scratching and irritation to a baby's sensitive scalp. In severe cases, it may even lead to damage such as broken skin or abrasions.

How to clean a baby hair brush?

To clean a baby hair brush, use warm water and mild shampoo or soap. Gently scrub the bristles with your fingers or a soft cloth to remove any dirt or oil. Rinse the brush thoroughly and then let it air dry before using it again.

How often should you replace a baby hair brush?

It is generally recommended to replace a baby hair brush every couple of months, especially if the bristles are showing signs of wear and tear. This is because worn-out bristles may cause discomfort and irritation to your baby's delicate scalp, leading to skin damage and abrasions.

Additionally, older brushes are more likely to accumulate dirt, oil, bacteria, and other contaminants that can be harmful to your baby. So it is best to replace the brush after a few months of use.

Are there any safety concerns with using a baby hair brush?

When it comes to using a baby hair brush, there are several safety concerns to be aware of. Firstly, the bristles should be soft and gentle enough not to scratch or irritate the baby's delicate scalp. Secondly, the bristles mustn't be too tight so as not to damage the baby's hair follicles.

Make sure the brush does not have any sharp edges or rough surfaces that could cause cuts or abrasions. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for using and maintaining the brush to ensure it is safe for your baby.

What are some of the best tips for using a baby hair brush?

Using a baby hairbrush can be an important part of keeping your baby’s soft and delicate scalp clean and healthy. Here are some tips for using a baby hair brush:

1. Choose a brush with extra-soft bristles that won’t scratch or irritate the scalp, such as those made of natural materials like wood or bamboo.

2. Always brush in the direction of hair growth, starting from the scalp and moving downwards.

3. Use gentle strokes to avoid pulling or tugging on the hair.

4. Be sure to clean and replace the brush every couple of months, as older bristles can irritate.

5. If your baby develops any skin irritation after using the brush, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor or pediatrician.

Following these tips will help to ensure that your baby’s scalp remains healthy and free from any irritations or discomfort caused by brushing.


To make sure you are getting the best brush for your baby, be sure to check out the five brushes above. Everything from treating soft and curly hair to holding it up in the water while giving your little one's scalp the gentle massage it deserves can be found in these five brushes. Plus, each brush is made of natural materials that are non-toxic and easy to clean making for a winning choice for any parent.

Don’t delay - click the button ‘Check Price on Amazon’ to make sure you get the perfect brush for your little bundle of joy today! At BestValueReviews, we hope that you and your baby enjoy brushing their hair together just as much as we do!