As a plus-size parent, you know just how hard it can be to find the perfect baby carrier for your little one! Finding a baby carrier that is both you and your baby will be comfortable and secure can feel like a mission impossible - nothing ever fits quite right.

But with so many brands on the market today, don’t lose hope just yet! In this blog post, we will discuss the 5 best baby carriers for plus-size parents – ones that are comfy and secure without sacrificing style or quality. Here’s to finding the perfect fit for you and your precious bundle of joy!

What to Consider in Finding the Best Baby Carrier for Plus Size Moms

In finding the best baby carrier for plus-size wearers we also need to consider these things, ease of use, comfort, and especially safety.

Ease Of Use

During those long days when you’re running errands or busy around the house with your little one in tow, any extra effort it takes to get them situated correctly in their versatile carrier can be quite a hassle. Be sure to choose a baby carrier that easily adjusts from front-facing to back-carrying positions; some models offer hip-carrying options as well.


When selecting a baby carrier, comfort is paramount for all moms, particularly for plus-size moms who may have different person's shape and sizes than their average-size counterparts. Look for carriers that provide adequate support with thick, padded straps as well as adjustable features such as waistbands or cabooses so that the fit can be customized to your body type.


It’s important to make sure that whatever baby carrier you choose meets safety standards and comes with appropriate safety features such as harnesses or buckles designed to keep your little one secure.

Make sure the straps are wide enough to distribute weight evenly and look for additional features such as head support cushions or padded lumbar back support for extra comfort. Above all else, be sure to read the instructions before using any baby carriers so that you can ensure an optimal fit and maximum security for your little one at all times.

How We Choose the Best Baby Carrier for Plus Size Mom

As a plus-size mom, finding the perfect baby carrier can be daunting. Too often it can feel like your choices are limited and finding one that fits comfortably seems impossible. Well mama, leave those worries in the past!

We’re here to tell you about five of the best baby carriers for plus-size moms that will make sure your little gleeful bundle of joy is held close with comfort, support, and style. So strap on those seatbelts because we’re taking you on an exploration into the world of baby carriers; from natural fabrics to versatile design options don’t worry – there’s something out there for everyone!

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier for Newborn

Best Starter Baby Carrier For Plus Size Moms

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier for Newborn

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Why We Love It

Looking for the best baby carrier for plus-size moms O Ergobaby has you covered with its Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier! Incredibly versatile, it's designed to fit multiple wearers so that no matter your body type, you can have a comfortable and ergonomic experience with your baby.

Not only that, but it offers convenient features like padded lumbar support for your lower back, extra padded shoulder pads for extra comfort, UPF 50+ protection for breastfeeding, and sun protection all in one neat little package. With its clever design and of course, the Orgobaby buyback program which breathes new life into previously loved carriers who knew having a newborn could be so easy?

What You Should Know

The Ergobaby Omni 360 All Position Baby Carrier is the best-selling and top-rated baby carrier on the market. It's designed with SoftFlex Mesh to maximize airflow and keep you and your baby cool all day long. Plus, the baby grows from newborn to toddler - perfect for those long days out wherever they take you!

This incredible carrier offers all carry positions, so you can position your bundle of joy outward or inward from the front, switch to the back in a backpack-style baby carrier, or even position them at your hip as a hip seat whatever best suits your needs! Don't worry about the strain on your shoulders or hips either; its adjustable waist belt will ensure support in all the right places. The Ergobaby Omni 360 is your go-to buckle carrier for endless adventures with your baby.

Infantino Carry-On Multi-Pocket Carrier

Best Affordable Baby Carrier For Plus Size Mom

Infantino Carry-On Multi-Pocket Carrier

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Why We Love It

With the Infantino Carry-On Multi-Pocket Carrier, the baby’s little bundle of joy will be well-supported and comfortable. This baby carrier has an adjustable head support for extra security, 6 organized pockets for baby items, and an ‘M’ seating position to provide an ergonomically correct way to carry baby’s weight.

It’s like wearing a baby sling or wrap but with extra convenience than ever before! No need to fumble around to find baby accessories because they’re within easy reach with the cleverly designed Carry-On Multi-Pocket Carrier. Prepare to look cute as a button no matter how much your baby weighs!

What You Should Know

The Infantino Carry-On Multi-Pocket Carrier will wrap you and your little one in love and convenience. From the adjustable ergonomic seat, wrap-style shoulder straps, supportive waist belt, and wrap carrier size, this one is designed for both of your comforts! Complete with 6 intuitive pockets for mom's necessary items like pacifiers, diapers, wallets, and phones.

You can go about exploring parks or doing errands without bulky backpacks. Not to mention, it fits a wide range of body types and lifestyles -sized just right to keep everyone cozy! It even comes with two carrying positions - facing-in or out, so it's a free-to-grow carrier.

LÍLLÉbaby 3-in-1 Ergonomic CarryOn Airflow

Best Toddler Baby Carrier For Plus Size Moms

LÍLLÉbaby 3-in-1 Ergonomic CarryOn Airflow

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Why We Love It

If you know what's best for your baby, then you already know the LÍLLÉbaby 3-in-1 Ergonomic CarryOn Airflow adjustable carrier is the perfect all-in-one solution for parents on the go! That's because this adjustable baby carrier supports a child from infancy to toddler, with both inward and outward-facing options.

It includes adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable weight limits so you can customize comfort on your journey - no matter how long it takes. Ready to embark on an adventure with your little one? LÍLLÉbaby has thought of everything with this adjustable baby carrier!

What You Should Know

Whether you are plus size yourself or have a plus size baby, the LÍLLÉbaby CarryOn is the perfect way to keep your little one close! This 3-in-1 ergonomic carrier features a wider and taller torso than most, comfortably accommodating up to 60 lbs. so that both plus-size parents and plus-size babies can experience hands-free comfort when on the go.

With adjustable side panels that widen and narrow the seat, this plus-size baby carrier lets you bond with your child without feeling constrained by bulky strollers. LÍLLÉbaby not only understands that plus children need special attention and care, but also that including plus-size families is essential when it comes to making quality baby products.

Tushbaby - Safety-Certified Hip Seat Baby Carrier

Best Hip Seat Baby Carrier For Plus Size Mom

Tushbaby - Safety-Certified Hip Seat Baby Carrier

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Why We Love It

With baby accessories, it’s always hard to know if your baby will fit into something you purchase - and you definitely don’t want to feel like Goldilocks with too big or too small of a baby product. All of us are unique in our sizes, and so is a baby! Introducing Tushbaby's Waistband Extender to help make sure the baby always has the optimal fit.

Now you no longer have to worry about Grandma or even Dad feeling uncomfortable carrying baby thanks to its 23-inch extension, making the waistband come up to an impressive 70 inches!

Better yet, it can be adjusted up over your winter wear or tightened down for the perfect snug support – everyone’s happy! Get on that extra help bandwagon and get baby a Tushbaby Waistband Extender today!

What You Should Know

Trending on social media and now a staple in parenting circles, Tushbaby is the ultimate hip carrier that carries baby comfortably. Not only does it provide structured carrying comfort and eliminate potential back discomforts like a Moby Ring Sling, or Moby wrap, but its convenient detachable storage pouch underneath the seat holds all your must-have items like diapers and wipes.

Coupled with side pockets for keys, phones, and pacifiers plus a holder for bottles and loops you can attach toys to as well as a sanitizer - this clever carrier really has thought of everything! Get one today and fold it up for easy transport. It's gonna be a safety-certified hit!

TwinGo Carrier - Air Model

Best Twin Baby Carrier For Plus Size Mom

TwinGo Carrier - Air Model

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Why We Love It

Introducing TwinGo Carrier's revolutionary and adjustable waistband perfect for all person shapes and sizes! We know that no two people are the same size, so why should our baby carriers be? The secret lies in the breathable, yet reliable foam which cradles your hips as you transport 1-2 babies.

Don't worry if it doesn't fit from the jump our exclusive waistband can easily be customized to petite to extra large sizes too. So whether you’re a person of Solly Baby wrap proportions or a person of Amazonian stature, now you can carry your little ones in style - without enduring any unsightly or uncomfortable straps on those precious shoulders!

What You Should Know

Are you a warm weather plus size wearer looking for the perfect baby carrier to keep your twins safe and warm? Look no further - the TwinGo Carrier - Air Model is here! With up to 8 adjustment zones for each of your babies and a ventilated seat cool enough for any warm-weathered day, our carrier is comfortable as well as practical.

With a 100% cotton Sleep Hood that provides head support, you can have hands-free peace of mind from dawn until dusk. Not to mention, it's incredibly cute on both men and women! Get ready to snuggle in style with the TwinGo Carrier - Air Model.

A Dad’s Best Friend: 5 Best Baby Carrier For Dad
When going out dads would really love their babies to go with them but when it comes to finding the best carriers for dads, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. So we listed the 5 best carriers for dads so at least we offer a hand as a parent.

Baby K'tan Baby Wrap Carrier

Best Overall Baby Carrier For Plus Size Mom

Baby K'tan Baby Wrap Carrier

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Why We Love It

We love what they do because it brings hip healthy solutions to parents around the world! Their patented ready-to-wear wraps and smart designs let parents enjoy bonding with their baby in a breeze and ease unprecedented fashion. After all, better bonds lead to greater joy and thus our hip-healthy products are majorly designed to assist with strengthening these relationships without any hassle.

Plus, not only do you get incredible products but also giving back through charity makes it even more rewarding! They're privileged that proceeds from the sale of our delightful products go to good causes such as the American Heart Association and the National Down Syndrome Society.

What You Should Know

With Baby K'tan Baby Carriers you can wear your little one for extended periods with the comfort of knowing that they are safe and secure! Their baby carrier's unique double-loop design and one-way stretch provide a secure hold, while the 100% cotton fabric keeps your baby feeling snug and right next to your heart.

Whether you're a veteran mom or dad just starting out, our no-wrap wrap is so easy to slip on and off, that both parents can take turns wearing it! Its soft breathable fabric is perfect for providing both hips carries and cozy snuggles without any buckles or excess fabric. Enjoy hassle-free hands-free carrying all day long with Baby K'tan Baby Carrier!


If you're looking for the best carriers for plus-size baby wearers, but don't know which one to choose.

With so many different carriers just a few clicks away, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for your baby. You want to make sure you invest in a baby carrier that is safe and comfortable for your babies, but it's difficult to know which one will be the best fit.

We've put together a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions about the best baby carrier for plus-size moms so you can make an informed decision when selecting the best baby carrier for plus size moms.

Can plus-size mom's baby wear?

If you're a plus-size mom and baby-wearer, then your baby's life is about to get a lot easier! With baby carriers specifically designed for plus-size moms, the baby can nestle safely in the adjustable baby's life infant insert while being comfortably held close by as the mom shops, takes a walk, or just enjoys the snuggles.

From traditional baby wrap designs to easy-to-use structured carriers and beyond, it's never been easier for plus-size moms to bond with babies while keeping both of them safe and sound. So let those snuggles continue - no matter your size!

Do baby carriers have a weight limit?

If you've ever asked yourself "do plus-size moms have to worry about weight limits when using baby carriers?" then worry no more! There are now plus-size baby wraps and structured carriers that can safely support plus-size parents as well as their growing babies.

The best part is, plus size moms and dads can comfortably keep their little ones close while sharing fun and special cuddle time together! So, for plus-size moms and dads looking for the perfect place to carry their precious bundle of joy - look no further than plus-size baby wraps and structured carriers.

What weight is considered plus-size pregnancy?

Deciding on the best baby carrier for plus-size moms is not an easy job - after all, determining 'plus size' is subjective! In general, experts recommend considering body type in addition to measuring where body weight starts to have a more substantial impact on a baby's comfort and life.

If you are looking for the best choice of carrier for plus-size body types, then look no further than an infant insert. These inserts provide comfortable and safe positioning for both mom and infant, with straps designed specifically to accommodate larger body sizes. Comfort is key, ensuring that bigger parents can carry their babies safely on any adventure!

What plus size should not wear?

Pregnant plus-size moms thinking of baby-wearing are in luck! Special baby carrier slings and wraps can easily help baby snuggle up to mom comfortably, regardless of the size difference. For babywearing with a plus size mom, the best baby carriers offer a range of features that make it easier to carry baby safely and securely, from adjustable fit straps to better lumbar support.

With this in mind, plus-size moms shouldn't feel limited when it comes to babywearing baby slings should always translate into comfortable cuddle time for both baby and mom.

Does mom's weight gain affect baby size?

As baby sizes and baby weights are unique, so too are baby-carrying needs! For plus-size moms wanting to ensure their baby is carried comfortably, baby slings provide the perfect solution. Unlike traditional baby carriers that usually struggle under the weight of those carrying larger babies, baby slings are designed specifically for all body types big, small, and in between allowing for more than enough room for the baby.

Plus-size moms can rest easy knowing their babies will be cradled in comfort as they go about their day. So if you’re wondering about how to safely transport your bundle of joy, look no further than a baby sling tailored especially for your maternity shape!

What happens if the mother is overweight?

Plus size mamas need not worry when carrying their babies; there is a perfect baby carrier for them too! It can be difficult for moms with extra curves to find a baby carrier that fits comfortably and keeps the little ones secure in the optimal position.

There are plenty of options available, from slings to wraps, all designed to make sure plus-size moms have the best possible experience while they bond with their babies. Plus it's a great way to get out of the house without worrying about finding or wearing something that will fit correctly. The best part is it gives plus-size moms a chance to showcase their fashion sense while holding onto their little bundle of joy.

What are the signs of having a big baby?

Everybody knows being a mom is rewarding, but not many people realize that big babies come with added challenges. If you’re wondering if your bundle of joy will have a larger-than-average size, the signs are right there: optimal secure position in their crib, plus-size baby carriers with extra padding on the shoulder straps, and they may even come out bigger than their newborn clothes!

To tackle mothering (and cuddling!) with such a delightful bonus-sized package, finding the best plus-size baby carrier is essential. It should be more than just aesthetically pleasing – it should be supportive for both mom and her bundle of love, after all.

Is it safe to lose weight while pregnant if overweight?

Being plus size and pregnant can be a tricky combination; on the one hand, you want to make sure to look after your baby, but on the other carriers hand, you don't want to put yourself at any risk. The good news is that baby growth continues no matter what mother's size or shape, and Mom will find that choosing the best baby carrier for her needs can help her have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

For plus-sized moms, products like the Moby size ring sling baby carrier are specifically designed with comfort in mind - made from stretchy fabric specifically intended to comfortably fit more ample figures, not like most baby carriers. Feeling secure & supported while carrying a baby is something all mothers should experience regardless of their body shape: with these excellent structured baby carrier, it is happily achievable!

Can I get in shape while pregnant?

Not to worry, all moms-to-be can get in shape by investing in the best infant carrier for plus-size moms. With adjustable straps, these fully adjustable baby carriers provide plenty of extra support and evenly distribute the weight of your precious bundle, making it easier and safer for you to walk around.

With so many options available on the market, you can invest in the most comfortable baby carrier and adjustable one that best fits your body shape and lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? Put on your padded shoulder straps and get walking!

What happens to exist belly fat when pregnant?

If other baby wearers have already noticed the decrease in their pocketbook balance, plus-size moms should definitely add a baby carrier to their shopping list. Not only will they save money on diapers and strollers, but finding a great baby wrap carrier has other benefits too!

Figuring out what to do with all that belly fat during pregnancy can be confusing so taking the load off and shifting it from your waistline to your shoulders is an easy solution! With enough research, plus-size moms are sure to find the best baby carrier that both physically and financially supports them throughout the journey of motherhood.


When it comes to baby-wearing, plus-size moms can find a variety of baby carrier options on the market. However, soft-structured carrier deliver in comfort and convenience, far exceeding conventional baby slings and other traditional baby-carrying options.

Baby wrap carriers make it easier for the baby and mom to go about their day with fewer limitations or worries about having the baby become too heavy to manage comfortably. Plus, wrapping provides an enhanced sense of closeness – which any plus-size mother will appreciate.

When all is said and done, baby wrap carriers are definitely the best option for plus-size mothers looking to share incredible experiences with babies!