As a parent, do you want to take your baby to festive events, on airplanes or to kids shows but worry about your child's delicate ears?

Kids shows, fireworks displays, pantomimes, even movies can sometimes be super loud for our baby’s tiny little ear drums.

Ear defenders (noise cancelling headphones or ear protection earmuffs) are your best bet to protect your little one’s ears so that they, and you, can enjoy the show. They work by blocking out noise and reducing the amount of sound that enters your child's ears, which can occur when they're exposed to loud noises.

Just a few weeks ago I took my toddler to a circus as she absolutely loves them. I had my 10 month old with me and I didn’t realise until I got inside the tent just how loud it would be with the crown being encouraged to scream constantly.

My toddler loved it but my poor baby didn’t seem to know what was going on and I had to leave to take him outside, oh how I wished I had some ear defenders for his little ears!

Not to be caught out again, I’ve invested many hours in researching the best on the market so read on to see my top picks!

How I Choose the Best Ear Defenders

After my faux pas at the circus, I never wanted to be caught out again so I have read through thousands of user reviews and star ratings and spoken to tons of Mums to find the best baby ear defenders for any occasion, and laid them out below with everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Read on to see more about how ear defenders not only help to protect your child's hearing, but they also make it easier for them to sleep in noisy environments and see my top picks from the best baby ear defenders on the market at the moment.

What is the most effective ear protection?

There are a few different types of ear protection that are effective for babies. One is to place a soft, cotton cloth over the baby's ears. Another is to use ear muffs, but these can make your babies head heat up in warmer weather and do not have noise cancellation materials so they'll just reduce the sound.

Some parents opt to use headphones with noise-cancelling capabilities to protect their baby's ears from loud noises. Whichever option you choose, be sure to keep an eye on your baby to make sure they're not too warm and that they're still able to hear you when you speak.

My Top Picks

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Defenders

Best baby ear defending muffs

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Defenders

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Why Parents Love Them

Parents are impressed with the noise cancellation on these headphones with them reporting their babies slept peacefully through fireworks displays, concerts and weddings.

Parents also reported finding them soft and comfortable on baby’s head, not seeming too tight or leaving marks after wearing for a long time.

Another win for Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Defenders is that they fit around the head with a  band so they stay on smaller babies much better than the headphone style ear defenders.

What You Need to Know

Suitable for babies aged 3months to 3 years. The Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Defenders are made from soft elastic so there is no pressure on baby's head and fontanel.

The headband can be detached to easily wash in the washing machine.

Attenuation is 23 dB (SNR) and they come with a handy storage bag.

Xemz Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones

Xemz Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best baby ear defending headphones

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Why Parents Love Them

Parents loved that babies felt comfortable in these headphones and most reported no attempts at trying to take them off during events.

Many reviews stated they worked great at a variety of events like car shows, music shows and airplanes with their little ones able to sleep through without being disturbed by the loud noises.

What You Need to Know

The Iwinna Bbay Ear Defenders are suitable for newborn through to 2 years and are made from quality skin-friendly ABS ear cups and foam-filled ear cushions to ensure ear safety and durability.

The newborn ear defenders 0-3 months offer a SNR 31 dB / NRR 26 dB protection as designed with professional noise dampening sponge.

Lookka Ear Defenders Kids

Best baby ear defenders for older babies and toddlers

Lookka Ear Defenders Kids

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Why Parents Love Them

Parents of older babies loved these headphones for the noise cancellation properties and the fact that they are adjustable so will fit up to teenage years and get a lot of use out of them.

Parents also loved that they’re foldable so take up a small space when travelling and are great for hand luggage on airplane trips.

What You Need to Know

The Lookka Ear Defenders are suitable from 6 months to 14 years.

The ear cups are flexible and can be freely rotated and they come in a variety of colors.

Muted Designer Hearing Protection for Infants & Kids

Muted Designer Hearing Protection for Infants & Kids

Best ear defenders for autism

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Why Parents Love Them

Parents of kids with autism loved these ear defenders due to their eye-catching designs and them helping their kids be able to concentrate better in class, reducing feelings of overstimulation.

Parents also say they are streamlined, soft and fit snuggly so kids can wear them all day without getting uncomfortable. The noise cancellation was reported to be great and that the kids can hear you if you talk right up against them.

What You Need to Know

The Muted Designer Headphones are suitable for ages 1year to 18years and are great for kids who need extra hearing protection due to sensory sensitivity, autism or aspergers.

Ear muffs are rated to 27db, and meets ANSI requirements


It can be tough to figure out what's important when shopping for baby ear defenders.

With all of the different brands, materials, and features available it can be tough to figure out which ones are the best for your child.

I have put together a list of the most asked questions to help you figure out what is important when shopping for baby ear defenders. By answering these questions you will be able to find the perfect pair of ear defenders for your child quickly and easily.

How long should a child wear ear defenders for?

It depends on the child's age. For babies, ear defenders should only be worn for short periods of time until they get used to them and learn not to pull them off.

Older children can wear children's ear protectors for longer periods of time, but it's important to make sure they're taking regular breaks so that their ears can "air out".

Which are better ear defenders or ear plugs?

It depends on the child's needs, ear defenders are better for kids who need to be able to still hear what's going on around them, whereas ear plugs are better for kids who need complete silence in order to sleep or concentrate.

When it comes to babies, ear plugs can be dangerous as they can easily fall out and the baby could try to eat them (let's face it, they try to eat everything else, right?!) so ear defenders are recommended.

Why do kids with autism wear ear defenders?

There are a few reasons why kids with autism might prefer to wear ear defenders. One possibility is that the sound of loud noises can be overwhelming or uncomfortable for them, and ear defenders can help to muffle these sounds.

Another possibility is that some kids with autism may have sensory sensitivities, and may find certain textures or smells to be overly stimulating.

For example, some kids might find the feel of clothing tags irritating against their skin, or the smell of certain foods overpowering. In these cases, wearing ear defenders can help to block out these potentially overwhelming sensory experiences.

What are the 3 types of hearing protection?

The three types of protection are earplugs, earmuffs, and noise-cancelling headphones.

Earplugs are inserted into the ear canal and block out most sound. Earmuffs cover the entire outer ear and insulate against noise. Noise-cancelling headphones work by cancelling out background noise before it reaches your ears, allowing you to listen to music or talk on the phone at a lower volume. To reduce sound kids ear defenders are usually noise cancelling headphones.

Should children wear ear plugs?

You should consider the child's age, activity level, and how well they tolerate wearing ear plugs. That said, in general, it's a good idea for children to wear ear protection when they're participating in activities that might cause loud noises to damage their hearing, such as swimming or playing music.

Ear plugs can also help protect children's ears from cold air and water during the winter months. If you're not sure whether your child should wear ear plugs or not, consult with their pediatrician.

Is noise cancelling good for kids?

Experts say that noise cancelling headphones can be helpful for kids in certain situations, such as when travelling on an airplane or in a busy city. However, other experts advise against using noise cancelling headphones for kids, especially if they are used for extended periods of time.

The bottom line is that more research is needed to determine the long-term effects of reducing sound pressure using noise cancelling headphones for kids. In the meantime, it's probably best to use them sparingly and only in situations where they are really needed and to ensure there isn't too much pressure on baby's head.


We all want the best for our little ones and protecting their ears and hearing is important so that no damage is caused in later life.

That’s why its important to make an informed decision when buying baby ear defenders so I hope you’ve found the information above useful, as a first-time parent I often wish I had access to information like this so I want to help other parents through the minefield that is parenthood!

All of the baby ear defenders above are available on Amazon so click ‘Check price on Amazon’ to see which ear defenders work best for you.

Thanks for reading!