So you're expecting a little bundle of joy, congratulations! You have so much to think about and prepare for. One of the big decisions you'll have to make is whether or not to buy a baby monitor. They can be expensive, starting at around $100 and going up from there. But are they really worth the money? Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons to help you decide.


You can check on your baby without entering their room. This can be helpful if you don't want to disturb them or if they are asleep. Some monitors come with sound filtering so that they only go off if your baby is actually crying, rather than just stirring.

You can hear if your baby is crying. This can be helpful if you are in another part of the house or if you are outside. This advantage of baby monitors gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself or other children in the house without having to worry about every little noise your baby makes. When my daughter was an infant, I was able to take showers and get dressed while she napped knowing that if she woke up, I would hear her through the monitor. This freed me up to take care of myself so that I could be at my best for my daughter when she was awake.

You can see your baby. Some monitors come with a camera so you can see your baby from another room or even if you are out and about and have a babysitter at home, as some monitors allow you to see the camera through an app on your phone. This can be helpful if you want to make sure they are safe and comfortable.

Some monitors come with additional features like temperature monitoring, night lights, and music playback (and I even found one that promises to sleep train your toddler!)

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They can be expensive - As mentioned above, monitors can start at around $100 which may not be in everyone's budget.

There are cheaper alternatives - If you're on a tight budget, there are other ways to check on your baby like using your phone or a webcam.

They require an electrical outlet - Most monitors need to be plugged into an outlet which may not be convenient for everyone.

They can create too much noise - If the monitor is too loud, it could disturbed both you and your baby's sleep.


While monitors certainly have their pros, ultimately the decision of whether or not to buy one comes down to personal preference and circumstance. If you live in a compact home, you may not need one, but for a larger home they can be a life saver. For more information on what to consider when buying a monitor you can check out this blog: