Traveling with young kids is no easy feat, especially regarding travel snacks!

You need something nutritious, tasty, and of an appropriate size for little hands and mouths. But you also want something fun that will keep your toddler entertained during the long flight.

Well, fear not, intrepid travelers—we have just the solution. We've rounded up some delicious, fun, and healthy snacks option that your adventurous kids will love to chow down on at 30,000 feet in the sky!

Best Types of Toddler Airplane Snacks

It’s no secret that toddlers and even older kids can be a handful when traveling by airplane, and finding snacks that are irresistible and allowed on board can be a challenge.

Fear not, parents: there are plenty of kid-friendly snacks you can pack for your toddler’s in-flight needs! Let me share with you some of the best toddler airplane snacks—ones sure to keep them happy and full during takeoff and landing.

Dry Snacks

For an easy and nutritious onboard snack for your toddler, dry snacks are great airplane snacks! They’re easy to carry and usually don’t require refrigeration.

Some of our favorite dry snacks include potato chips, pretzels, animal crackers, and popcorn. They're also a great source of energy for those long layovers. Craisins and nuts are also a great choice for older kids, as they provide an extra boost of vitamins and minerals.

Refrigerated Snacks

The TSA allows you to bring an ice pack in your carry-on bags. This is great for packing perishable travel snacks like cheese cubes, yogurt tubes, apple slices (or any cut-up fruits), and vegetables (like baby carrots). The coldness of the food will help it stay fresh during flight time.

Fruit cups are also a great option, as they come in containers with lids, making them easy to carry.

Healthy Treats

For a special treat for your toddler, you can pack in some healthier snacks like veggie straws or fruit leather. Trail mix is also a great option; make sure no nuts are included.

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How We Choose the Best Airplane Snacks for Toddlers

If you’re looking for the best airplane snacks to feed your toddler, your search is finally over!

We don't just grab any old snacks for toddlers to enjoy on planes. From sifting through TSA regulations to scouring parents' reviews, we embark on a mission of discovery when it comes to selecting the best airplane snacks for toddlers.

Rest assured, your kiddos will be flying high with the treats they find here! So turn every flight into a blissful experience with our top picks for delicious munchies onboard.

Annie's Organic Snack Mix

Best Airplane Snack Mix for Toddlers

Annie's Organic Snack Mix

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Why We Love It

For a real flavor adventure, let your toddler try Annie's Organic Cheddar Snack Mix - the crunchy combo that'll leave their taste buds dancing! Pretzels and crackers are lightly coated in an oh-so-yummy organic cheddar cheese seasoning for a snack sure to satisfy.

Who said bunny-shaped airplane snacks had to be all hops and no tasty treats? These certified organic crackers prove them wrong!

These healthy, delicious delights are perfect for when your kid's in the mood to snack on the plain—free of artificial flavors or synthetic colors. Hop on over with these munchies.

What You Should Know

Annie's Organic Cheddar Snack Mix is the perfect way to enjoy nature’s finest goodness in every bite. USDA-certified organic, this tasty treat meets strict standards for soil and water quality, ensuring your toddler gets a delightful crunch that always satisfies them!

Get your hands on a taste of sugary goodness—choose from the 9 oz. pack for those short air travels, or grab the pack of four if you're jet-setting to somewhere special!

YumEarth Organic Vitamin C Pops

Best Sweet Airplane Treats for Toddlers

YumEarth Organic Vitamin C Pops

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Why We Love It

Get ready to satisfy your toddler's sweat cravings and their daily vitamin C needs with YumEarth Organic Vitamin C Lollipops!

Treat them with eight delectable flavors like Pomegranate Pucker, Wet-Face Watermelon, and Strawberry Smash—or why not try them all? One serving of these tasty pops will give your kid 100% of the essential vitamins for a healthy air travel day.

It's a perfect treat that will put smiles on the faces of your entire family. The delicious, allergen-free airplane snacks are all free from high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes, and GMOs, so your toddler or even you can enjoy these goodies with peace of mind.

What You Should Know

YumEarth's organic lollipops are officially kid-approved! No need to worry about pesky allergens; the ingredients list contains none of the top triggers: no eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, or dairy.

And with USDA organic certification, your kids will be well on their way to a tasty treat that won’t have you worrying.

GoGo Squeez Fruit On the Go

Best Refrigerated Airplane Snacks for Toddlers

GoGo Squeez Fruit On the Go

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Why We Love It

Take your toddler's taste buds to the tropics with GoGo Squeez Fruit on the Go Tropicalz!

Packed with tropical real fruit juice flavors that kids love, this delicious snack is perfect for fueling any air adventure. You'll get a snack that's ready for takeoff! All yum, no yuck!

GoGo Squeez brings sweetness the natural way! With nothing but the fruit inside, it has no refined sugar, corn syrup, or artificial ingredients—just deliciousness in its purest form! Plus, these are allergen-friendly goodies and dairy-free options; you'll feel nothing but smiles up in the sky!

What You Should Know

Let your toddler enjoy plane snacks while you feel peace of mind—GoGo squeeZ has you covered! The delicious unsweetened fruit snacks are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and Kosher certified. The whole family can enjoy a snack break, knowing that everyone is safe from common allergens.

Don't worry about any huge mess and hassle; this pouch is designed to make your life easier with its BPA-free material, twisty caps that open up in a snap, and an integrated straw—no spoon needed!

SOLELY Organic Mango Fruit Jerky

Best Vegan Airplane Snacks for Toddlers

SOLELY Organic Mango Fruit Jerky

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Why We Love It

Let your toddler munch on healthy mangoes with SOLELY Organic's delicious, guilt-free fruit jerky!

Forget about traditional fruit leathers using dubious ingredient concentrations and fake flavors; this mango jerky is made with only the finest organic ingredients for a truly tasty snack!

You'll get all the goodness of 100% USDA organic mangos—that means vegan, non-GMO yumminess that's also gluten- and sugar-free. What could be better than this?

What You Should Know

SOLELY Organic has the perfect solution for your family's snacking needs, no matter their age!

Get 12 pieces of fresh fruit jerky, vacuum sealed to lock in the goodness, and conveniently wrapped individually so it’s easy to take on all sorts of adventures. Perfect snack options that please both toddlers and adults—now THAT'S a tasty win-win situation!

Brothers-ALL-Natural Disney Fruit Crisps

Best Freeze-Dried Airplane Snacks for Toddlers

Brothers-ALL-Natural Disney Fruit Crisps

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Why We Love It

Disney Fruit Crisps make a safe and allergy-friendly snack that is sure to give your hungry kids healthy snacks with no added preservatives, colorings, or flavor enhancers included in the mix. You can be confident throwing Asian pear, Fuji apple, and strawberry variety packs into their carry-on—all with zero guilt attached!

With freeze-dried fruits, your toddler can get the nutrients of fresh fruit without any guilt from letting them go to waste! The gentle dehydration process locks in all those delicious flavors and textures so that every bite is an intense burst of fruity goodness.

What You Should Know

Brothers-All-Natural's Disney Fruit Crisps are a magical way to get your family the wholesome snack they crave even when you're 30,000 feet in the sky!

It has no added sugar, non-GMO-verified goods, and a gluten- and soy-free guarantee.

It's perfectly toddler-portioned in mini 0.35-oz bags featuring everyone's favorite characters from the classic Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. This tasty treat is a sure delight, even after two years of storage.

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Flying with tots? We've got you covered!

From food pouches and stored breastmilk for your hungry kid to lollipops that'll keep them smiling, our healthy airplane snacks selection will make sure your tot-sized passengers enjoy the flight.

And even better, we've answered all of those questions they had before takeoff too!

Can I bring baby food or snacks for my toddler on a domestic flight?

Yes, you can bring your own airplane snacks for your toddler on a domestic flight. Depending on the airline's policies, food items that do not require preparation or heat and are within their guidelines may be carried on short trips.

Skip the pricey airport fare and save money by pre-planning your little kids' food. With a bit of research, you can bring your own nutrition-rich plane snacks right onboard! Just double-check airline restrictions to keep those expenses low during takeoff.

Can I bring my toddler's liquids, such as juice or pumped breast milk, on a plane?

Yes, you can bring liquids such as juice or pumped breast milk for your toddler on a plane. However, each airline has different regulations and restrictions on bringing such items on board. You should check with the specific airline’s policy before your flight to ensure that the item is permitted.

Additionally, there are usually limits on how much liquid you can bring onboard in one snack cup, so make sure to look up the exact requirements for your flight before packing it in your carry-on luggage.

How do I pack toddler airplane snacks?

Consider the following snack-packing tips:

  • Choose plane snacks that are easy to eat but won't cause a huge mess on the plane's tray tables. Great examples of these are apple slices, goldfish crackers, cheese sticks, and granola bars.
  • Pack a variety of baby food and snacks to keep your toddler interested and engaged.
  • Bring enough baby food and snacks to last the duration of the flight and some extra in case of delays.
  • Use a resealable snack container or snack bags to keep the snacks fresh and avoid spills.
  • Label any containers with your child's name and the contents inside.
  • Consider packing some favorite snacks from home to help your toddler eats more comfortably.
  • Bring a spill-proof sippy cup or bottle for your child's drink.
  • Keep the snacks easily accessible in your carry-on bag or a separate bag for convenience during the flight.
  • Check with the airline's regulations regarding the types of snacks that can be brought onboard.
  • Finally, remember to dispose of any remaining snacks and an empty water bottle before landing and follow the airline's instructions regarding trash disposal.

Are there any snacks to avoid giving my toddler on a plane?

Yes, there are specific snacks to avoid giving your toddler on a plane. Depending on the airline's regulations, you should avoid bringing any items that require preparation or heating, such as hot soups or warm meals.

Additionally, it is best to avoid snacks with a lot of sugar and caffeine like chocolate chips or sweat mini muffins, as this may cause your child to be overly active during the flight. A peanut snack should also be avoided because some passengers onboard might have a severe peanut allergy.

Finally, try not to bring snacks that are too sticky or messy, as these can make for an uncomfortable experience for both you and those around you. It is always best to check the exact rules and regulations of your specific airline before packing snacks for your toddler's trip!

How many goldfish crackers, treats, or fruit snacks should I bring for my toddler on a long flight?

It is recommended to pack plenty of food for your toddler on a long flight that will last the entire duration of the journey. Depending on how long the flight is, you should plan to bring snacks that will last for at least two meals and several snacks throughout the day.

When packing snacks, consider packing some of your child’s favorite foods as well as a variety of different items to keep them interested and engaged for a few hours while in the air.

Additionally, make sure to check with each airline’s regulations regarding what types of food items can be brought onboard so that you do not exceed any limits.

How do I keep snacks fresh during a long flight with my toddler?

To keep snacks fresh during a long flight with a toddler, choose your toddler's favorite airplane snacks that are less likely to spoil quickly, such as dried fruits, goldfish crackers, and granola bars.

Use resealable containers or snack bags, bring small ice packs, or use a small insulated bag to keep toddler-friendly snacks like yogurt tubes at a cooler temperature.

And remember to discard any snacks, especially yogurt tubes that have been left out for too long because they may have become contaminated.

Are there any snacks that can help with my toddler's ears popping during takeoff and landing?

Yes, several snack options can help alleviate the discomfort caused by ear popping during takeoff and landing. Chewing and swallowing can help relieve the pressure in the ears, so it's helpful to pack snacks that require a lot of chewing or sucking. Examples include gum (for older kids who can chew it safely), lollipops, hard candy, or fruit snacks. Drinking a water bottle or a non-sparkling beverage through a straw can also help.

It's important to note that if your child has a cold or ear infection, they may experience more discomfort during takeoff and landing. In this case, you should consult with your child's pediatrician before traveling, as they may recommend medication or other strategies to help relieve the discomfort.

How can I encourage my toddler to eat on an airplane?

To encourage your toddler to eat on an airplane, make sure to bring snacks that your child is familiar with and likes. Bring a variety of different snacks in small snack containers and offer them at regular intervals throughout the flight.

Additionally, try to stay positive when talking about the food and use positive reinforcement such as praise or rewards if they do choose to eat. If possible, letting them help pack their snack bag can also be a good way for them to get excited about eating during their flight.

And finally, create a routine when offering meals/snacks so that they know what time it is - this can help reduce any anxiety that may come with flying.

What should I do if my toddler runs out of snacks on a long flight?

If your toddler runs out of your own snacks on a long flight, there are several options you can consider.

You can ask flight attendants if there are any available snacks or meals for purchase, although these may not always be suitable for young children. You can also try to distract your toddler with other activities or toys to take their mind off their hunger.

Another option is to bring some emergency snacks in your carry-on bags, such as non-perishable items like trail mix, cereal bars, or dry fruit. You can also consider packing a few extra snacks in your checked baggage in case of an emergency.

If you're traveling with an infant or young toddler, you may need to bring breast milk or formula to ensure that they stay properly hydrated and nourished throughout the flight. In general, it's a good idea to bring more toddler snacks and food than you think you'll need, especially on long flights, to ensure that you're prepared for any unexpected delays or hunger pangs.

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Traveling with young children can be a challenge, but having great toddler snacks on hand can make all the difference.

If you’re looking for healthy and convenient airplane snack ideas for your toddler, there are plenty of options to choose from. Dried fruits, crackers, granola bars, lollipops, hard candy, and fruit snacks are just some of the snack choices that could help relieve ear popping during takeoff and landing as well as keep them nourished throughout their flight.

Don't forget to bring an insulated bag or ice pack if necessary!

Click the button "Check Price on Amazon" to shop today for these great travel-friendly treats.