Deciding if you should give your little one a dummy to help them soothe themselves is a hard enough choice – when you add selecting the right dummy on top of that, it can be very overwhelming.

Who would have thought that something so small could have so may variations?! Before becoming a parent I had assumed there was one stock standard dummy, how wrong I was! But don’t worry, now I’m years into my parenting journey I reckon I’ve got it figured out.

Read on to see my list of the top 5 best dummies for breastfed babies.

What to look for when choosing a dummy for a breastfed baby?

When choosing a dummy for a breastfed baby, it is important to look for a dummy designed specifically for breastfeeding babies. These dummies will typically have wider shields and shorter stems than other dummies, as well as special nipples that are gentle on the sensitive gums of young babies.

It is also important to select a BPA-free dummy in order to ensure that no dangerous chemicals leach into your baby's mouth.

Finally, look for options with ventilation holes which allow air flow and reduce the risk of ingestion. Proper sizing should also be taken into consideration when selecting the correct dummy for your child.

How We Choose

You know that giving your baby a dummy can help soothe them, but with all of the variations out there it's hard to decide which one is right for your little one.

It's hard enough to figure out what type of dummy to buy without considering all of the different sizes, shapes and materials! Not to mention the fact that some dummies are designed specifically for babies with different needs.

By reading through thousands of user reviews and speaking with tons of Mums, I've found the best five dummies for breastfed babies.

Nanobebe Baby Soothers

Best dummy for premature breastfed babies

Nanobebe Baby Soothers

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Why Parents Love It

This tough little dummy is perfect for kids with additional needs who may chew or grind their teeth, thanks to its high quality construction.

Many parents of premature babies have noted that this is the perfect dummy for their babies with a slim design fitting perfectly in those tiny little mouths.

What You Need to Know

The one-piece design discourages nipple confusion, while the lightweight and ergonomic build helps keep the soother in your little one's mouth.

This dummy is BPA and Phthalate free and every nanobébé purchase is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

BIBS Boheme Soother

Best glow in the dark dummy

BIBS Boheme Soother

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Why Parents Love It

Parents love the beautiful design and the fact the BIBS Boheme Soothers are designed not to leave redness around mouth.

Some parents mentioned issues with the rubber material of the teat with some saying it tastes bad (I guess some parents do a taste test!) and can discolor after time.

What You Need to Know

Made from 100% natural rubber, this soother is BPA, PVC and phthalate free. It is also EN1400+A2 certified, making it the perfect choice for parents who want the best for their baby.

Recommended by midwives to support natural breastfeeding, this soother is designed and manufactured in Denmark.

Tommee Tippee Breast-Like Soother

Best breast-like dummy for breastfed babies

Tommee Tippee Breast-Like Soother

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Why Parents Love It

Tommee Tippee's Breast-Like Soother is designed to look and feel just like the real thing! Made from soft, silicone material, this soother is gentle on baby's gums and helps to ease teething discomfort.

The symmetrical orthodontic design is perfect for little mouths and helps to promote healthy teeth development. Plus, the handy travel case means you can always keep your soother clean and fresh when you're on the go.

What You Need to Know

The Tommee Tippee Breast-Like Soother is made from BPA and phthalate-free silicone, this soother flexes and stretches just like skin for less chance of confusion when feeding your baby from breast.

Its design means your little one will always be able to get a good latch.

NUK Genius Baby Dummies

Best lightweight dummy for breastfed baby

NUK Genius Baby Dummies

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Why Parents Love It

Parents loved that this dummy has a curved and grooved design that fits perfectly in your baby's mouth to reduce nipple confusion.

It's made from lightweight materials that make it ideal for sleeping and is made from a soft silicone which is extremely flexible yet bite resistant.

What You Need to Know

The NUK Genius Baby Dummy has an orthodontic shape which mimics a mother's nipple during breastfeeding, making it a more natural soothing experience for your baby.

It comes with a reusable case to keep the soother clean and safe, and you can also use the case to hygienically treat soothers with steam in a microwave.

MAM Original Soothers

Cutest design dummies for breastfed babies

MAM original soothers

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Why Parents Love It

The MAM Original Soothers have a cute design that parents love and they glow in the dark so you can easily find them at night.

They come with a handy travel case that can be used to sterilise items in the microwave. No need for a separate steriliser!

What You Need to Know

The MAM Original Soother feature teats made with SkinSoft Silicone, which are reported to be accepted by 94% of babies for the comforting resemblance it bears to a mother's skin.

The soothers are also developed with dentists to support healthy oral development, and they are BPS/BPA Free.


If you have decided to breastfeed your baby, its important to select a dummy that minimises breast confusion. There are other considerations that apply when selecting a dummy so to make sure you make the right choice, I have put together a list of the most asked questions to help you figure out what is important when looking for a dummy for a breastfed baby.

Should you give a breastfed baby a dummy?

There are pros and cons to giving a breastfed baby a dummy. The biggest pro is that it can help soothe the baby and calm them down. This can be especially helpful if the baby is having trouble sleeping or is crying a lot. The dummy can also help the baby to form a good sucking habit, which will come in handy when they start to eat solid food.

The downside of giving a dummy to a breastfed baby is that it can cause them to lose interest in nursing. This can happen if the dummy becomes more important to the baby than breastfeeding and they start to prefer the dummy over your milk.

What is the most breast like pacifier?

The most breast like pacifier is the one that has a natural feel and look to it. Many parents prefer to use dummies made of silicone because they do not cause nipple confusion for newborns. Silicone dummies also tend to be more durable than latex dummies.

My research concluded that the most breast like dummy is the Tommee Tippee Breast-Like Soother which you can read all about above.

How do you introduce a dummy to a breastfed baby?

You can introduce a dummy to a breastfed baby by first introducing it when the baby is calm and sleepy. Let the baby suck on the dummy for a few minutes, then take it out and see how the baby reacts.

If the baby is calm and falls asleep, that's great! If the baby starts crying or becomes fussy, put the dummy away and try again another time.

Some babies are just not interested in dummies, and that's okay too. Each baby is different!

How long should you breastfeed before introducing pacifier?

It's typically recommended to wait until breast milk is well-established, usually around 3-4 weeks. That said, every child is different and some may be ready for a pacifier earlier than others.

If you do decide to introduce a dummy, it's important to do so slowly and only after breastfeeding is well-established. Some babies who are given a dummy too early may become dependent on it and have trouble breastfeeding later on. So it's best to only introduce a dummy if you're sure your baby doesn't need it for comfort and isn't using it as a replacement for the breast.

Can you leave a dummy in overnight newborn?

Yes, you can leave a dummy in overnight newborn. In fact, it's sometimes recommended that you do leave a dummy in overnight newborn, as it can help to soothe them and facilitate sleep.

Additionally, it's important to make sure that the dummy is safe for your baby and doesn't present any choking hazards. So always consult with your pediatrician before leaving a dummy in overnight newborn.

Can a newborn choke on a dummy?

It's unlikely that a newborn baby could choke on a dummy, but it's not impossible.

Most experts agree that dummies are safe for babies, but there is always a risk of choking. That's why it's important to choose the right dummy and to be vigilant about supervising your baby when they're using one.

Make sure you choose a dummy with a hole in the middle so that saliva can drain out, and never let your baby chew on the dummy. Also, keep an eye on your baby when they're sucking on the dummy to make sure they're not sucking too hard and putting too much pressure on their jaw. If you notice your baby starting to gag or cough while using the dummy, stop using it.

Selecting a dummy that is made of one piece can also reduce choking hazards.

Can a 1 week old baby sleep with a dummy?

It depends on the individual baby and his or her unique needs. Some babies sleep just fine with a dummy in their mouths, while others find it disruptive and prefer to sleep without one. Ultimately, you'll have to experiment a bit to see what works best for your little one.

That said, here are a few things to keep in mind if you do choose to let your baby sleep with a dummy:

1) Make sure the dummy is made of latex-free rubber and is BPA-free, as these materials can be harmful to your child's health.

2) Discard the dummy when your baby reaches 12 months

Should I remove pacifier once baby is asleep?

There are pros and cons to both removing the pacifier once baby is asleep, and letting them keep it in. On one hand, if you remove the pacifier once baby is asleep, they may start to associate sleep with losing the pacifier, and this can lead to difficulty relaxing and falling asleep. On the other hand, if you let them keep the pacifier in, they may start to rely on it too much and have difficulty sleeping without it.

In general, I would recommend removing the pacifier once baby is asleep, but only if they seem to be able to fall asleep without it. If they are having trouble sleeping without it, then you may need to let them keep it in for a little while

How do I know if my baby is hungry or wants a pacifier?

It can be tough to tell sometimes whether your baby is hungry or just needs a pacifier, but there are a few tips you can follow to help figure it out.

For starters, babies usually start squirming and making sucking motions with their mouth when they're hungry. And if you offer them a dummy and they suck on it for more than a minute or two, that's usually a good sign that they were looking for something to comfort them, not just to calm down.

Of course, every baby is different, so always pay attention to your little one's unique cues and try not to worry too much if you're not sure what they're trying to tell you. Most importantly, trust your instincts as a parent.

Why do doctors not recommend pacifiers?

There are a few reasons why doctors usually don't recommend pacifiers. One reason is that they can potentially interfere with breastfeeding, since the baby may become reliant on the dummy and not want to nurse.

Another reason is that they can cause problems with tooth development and alignment so it is a good idea to look for orthodontic pacifiers.

And finally, they can be a choking hazard which could lead to sudden infant death syndrome so it is important to ensure you supervise your baby with their dummy.

What can you replace a pacifier with?

You can replace a pacifier with just about anything that will fit in your child's mouth and is safe for sucking for older babies.

This includes teething rings, sterilized spoons, or even a piece of fruit. Bes sure to choose something that won't harm baby's face, baby's teeth or baby's nose.

If you're traveling, consider packing a pacifier replacement or a double use dummy such as the cutie pat pacifier and teether in your bag. That way, you'll always have something on hand if your child needs it.


So there you have it! Whether you are looking for a latex or silicone dummy, we’ve got the best options for you. The options listed are also good if you are bottle feeding your baby.

Now it’s time to put them to the test. Which will be your baby’s favorite? We suggest trying a few and seeing which one your little one takes to best. Click the button to check the price of these options on Amazon and start stocking up on dummies before your baby arrives.

Thanks for reading!